[pnpgm] Game Update #106 - File #589 - Someoen dies..

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   Before the Glyph's arrival Arawn nodded grimly as he listened to the Seker's response to his question. It confirmed what he knew and had told the group. He could only hope that things were well with Sven down below. Thinking over things he quickly asked,
   "I forgot to ask, what is your name, Seker, and did you know the Anwora's name?"
   Waiting patiently while Fremea, the Glyph, and the Seker communicated he nodded agreement when Fremea asked him to check on Chion.
   "Very well. I'll see how he is doing and update him on everything. I'll return when I'm done to let you know what is happening with the others.
   As for the parts, I will agree to that and will let Z'leyra know if you are unable to communicate to her from here." Turning to the Seker he projected, "The dark elves, they were not slaves, were they? They are a mystery I wish to uncover and linked to my kind. I will take some of their hair if this will not disrupt proceedings here."

   He was just about to leave through the portal when the Seker suddenly warned them of disturbance elsewhere on the island. Turning around he asked the Seker,
   "Do you know who died?! Or their location?! Who is the distressed one and where are they located and what can you tell us of this new presence?"

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