[pnpgm] Soul Sight

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Kell responds, "Where are you from?"

Turning to Will, "and how did he get on board?"  Back to Whitney, "Unless you care to tell us how you got here?"

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> >To Whitney: "Ah well, we should have expected it of course. With this
> >group it is impossible to be on a ship and not have some unseen ballast
> >stowed away below deck somewhere. Welcome aboard. I don't suppose you
> >turn out to be a Duke, though?"
> >
> Whitney looks, yet again, at the three sailors it is felt necessary to
> keep him held tightly,, "No, not a Duke. Where I come from, we don't use a
> feudal system. Politics isn't hereditary, although there are some old
> families that, in some realms, keep their status and some sort of courtly
> position. I'm not one of them.
> "I'm a librarian"
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