[pnpgm] Kiet and the claimed goods

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   Arawn is fine with giving the items away to anyone who wants them, so go ahead and add them to their character sheets. Books and other items of lore, like the map, that he has expressed interest in are, for the most part, important to him for the knowledge they might share and he'd be happy to pass them to another in the party so long as he'd have the opportunity to study (and if they are later sold, copy) them. His mindset is that as long there is some potential use for an item it would probably be more useful to keep it where the group can access it.

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Kiet is in a sassy mood, now that he's of that flying pile of rubble.  He suggests
that we all dice for the items...none of them are especially important, or so he believes, except for maybe the flag...and I think it and the uniforms should remain together no matter who gets them.
    1) Flag, Unknown nation           - Arawn/Kiet
    2) Dark Lands Map                 - Z'leyra/Arawn
    3) Fine Cloth, Wool               - Z'leyra/Kiet
    4) Fine Cloth, Silk               - Z'leyra/Kiet
    5) Fur Cloak, Exceptional Quality - Z'leyra/Kiet
    6) Glass Bottles (5), Empty       - Z'leyra/Kiet
    7) Books - Books 20-24            - Arawn/Kiet
       Arawn selected - 10, 13, 18-23, 24*
       Kiet Selected  - 20-24

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