[pnpgm] Game Update #106 - File #589 - Someoen dies..

J Hooten jhooten at binary.net
Tue Jan 20 14:02:35 CET 2009

<Yup Raban works either way on treasure since it mostly is unusable 
anyway. The only problem with claims is it favors the combat strong just 
like the usual PnP experience method does. Support characters in PnP get 
much less in general.  Should they have a lesser claim of the treasures 
as well? But in this case Arawn gained the armor more for what it is 
than because of his effectiveness in combat, so that shows exceptions 
already exist. As long as everyone tries to help each other it is likely 
to work out in either case. But if Greed comes in to play it can be a 
mess. Its a lotto if people pick before getting items powers figured out 
anyway, the value of magic can change radically. But PnP values have 
always been hard to weigh, Book1 have some things like Dwarf and Elf 
make, way over priced and thinks multiplying by large factors for magic 
armor and weapons works as well. On that scale the Armor found would be 
worth a kingdom not just a kings ransom. I do not know how the economics 
of magic here work, so far many items were lower than I expected, so I 
can't judge many items comparative values.>
<So I will just say this, as the player I am fine with whatever works 
for the others but I do not want to see 'claims' just for greed. 
'Claims' to use something is all together different. Magic should be 
used whenever possible, if it is not useful to the party, sell it so 
that everyone gains. I have had groups destroy the game with greed 
before. Hording items that were useful to others so they could be sold. 
As a GM, I allow the group to determine how they share and they may 
cause their own downfall with the choice. But that is Role Play and thus 
<So in this case Raban as new 'member' has little say on how it works, 
whatever the group previously decided should apply until some contract 
is negotiated IN PLAY. This is a group member contract between 
characters not players! It does not have to be fair or balanced. It is a 
business relationship with an established company of senior members and 
as such should new members get full pay? From that aspect, it would seem 
unlikely now doesn't it. Raban did not ask to join up to be paid, he 
joined up to help protect the lovely women! So if he gets anything else, 
he should be happy. You will see he never asked about earning in play, 
it was never something important to him. This is character's outlook and 
personality. Raban can make many gold a day if he wants too so only 
makes what he needs to help others, to pay bar tabs, for entertainment 
and for gifts. With most the world seeing a gold as a lot of money, 
Raban has no need of hundreds of gold, he will just spend it anyway. The 
only exception is if he truly needs expensive magic like better armor or 
other gadget. Beyond that, it means little... Now had Raban been the 
barbarian hoard type, he would have been much more 'mine mine mine', I 
smashed it so its mine!>
< I have cluttered the posts enough I think>

Raban looks worried as he speaks, "Someone died? Do they need help up 
Raban is obviously torn between protecting Frema, something already 
proven as needed, and going to the others rescue. But he has already 
made promises here and must stay...

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