[pnpgm] Game Update #22 - File #232 - Caladan insults Uli

Murtha, Mark D (N-Resources) mark.d.murtha at ulalaunch.com
Tue Jul 14 21:53:25 CEST 2009

<Ha, Very nice!  This is part of the potentially darker side of Kell coming out, letting whoever it is rot because of the mission.  They're not in our group and doing something could cost the mission, so....  But Kell can be convinced to act also.>

<More complicated women?  There are less complicated women?  Where?  :) :) >

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> <LOL yup Raban would need to rescue her ;) Sadly rescues are much
> harder, when he tries to take others through walls they go BONK. He
> never did figure out how to take others...
> <Nothing like having personality flaws a GM can take advantage of, it
> adds flavor to the story.
> <Luckily for Raban, a good piece of that is his own ethics and not
> enforced by his Goddess, though she does not mind it.
> <So Raban could break it if he had too, though not without some mental
> effects.
> <He is already bending his rules around the group's Ladies. They just do
> not match the usual Damsel in Distress description. He will just have to
> adapt to more complicated women.
> John Stowman wrote:
> > OOC:  I'm sure that if we were to tell Raban that there was a virginal
> > young maiden between the age of 16 and 19 1/2  imprisoned on the other
> > ship he would have here rescued before they step off the ship.
> >
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