[pnpgm] Game Update #33 - File #340- Merman combat P9+10

Scott Adams longshot at cybermax.net
Fri Sep 4 00:17:06 CEST 2009

   HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R1.John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
  ??.Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R4.Tom Corckett..........Caladan...........Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  W2.Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3.Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  --.Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry Fe
  R2.Mark Murtha...........Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human..Ma
  Do.David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  Ma
  R4.J H Hooten............Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
  W2.Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
  R1 NPC...................Shu.Yeoh..........Wizard..Normal/Human..Fe
  W4.Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R1 John.Stowman..........Will..............Hunter..Normal/Human..Ma
  R4.Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
  R1 NPC...................Zhou Kiwat........Noble...Normal/Human..Ma
     Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Tef'wo (Horse) Ben'dar, 2 Donkeys

  Cover Story Info: [HD- House member, F-Foreigner, N-native non house]
     Arawn      aka Arawn         as Teacher to daughter [F]
     Ben'dar    aka Bu Da         as Horse expert        [F]
     Caladan    aka Ca Lu         as Guard/Archer        [N]
     Chion      aka Capt. Chu Mai as Sailor Trustee      [HD]
     Farseeker  aka Fu Sa         as Guard               [F]
     Fremea     aka Lin Mong      as Noble child         [HD] [Disguised]
     Kell       aka Swan          as Trader              [F]
     Kiet       aka Kiet Sunan    as Zhou's servant      [F]
     Raban      aka Toban Nu      as Entertainer/Guard   [F] 
     Strie'bog  aka Sun Zhu       as Entertainer         [N]
     Shu        aka Shu           as Niece               [HD]
     Unali      aka Tun Au        as Zhou's wife         [HD]
     Will       aka Sun Tzu       as hunt master         [F]
     Z'leyra    aka Kakita Junami as Healer              [F]
     Zhou       aka Zhou Wa       as Noble               [HD]

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        From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
          Fremea will fire one more time and then go to where Raban
          is, since he has not come back to the ship yet.
        GM: Ack

        From Raban: [Re: Actions]
          Raban, being an acrobat, is not too bad off with the wild ride.
          But he knows the ship is too fast for him to ketch up too once
          he gets free.  He tries very hard to remember what direction
          they were traveling and where land should be so that he can
          eventually find his way. Concerned that he may be lost to the
          others he reaches deep into his heart for his connection to his
          Goddess and prays for some guidance and possibly a little help.
          But what if this was part of his Goddess's plan for him? Not
          the for mission, but to help the poor people abused by this
          culture? Gods do work in mysterious ways and not everything
          that appears bad is bad...

          So this would be much harder than saving the world from those
          invaders. It will be a little tricky earning the friendship of
          a people forced to think all magic is evil, but it can be done.
          But there will always be those who out of jealousy or for spite
          will involve the guard.

          Since I am so obvious, attempting to hide would be nearly
          useless. That means I would need to fight often and likely
          would need to kill to prevent them gathering more each time,
          or I would need to play a role that is somehow protected from
          the guards. The people could try to protect me but that puts
          them at too much risk, so it is best that I find a role
          inherently protected. But does this culture have such a role?
          Wandering Mystic, or Hermit Sage are unlikely. Wise Man has the
          same problem. 'Touched' by the Gods could work but they have
          turned away from the Gods. I would need to bring back their
          old Gods to have much of a chance. I would need to start a
          rebellion to do that and it would need to be wide spread before
          the guard could react. I suppose a 'running' campaign of healing
          and other 'miracles' could spread belief and hope fairly wide,
          but that would require a lot of guidance to find the places
          that need such help. I would have to be on the move constantly,
          just staying at each place long enough todo what is needed. My
          flight would be enough to keep ahead of trouble but only if
          they did not know I could fly? Or is it better to use that
          miracle' as well? Planning this may be beyond my capabilities,
          I will just have to trust my goddess will guide me....

          <Of course that much thought may be beyond the time allowed for
          such a slow thinker ;)
        GM: Ack. 

        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          If any party or crew need immediate healing to prevent their
          death Z' lerya will attempt to save them. Otherwise she goes
          to attack the mermen to prevent more injuries to our side.

          After the mermen are dealt with Z'leyra will get someone to
          fetch her satchel with its healing materials, quickly triage
          the wounded and demand "Will! You have the talent, now work on
          developing your healing skills...assist me in patching these
          wounded." She patches them from most wounded to least wounded.
          Explaining to Will (and any others helping) about how and why
          she does what she does in patching them. Afterwards she will
          magically heal those who have not been magically healed and
          desire her to do so.
        GM: Ack. We talked about this in ICQ.  But you don't know about
            his talent.  Heck he doesn't know about it.  So the above
            will be ignored in reference to Will.

     [New Stuff]

        [Junaqa 24th, 1634TH]
        [Winds: Good, Speed 14]
        [Weather: Clear/Sunny, Fog]

        [Time: 3:55:30am]

          After looking across the ship at the distance to Sailor #1,
        Arawn realizes moving there would take 6-7 seconds.  So he
        gathers magical energy for a spell.

          Fremea reloads one last time and fires almost directly down,
        a difficult angle than it looks with her wing movement and
        bending of body.  The arrow magically replicates again and
        flies downward at a steep 20 degree angle.  Flying toward the
        group of merman that were previously stunned.  All five arrows
        hit their targets.  Merman #15 is hit in the lower right chest
        doing 3 points.  Merman #14 is hit in the upper right chest
        area above the heart but bounces off his tough hide.  Merman
        #13 is hit in the right arm but bounces off his natural hide armor.
        Merman #12 is hit twice.  The second arrow hits him in the upper
        left chest doing 4 points but the first hits him squarely in the
        right cheek and shatters bone doing a massive 9 point blow to
        his head.  Merman #12 falls to the deck dead instantly.  

          Arawn casts his spell and from the ramp a blue hue quickly
        forms around him.  He then translocates right next to Sailor
        #1 by the steering wheel. 

          Corona dives toward the grouped merman and tries to once again
        hit with his magical eyes.  The bolt hits Merman #14 in the
        left shoulder but only sizzles doing 1 minor point of damage.

          Fremea dives to the right toward the rear of the ship and tries
        to chase the water spout out into the dark ocean.

          Unali begins to climb down off the rigging.

          Farseeker moves toward the four Merman and charges Merman #14
        but fails to hit the staggering merman.

          Chion stomps up the stairs as they creak under his weight.
        He charges forward and comes along side Ben'dar at Merman #6.
        He thrusts up and hits the Merman in his left shoulder doing
        the final 4 points needed to kill the creature.

          Ben'dar thrusts at Merman #9 and stabs with his spear in his
        left arm doing 5 points of damage.

          Arawn bends down to inspect Sailor #1.  The lantern on the
        wheel station shines down brightly showing both men.  But
        Arawn frowns as he finds no pulse and the back stab wound by
        the trident is devastating with 3 puncture wounds in his right
        liver region.  Arawn can tell from the amount of blood loss
        he lived for a few seconds but the heart as stopped.  Arawn
        finds the man dead.

          Down below in the forward hallway near the ladder, Kell thrusts
        his spear at the last Merman below decks.  But the spear goes
        just below his arm and misses.

          Z'leyra looks down to Sailor #6 and finds him stabilized.  She
        glances at the Captain who is standing and holding his wound.
        On the deck sitting up against the wall is the navigator First
        Mate.  His wounds look bad but he seems in good spirits.  She
        quickly checks him over and sees if he needs immediate help.

          The Captain himself starts to move past Z'leyra down the hall
        toward the stairs.

          The first mate looks down to his wound as Z'leyra checks him
        out.  He knows if the person on duty (Sailor #1) the ship could
        be off course if he dies.  He realizes he needs to get up to
        deck but knows his weak legs will not allow that.

          Caladan stabilizes his own wound and glances down to see the
        Captain moving.  he then notices Whitney and Kell fighting the
        last Merman in that hallway.  He begins to move toward the stairs.

          Shu climbs up the stairs and pulls her dagger out of her belt.
        She waits for her chance to help the two men.  As she does she
        examines the moles on Whitney among other things.

          Kiet, upon hearing the sailor's terse evaluation of the
        situation, curses himself as a fool.  His first thought on this
        portion of the journey should be to protect Zhou since he seems
        incapable of protecting himself.  It also would give Kiet the
        excuse he wants.

          Kiet decides to pick up his ropes and head to Zhou's cabin,
        check on him, then leave him in his cabin and guard the door,
        ropes strewn liberally about.  So they are a tripping hazard,

          As Kiet walks he knows the stories of Mermen.  All on Lemasa
        has heard of them.  It is said north of the island some 500
        miles or so is the southern point of a vast Merman civilization
        that could go as far north as another 1000 miles and east about
        500 or so miles. But if this is true or legend no one knows.
        It is stories told by parents to make their kids eat green and
        yellow stuff on dinner plates and behave.  Sightings of female
        Mermaids is somewhat common or so the sailors report.  Though
        some have to be drunk.  But seeing Mermen is actually more rare
        for most sailors.  The most infamous was a small fishing fleet
        of 3 boats that went out one summer and never came back but was
        suspected to be destroyed by Merman when debris was later found.
        If it was true or not no one knows.

          Will heads up on the top deck and views the situation.  It
        seems only five merman are here.  He draws his bow in hand
        and grabs an arrow.

          Strie'bog moves forward and helps Farseeker handle Merman #14.
        He swings his axe and hits in the right arm slicing it almost
        completely off.  The Merman takes the final damage and falls
        down dead.

          Sailor #2 finally wakes up from his healing.  Both he and
        Sailor #3 sit up confused by the water and how they got in this

          Sailor #4 and #5 already on the top deck runs forward to help
        Ben'dar against Merman #9.  Sailor #4 hits in the center chest
        region for 3 points of damage.  But Sailor #5 fails to hit.

          Sailor #6 wakes up to see a female form leaning nearby shaped
        in a glow of a nearby lantern.  Her form showing curves in the
        nightgown.  He then looks further up to see Z'leyra and looks
        around to see if there is any other merman around.

          Sailor #7 and #8 climb the stair and run toward the four
        Merman near Farseeker.

          Sailor #9 and #10 continue their search on the cabin deck.

          Merman #9 now chooses between Chion, Ben'dar and 2 sailors as
        his target.  He thrusts his dagger turning toward Sailor #4
        but as the dagger goes forward his weak body fails him.  The
        dagger flies out of his hand and whizzes past the sailors shoulder
        a few feet and finally landing near the rigging.

          Merman #11 leaps the 2 feet toward Farseeker and tries to bash
        Farseeker with his club but fails to him the warrior.

          Merman #13 seeing his leader dead and the others routed and
        falling around him decides it is time to leave.  He turns from
        Farseeker and runs the 15 feet to the starboard side.  With
        a great leap he jumps over the side and dives into the water

          Merman #15 thrusts his dagger at Strie'bog but fails to hit.

          Merman #16 not knowing the situation with his friends decides
        quickly his target, Whitney or Kell.  He thrusts his dagger
        at Whitney but fails to hit.

          Whitney swings his axe back at Merman #16 but also fails to hit.

          Zhou seeing Shu move off the ladder finally climbs up.  He
        mutters to himself something not heard.  But as he reaches
        the top of the ladder he sees the one dead Merman and the
        three fighting the last merman.  He halts his movement and
        then realizes something bad is going on finally 30 seconds
        after it started.  He wonders why Whitney is naked and that
        isn't just proper for a ship among females.  Shrugging he
        decides maybe he should find another way up.  He climbs down
        the ladder toward the cabin level hallway.

        [Time: 3:55:33am]

           Arawn's desperate mind works and builds up for a healing spell.

           Will raises his loaded bow and points it at Merman #9.  He
         has a good angle though one Sailor running in that direction
         is a good 4 feet away as Farseeker is.  But the risk is lower
         due to this angle.  He fires and the arrow hits the Merman in
         the right arm doing 2 points of damage.  This is the final
         damage to end his life.

           Arawn places a hand on the back wound and speaks quickly the
         healing priestly magic.  The green energy surges down but
         the wound heals only about 1/3rd.

           Corona sees Fremea fly off the ship and wonders if he should
         give chase.  But he knows from experience he isn't as fast as
         the ship so decides to remind in close orbit.

           Fremea chases the water spout.

           Unali stands behind the shadow of the rigging for a second
         and scans the deck.  Only two remain and are being attacked.
         She notices the trident that fell down from the nest.  She
         also sees a dagger now on the deck.  She walks a few feet
         toward the weapons.  She glances up and notices Arawn in the
         rear over a body.

           Farseeker steps over one dead Merman and thrusts his great
         sword at Merman #15 hitting him in the right shoulder doing
         5 points of damage.

           Merman in front of Ben'dar thrusts his dagger at him hitting
         in the center chest doing a minor 1 point wound.

           Merman in front of Farseeker thrusts his dagger at Farseeker
         and hits in the left ribs doing 4 points of damage.

           Merman #16 down below thrusts at Kell and his dagger gets
         past the trader's shield doing 5 points of damage to his right

           Z'leyra decides the First mate should be fine.  She stands
         and runs for the stairs.

           The Captain also continues his path to the stairs.

           Caladan gets on deck and scans for targets to act on.

           Shu sees her chance and stabs forward behind the Merman's back
         and does massive damage to his rear left ribs.  She jolts
         in reaction and releases her dagger as she staggers back in

           Kiet continues toward Zhou's cabin.

           Strie'bog with a grunt swings his axe sideways and hits the
         merman next to him square in the side ribs and does the final
         damage to kill him.

           Two sailors move to help their other comrades against the
         last Merman on top deck.  Two hit but two fail to hit.  The
         two that do hit do the final damage to kill him.

           The last Merman on the ship below deck weak from damage swings
          badly at Whitney but fails to hit.  Clearly his wounds are
          doing bad for him.

            Whitney sees this staggering Merman and swings his axe at
          him and hits in the right side ribs doing the final couple
          of points to kill him.


            As Raban is moved by the sheer force of magic, wind and water
          he tumbles round and round.  He can't get his bearings to know
          where the ship is much less the dark shore some distance away.
          Raban finally gives into the magic and prepares for impact in
          the water.  The magic spout can't last forever.  As Raban
          tumbles his hand suddenly feels a bit of pain from the previous
          blow to the Merman.  While he could in theory punch through
          stone his hand still can take very minor damage of stress.
          Nerves will need to be healed from the stress of the blows.  

            In fact it takes two full minutes and 18 seconds for the
          water spout to finally end.  When the spout finally ends
          Raban finds himself 33 feet above the ocean facing skyward.
          He suddenly falls head first toward the ocean.  As he tries
          to get his bearings to see what is up and what is down he
          tries to fly but he splats into the ocean and takes a massive
          15 points of damage from the fall.  Only his last minute
          twisting of his body through his acrobatic training and almost
          flight saved him from a damage twice that much.

            As he impacts the dark ocean he hears another splash somewhere
          in the distance as the other Merman hits as well. At the
          point of impact Raban finds himself 4,968 feet from the ship
          as the spout and ship quickly outdistance each other.  

            Raban goes deep into the water maybe 10-15 feet before he
          finally stabilizes his body.  When he notices his air bubbles
          going up he figures that must be up.  He shoots his legs in
          that direction to get to the surface.  But as he gets to about
          4 feet from the surface a hand grabs his left leg.

            Raban looks down into the black ocean and sees nothing since
          it is too murky but he figures from the grasp on his leg it
          has to be the Merman.  the Merman is home to the water but
          Raban is no virgin, he knows how to swim.  He could tread water
          long enough to get to shore if he could locate it.

            The Merman pulls Raban deeper and deeper but is clearly
          struggling from his own wounds and Raban's sheer mass.  Raban
          tries to kick himself free but the Merman has a tight grip.
          Seconds later both are back 12 feet under the surface and Raban
          is losing air fast.

            Seemingly exhausted the Merman releases his grip and kicks
          forward to attack Raban.  His trident plunges forward upwards
          but fails to hit the big man.  Raban more concerned about air
          than the Merman kicks upward again and shoots for the surface.

            The Merman gives chase after Raban.  The Merman stabs his
          trident up and hits Raban in the lower left abdomen doing 5
          points of damage to him.  As blood pours out into the sea
          Raban gets to the surface and gasps for air.

            AS Raban had moments ago prayed in the water spout his
          goddess for help he knows he will likely survive this.  Once
          he gets air in his lungs he'll just fly up and out.  But
          in those precious few seconds the Merman swims around the
          large giant.

            Like a predator reef shark the Merman stabs forward his trident
          again this time toward the heart of Raban.  But the trident
          stabs just under his armpit missing him.  Raban doesn't see this
          but feels the movement in the water.  He grabs for the trident
          with his left arm and makes contact.  With his right arm he
          yanks back and suddenly the Merman hits Raban in the chest.

            In the darkness both can't really see each other but Raban
          can now smell the breath of the Merman inches from his head.
          Raban does a head butt against the Merman and breaks his soft

            The Merman releases his trident and reaches up to choke the
          large giant but it is like a child trying to choke a elephant.
          His wet hands slip on Raban's neck.

            Releasing the trident to the depths below, Raban also reaches
          up to choke the Merman in a clear struggle of dominance.  But
          the sheer power and strength of Raban wins out.  Soon the
          Merman stops struggling and is dead.  

            Raban releases the dead Merman to recycle the ocean.  As the
          dead Merman falls Raban finally gets his lungs full of air.
          He glances about into the darkness but only sees stars.

            He circles in the water and turning around he notices faint
          lights on the water that has to be the ship.  But it looks like
          a mile away.

            Raban yells to get the ship's attention knowing they are too
          fast even for his flying.

            Then Raban notices another noise this time in the air as if
          a giant dragonfly is nearby.  He glances up and notices a
          form blotting out the stars.  Fremea then says, "Raban?"

            Raban smiles t the sight of Fremea nearby hovering over the
          calm sea.  Then he grumbles to himself.  He should be saving
          her not vice versa!


            In the chaos that soon follows the ship is searched.  No
          more Merman are found on the ship.  No one knows that two
          went overboard.  One from the water spout and the other
          escaped by himself but no one saw it.  The one that escaped
          was wounded though so may or may not survive.

            Z'leyra quickly gets to the top deck and finds indeed that
          Sailor #1 was beyond hope.  He had lost too much blood and
          was killed almost a minute before any of the party even acted.
          His soul must've already left the body and healing couldn't
          be done for him.  Arawn feels bad for the sailor as his decision
          to help the others resulted in the saving of 2 but in that
          decision he lost one.  But in the overall scheme of things in
          doing so he did save 2 by going toward Raban.  If he had gone
          toward the dead one the other 2 might have died.

            The bulk of damage was taken by the sailors as 60% of their
          numbers were wounded or killed.  Of the party only four of the
          13 took damage and only Caladan taking the most heavy amount.

            Sailors begin to collect bodies and weapons.

            As Z'leyra and other healers setup healing supplies and
          a healing area on deck most report for healing.  Two sailors
          help the First mate up on deck since Z'leyra didn't help him

            Soon a head count is ordered when Zhou escorted by Kiet gets
          up on deck.  Zhou is shocked at the bodies of the dead merman
          but looks around to see none of the party hurt.  He frowns
          though at seeing the dead sailor.

            Minutes later the crew realize Fremea and Raban are missing.
          Arawn reports both were up top deck.  Unali then reports seeing
          something like a water spout hit the ship.  Then the Captain
          declares a man overboard.  The crew kick into duty stations and
          three sailors man the front of the ship.  Arawn is asked to
          guide the ship with his night eyes at the front of the ship even
          though he is tending wounded.

            By now a good five minutes have passed since Raban has
          left the ship and they are now some four miles behind.
          With the help of a sailor the First mate turns the ship
          around and he begins to chart out a search pattern on his

            By now Raban has left the water, especially after Fremea
          reports sighting of a shark in the area drawn by his own blood.
          Both fly in circles as Fremea considers a teleport back to the
          ship but would need to know a clear space of deck to do it.

            Fremea then spots the ship slowly arcing as if it is
          turning and she then realizes the ship must've discovered they
          are gone.  With the help of Fremea as a guide both winged
          and non winged fliers plot a intercept course to the ship.

            It takes another 2.5 minutes before Raban can skid with some
          hardness onto the deck of the ship.  Fremea touches down
          with grace.

            The Captain reorders the old course and the ship moves back
          toward the south.

            In the next two hours till sunrise no one goes back to sleep.
          As the day begins early and healing takes place.

            The crew dump the Merman bodies over the deck.

            Among their weapons 2 spiked clubs, 13 tridents, 11 daggers
          and 2 nets are found.  Both Fremea and Arawn find the Merman
          in the nest, their noble leader, had the only magical trident
          in the group.

            The captain thanks the efforts of the crew and party for
          saving his ship.  He especially thanks the sailor who let the
          first warning out.  Then to Arawn to wake everyone else.
          He is deeply sad to see one of his crew die, he is grateful
          that at least four others could've died if not for the efforts
          of the party.

            "We will dump his body into the sea as a proper sailor wishes.
          To die at land like a old man is not good.  He would be happy
          to have died at his station in the ocean.  I claim all the
          weapons found.  Not out of greed but to sell for his family
          since his wages were for them.  This is out of respect for
          his family and to setup a death marker for them to have
          as some form of settlement.  The other funds will go to any
          future problems any other sailors have from their own wounds.
          It is a low amount I'm sure but any amount will help his
          family as one of their major contributors to the family income
          is dead now."  The captain finishes up grim and then starts
          to organize the funeral for the sailor in a few hours.

            Shu shocked from her first killing finds the one she likes
          to have survived.  He was one of the critical ones Arawn
          healed on the ramp.  Dazed and in shock from her actions
          below deck she sits by the sailor tending to him.  She
          also thanks Arawn for saving the sailor.

        Actions? Comments?

        Next Update...Monday...

        GM: Combat stats - Time: 36 seconds - 12 phases

        GM: Sailor Status -
                     Dead - 1
                     Full - 4 [100% healthy]
                   Healed - 2 [100%, 60%, 40%]
                  Wounded - 3 [Heavy - 2, Moderate - 1]
                    Total -10 

            Captain/First Mate - Moderate wounds

        GM: Player Status -

                   Will - 100%              Arawn - 100%
                  Chion - 100%             Fremea - 100%
              Strie'bog - 100%               Kiet - 100%
                  Unali - 100%            Whitney - 100%
                Z'leyra - 100%            Ben'dar -  89% [Light]
                Caladan -  67% [Heavy]  Farseeker -  91% [Light]
                   Kell -  73% [Moderate]   Raban -  55% [Moderate]

            Note: The % shows what level your at from 100%.  Thus
            a 50% would be your half down your hit points. 90% would
            mean only 10% of your hit points down.

        GM: Let me know if anyone doesn't want to give the weapons to
            the captain as he claimed.  Now above is the healing status
            of each person.  For those wounded let me know who you
            wish to be healed by.  We have Z'leyra (skill/magic), Arawn
            (skill/magic), Raban (magic) and Fremea (magic).  This is
            to give other folks experience who may need it.  If none
            state their preference then the Healer Z'leyra will get it.
            In fact why not just let me know for future times and I
            can make a note of it.   This way not just one healer gets
            all the experience. Right now 3 sailors are the only ones
            to be healed.  No one else has been healed magically.
            For those doing the healing let me know the ELs you treat.
            If you want to say ELx for Light, ELY for moderate and
            ELZ for heavy wounds that's fine.  For those who do
            heal and may be limited on Mana let me know how many
            spells you cast of healing with their ELs.  You can see
            the above list and how many needing healing.

        GM: Schedule of events.  This update is out early but late.
            I had hoped to be out way before now but had computer
            problems and had to fix them.  This is Friday's update.
            Monday is Labor day in the USA.  I will work on the update
            Monday night as usual.  I hope to have the experience for
            each player updated on sheet and reported here.  Monday
            I may get to the next event.  If not by sure I will get to
            it by next Friday.  So if you have any magic other than
            healing let me know by Monday so I can at least figure out
            mana levels for next event.  Thanks.

        GM: I still can't update website.  I can access my ISP web mail
            and such but jut not get to the ftp server.  I've called
            the ISP and for the first time since '96 the number is out
            of service.  Now I'm not in panic mode yet as the weather
            in his region (south florida) can do bad with power outages
            and such.  I also know he has had some medical issues and
            its a small family ISP rather than these large chains with
            folks in India answering ISP calls.  So I will give it a week
            or so more to see if he gets my email.  Then if no reply
            send a snail mail down to see whats up.  So until then
            I can't update the website.  Sorry guys  With that though if
            the ISP goes down.  If I'm gone for more than 2 weeks its
            likely that reason.  I could call some of you guys to
            let the list know but not sure if that's wise.  :)

        /GM: Happy holiday weekend!

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