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I would like to humbly submit my claims upon mostly mudane items.

I  would like to have some claim to any books or scrolls that might indicate methods of enhancing Natural Magics.  It is a personal passion of mine.  This is a generic claim that may not be possible, but I would beg consideration for such writings.

I would like to claim certain items as well - 

Fine Cloth, Wool, 82 yards, Weight - 8          Value - 14 CC
Fine Cloth, Silk, 80 yards, Weight - 8          Value - 64 CC
Fur Cloak, Exceptional Quality                  Value - 24 CC
Glass Bottles (5), Empty                        Value -  5 CC
Horse Harness,                             Value - Unknown (Kiet will use his Teamster skill to make a determination of value.
2 Strange unknown uniforms, Value - Unknown
 Flag, Unknown nation                       Value - Unknown

Gargoyle sword (priority) or Magical Darts (9)  - they might be fun to have...

      20. Text, 174 pages, journal
      21. Text, 85 pages, journal
      22. Text, 95 pages, journal
      23. Text, 22 pages, journal
      24. Text, 110 pages, journal/runes

    2) Kiet   -
       A. Leather Armor                  [Full Claim] 
       B. 21' Fine Rope                  [Full Claim]
       C. Leather Strap                  [Full Claim]
       D. can be deleted
       E. Bottle of Fine Wine            [Full Claim]
       F. Whistles (2)                   [Full Claim]
       G. Parchment (5 sheets)           [Full Claim]
       H. Quills (5)                     [Full Claim]
       I. Ink Bottles (2)                [Full Claim]
       J. Leather Bag (1)                [Full Claim]
       K. Metal Helmet (1)               [Full Claim]
       L. Mace (1)                       [Full Claim]
       M. Javelins (3)                   [Full Claim] 

Finally...I officialy and VEHEMENTLY object to any non-shared claim to that elvish plate armor currently used by Arawn.  That suit could EASILY be worth more in gold than all of the other items put together...and Arawn must compensate the rest of us in ways we find acceptable in order for him to keep it.  His contributions to this venture into the skies DO NOT WARRENT that fine of a reward.

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