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Fremea watches the Glyph and the Seker, nervous that something will not go right. Then the Seker talks to her and she feels relieved that it is nothing too serious. She really didn't understand why Arawn and Z would take like they did anyway. It was not for showing off to others like she has seen some humans do, and most of the creatures did not seem to have supernatural properties, such that she had to learn a little for her own training. So, even though she would ask, or more tell them about what the Seker said, and she didn't feel bad in doing so, she felt a little sad to not find out why they did it.

"Arawn, you will have to leave behind all your creature takings, as the Glyph and the Seker see them as an a front to the fact those were slaves. We are welcome to take the items, just leave any remains of the creatures, so they may be buried with this island. Z will also need to do the same, and if anyone else has done this, they too will have to leave those items behind."

To the Seker, "Can you let me send a message to my companion, the one who has a lot of magical knowledge, female? She will need to know, however I don't know where she is and it could be faster if I can just send to her through thought."

To all in the cave, "We have time to remove all that we came for and collected. Arawn and Raban you do not need to stay here right now, as we can make sure everthing is collected first. I wish Raban to find out who has died. I will stay here to keep learning all that I can. Arawn, Chion is standing just outside the portal, I did not get a chance to say anything, however I am not sure if he is ok. Maybe it would be good to check on him. He could help a lot to get everything off this island quicker, so we don't have these kin enslaved any longer."

<OOC - treasure, to Fremea nothing really seems that important to her, except the spyglass (many reasons for it), so that is why she has not really said anything about keeping the stuff. As for the rest of the split, I am fine with the old way, though Roleplaying it out is always more fun. :)>

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