[pnpgm] Game Update #107 - File #593 - Z'leyra rejoins Sven

J Hooten jhooten at binary.net
Mon Jan 26 08:54:59 CET 2009

Raban sighs and his eyes sparkle as he says, "Frema, I know it has been 
hard for you to accept my protections. I have never met such women, who 
need my help so little but I am so drawn to protect. But I follow my 
heart in such manners and it or my goddess's influence says I am needed 
and that need is dire indeed. Never has such taken me so far from home, 
to places I had not even heard of. For that I am greatful, for 
experience is the Soul of a Bard. How else would I be inspired by such 
Beauty, such Courage in the face of so much adversity. None of us were 
unhurt by this mission, some came very close to dying, but the cause 
appears to be one quite noble. To rescue those long unjustly imprisoned 
and to save the balance of the world! But I fear we are not finished, 
there are forces at work that will not take kindly to our interference 
in their games. If they can manage to send others to stop us we can yet 
fail. We must be prepared for that and right now you are the key to 
stopping us and thus the one who must be protected above all others. I 
can but pray I am up to the task as badly injured as I am."

<A bit melodramatic isnt he>

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