[pnpgm] Game Update #104 - File #573 - Arawn Quesitons Seker

J Hooten jhooten at binary.net
Tue Jan 13 19:29:18 CET 2009

Raban watches the Anwora carefully, even disarmed it may try something. 
The conversations lately just add to the confusion, Kototh was here and 
there is no way A'kril was a great mage. A'kril did not have the 
mannerisms of someone that important. Somethings occurred in the extreme 
past yet others were recent and this Seker has trouble keeping them 
apart? Well it does not matter much now, Frema will be destroying this 
place soon enough. But I wonder...

Raban (to Seker mentally)  'I hope I am doing this right...Seker can you 
hear me? I was wondering if what you said about the some of the magic 
used on you could apply to me? I can fly but not very well, maybe 
something they used to boost your flight could aid mine?"

<I wonder if that will confuse other players ;)  >

<As to treasure, very little is of use to Raban due to his size, even 
the weapons are questionable. He is better off buying magic sized for 
him out of cash shares from party members or elsewhere. Unfortunately 
the pick method means Raban is likely short changed because of this? But 
I am not totally sure how this system works. I have always divided loot 
by total estimated sell value and let people buy items from their share 
of the total. That way it always balances out. Of course useful magic in 
the loot are effectively bargain items since buying new costs more than 
sell value. But that too is fair, you have the choice of using a not 
quite what you want item or spending more to get what you want... Raban 
does not care though, he can make gold easily enough and spends it just 
as fast. If he needs better armor or other items and his share pays for 
it, then what more does he need? Anything he has left will go to help 
others in need, bartabs, entertainment and gifts, just like usual.>
<I have not yet thought up how some of that will be told to the group 
since I do not think the topic has come up much so far. Only a couple 
have taked much about treasure.>

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