[pnpgm] Game Update #107 - File #593 - Z'leyra rejoins Sven

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"Before she sits down to have a private conversation with the Seker, "Raban, I am pleased that you want to make sure my safety is taken care of. I can only ask for you to do things. I let you decide at this point, Gods I did not think about, nor do I really care about them, as they seem to play too much in our world already. Do what you feel is the best at this time, I will be busy talking to the Seker."

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> Raban sighs, not so happy with what she says. "Frema, if you are really 
> sure you are safe here, I will do as you request. I am not so sure 
> others do not know of this place as the followers of the involved gods 
> may have been told at need. I am fairly sure the gods cannot directly 
> cause us grief but they can send their followers and some of those would 
> be bad enough. Maybe this place is protected enough and you are right, 
> but I still do not like leaving you here."
> <if she indicates again that she wants him to go, he will at this point>
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