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   As the Anwora told it's tale questions continued to arise in Arawn's mind but he knew that he would not have much time to share information. Preparing the Anwora for transport Arawn asked a few, final questions.

   "Your tale is a curious and sad one which intrigues me nonetheless. Perhaps when you are freed we may have time to speak again, in the world of men or of gods.
   A final question or two for you good Seker. You spoke of a device that was destroyed. What kind of device was this? And could you give rough directions to location to the east where the Dark Elves were found?
   Lastly, by any chance, do you know the name of the language spoken by A'kril?"

   Aside from whatever the Seker may or may not have to share Arawn turned toward Fremea when she inquired about freeing the Anwora from the cavern.
   "As Chion is not here I will do what I can. My range is much shorter than Chion's, however, under 200 miles and I'll need to know the area. I will say that I haven't brought another along before so it might take some getting used to. With that, how far are we from Sven's location or would everyone rather I transport the Anwora and myself to the castle's foyer?
   I can return if you wish or wait for the rest of you to meet up with me. Let me know what you prefer."

   As he awaited an answer the Seker suddenly warned them of the likely expiration of the time given by the Glyph.

   "Fremea, you should speak with the Glyph and see what can be done. Maybe between you and the Seker you can buy a short amount of time. I can head out now but do you want me to stay or return when I'm done? Is there anything else anyone needs of me if I teleport now?"

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