[pnpgm] Game Updae #108 - File #602 - Z'leyra comes to ane dn

J Hooten jhooten at binary.net
Tue Jan 27 06:19:19 CET 2009

Raban was upset finding the woman he rescued was murdered, but from what 
was said, she must have been one of the people who abused those down 
below. Was her actions some ploy to lure him in or was she possessed by 
another creature who was the one targeted for murder? It is more likely 
I fell for her trap and rescued an enemy...

After Raban finishes hauling things he rushes back to check on Frema and 
the Seeker. "Frema, they are nearly finished. There is some magical sled 
that is being used to haul things down so it may not take too long to 
get it all done. I think I will be happy to leave this evil place 
behind... It's been a major pain in the neck." Raban grins at his little 
attempt at humor and hopes to get a smile..

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