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Does Ben'Dar get expertise in kissing, or wooing, or something?  ;-)

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>  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
>  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
>  R1 John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
>  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
>  R1 Tom Corckett..........Caladan...........Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
>  W2 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
>  -- Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....NormalFaerry  Fe
>  Do David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  Ma
>  R? J H Hooten............Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
>  W4 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
>  R4 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
>     Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Boyzdar [Wolf] (Strie'bog),
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>     Game Update #103 in sequence (file #567)
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>     Admin Notes: None.
>     -----------------------------------------------------------------
>     [Recap]
>        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
>          Z'leyra suggests to Kiet "We should move all valuables and folks
>          to the platform to be ready to keep us safe if this island is
>          about to crash."
>        GM: Ack.
>                        -----------------------
>        From Kiet: [Re: Reply to Z'leyra]
>          Kiet replys, "Well, if the others don't come back does that mean
>          you and I get it all to ourselves?" with a big, cheesy grin on
>          his face.
>          Kiet will help haul the goodies and the prisoners.
>        GM: Ack.
>                        -----------------------
>        From Ben'dar: [Re: Actions]
>          Ben'Dar looks at Unali, and wonders why she is wiping off her
>          lips. He shrugs and listens to Fremea.  Confused, he looks at the
>          Faerry in wide-eyed respect.  "Well done!" he says with a smile.
>          For some reason he feels very happy.  He glances at Unali again,
>          a strange feeling coming over him.  What just happened?
>          Everything went by very quickly there for a few minutes and he
>          is not sure where the imps went, but Fremea must've taken care of
>          them when she took over the Seker.
>        GM: Ack.  thanks for being a good sport.  These situations allow
>            sometimes for characters to act OUT of character and maybe just
>            maybe act how they might wish to be rather than should be? :)
>            Romance in situations like this is difficult at best.   So
>            why not steal the chance when it comes.
>                        -----------------------
>        From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
>          Fremea looks around at her party and wonders just what has
>          happened with this group before she met up with them. Unali
>          obviously did not like the kiss that Ben'dar planted though, he
>          most likely did not do it and probably doesn't even know it
>          happened.
>          "So, I am sure you are wondering what has happened. There is too
>          much to say and very little time to tell it in. However, the short
>          answer is that I have melded with the Seker and now control the
>          direction of the island itself and have instructed it to go out
>          over the water as fast as possible." Fremea seems to have gained
>          a composure that none of the party has seen before, as if she is
>          more confident than timid and has an eloquence about her with her
>          speach. "I will learn everything I can from the Seker, yet is my
>          intention to release him and the elementals, as I promised. I am
>          just making sure there will be no casulaties below us or on this
>          island. I will keep the island afloat just long enough for us to
>          remove all important treasures and valuables before I do what is
>          important. If you have questions ask now, as I can feel and see
>          all that has happened before with the island at least."
>        GM: Ack.
>                        -----------------------
>        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
>          Before loading a risking everything Z'leyra puts her helmet in
>          her satchel, puts on the skullcap and stands on the platform.
>          Trying to go slowly and carefully she concentrates on the platform
>          slowly lifting up several feet, then slowly going forward, turning
>          and other actions as her sense of control increases. After a
>          couple minutes she will park the platform and help load it.
>        GM: Ack.
>     -----------------------------------------------------------------
>     [New Stuff]
>        [Ma 2nd, 1633TH. 5th Day of Adventure #4.
>        [Location: Chaos domain, Dark Lands, ? Miles up, Flying Island]
>        [Time: 12:20 pm]
>        [Inside the Seker cave Ben'dar coughs at the dirt raining down from
>         the rock wall.  The impact of being thrown up against it by Raban's
>         large arm must've dislodged centuries of dust and sand.  Raban
>         having seen the Imp flee figures Ben'dar must be normal now.
>         Waiting a few seconds when Ben'dar seems to not fight anymore he
>         releases the arm lock and steps back. Ben'dar turns and coughs
>         into his hand and flings his arm back and forth from the pain to
>         the arm lock. Ben'dar looks around confused as to why he was now
>         standing over here when he swore he was over there.  the last
>         thing he recalls was Fremea going berserk and touching the shiny
>         amulet on the Seker's chest.  Now Raban is beating him up or
>         something and folks are staring at him?  Ben'dar glances at
>         Unali and wonders why she is wiping her mouth and sees no blood
>         just a small dab of blood on her shoulder.  Then he looks at
>         the dead imp bodies and frowns realizing he missed the fun of
>         battle.  He looks over and sees the Anwora in the distance either
>         dead or knocked out.  It looks like the giant is doing well.]
>        [Arawn glances from Unali to Ben'dar and wonders if possession or
>         not the situation had some underlying truth to it.  He'll never
>         though seem to figure out how humans work.  Unali's reaction seems
>         a bit hostile if not embarrassed.  Wouldn't a woman enjoy such a
>         thing from someone strong and powerful as Ben'dar? Shaking his head
>         he glances to the Anwora and sighs.  He knows he'll be out for
>         quite awhile and getting answers might not be quick enough. He
>         glances at the Seker and finds him well.  then glances at Fremea
>         and nods.  He wonders if she'll ever be able to understand Sidh as
>         a more educated person like him.  Yet in the last two encounters
>         with Elementals and now here she has taken the situation in
>         complete control and in confidence.  All those night chats around
>         the campfire may be getting through to her on how Sidh life works.
>         That or Fremea is more in depth than he even realizes.  Impressed
>         he smiles at her from the way she dealt with things.  Of course if
>         he had some say it would have been a bit delayed to learn more.
>         The Anwora clearly sped things up faster. Arawn begins to form
>         thoughts about what Fremea has just done here.]
>        [Unali wipes her mouth quickly s if to get the memory of what the
>         others saw forever removed.  She glares at Ben'dar and wonders
>         if she should've slapped, given a knee to or just out right
>         killed him.  In most cultures even her own an affront like that
>         would be a high offense.  Normal ladies would have to rebuke or
>         act from it.  But Unali quickly blushes and then turns away. She
>         isn't quite normal is she?  Even as a youth boys took their chance
>         with her in similar situations.  Maybe it wasn't the act at all
>         but just the surprise and shock of it.  She glares back at Ben'dar
>         and notices he seems oblivious to the whole situation. Either he
>         doesn't care or doesn't know.  Maybe she should tap his memory with
>         a dagger to the back of the head?  She twirls her dagger and
>         holsters it. then tends to her minor shoulder wound.]
>        [Raban's smirk goes from a half hearted grin to a frown and back
>         to smirk all in the span of 3 seconds.  Ben'dar's actions are
>         confusing.  Why he would do such a thing is beyond him. He
>         wonders if he should clobber Ben'dar for attacking Unali.]
>        [Fremea hovering lands on the ground due to the dust floating
>         around and looks around.  Ensuring no more Imps are in the
>         area she reflects on the last minute or two.  The Anwora seems
>         quite insane and what the Seker told her seems to confirm that.
>         She wonders if Arawn will be upset at this realization.  Not
>         knowing close family she shrugs it off to consider more important
>         things.  Having put the island into its next course time will be
>         short to deal with things here.  Looking at the others she
>         quickly sums up the situation.  As she forms the thoughts in her
>         mind she wonders what has happened just now.  Ben'dar acted from
>         the Imp it seems and must've been controlled.  But did his action
>         come from the Imp or something else?  The imp just being the
>         excuse to act crazy?  Maybe its this place causing folks to just
>         go crazy.  Unali doesn't seem to have enjoyed it much does that
>         mean she doesn't find Ben'dar attractive or some other human
>         behavior she hasn't quite learned well enough to figure out?]
>        Fremea: "So, I am sure you are wondering what has happened. There
>          is too much to say and very little time to tell it in. However,
>          the short answer is that I have melded with the Seker and now
>          control the direction of the island itself and have instructed
>          it to go out over the water as fast as possible."
>        [The others, especially Raban and Arawn, notice a new confidence
>         in Fremea.  Her eloquence and actions have shown she has grown
>         from the timid slave to a powerful person coming out of her shell.
>         The gods do work in mysterious ways getting everyone here in
>         this place now.  Of all the beings around only a slave might have
>         related enough to the Glyph and Seker to gain their trust. Even
>         the powerful Alfar might not have won favor if she wasn't here.
>         Arawn wonders if it is some cosmic joke from his parents to show
>         that his status isn't all that it should be.  Fate seems to play
>         funny jokes it seems.]
>        Fremea: "I will learn everything I can from the Seker, yet is my
>          intention to release him and the Elementals, as I promised. I
>          am just making sure there will be no casualties below us or on
>          this island. I will keep the island afloat just long enough for
>          us to remove all important treasures and valuables before I do
>          what is important. If you have questions ask now, as I can feel
>          and see all that has happened before with the island at least."
>        [Ben'dar beams a wide smile at the Faerry with respect.]
>        Ben'dar: "Well done!"
>        [Ben'dar puts a hand to his collar and stretches it a bit.  He
>         seems warm for some reason in this cold cave.  Warm and quite
>         happy for some reason.  He steals another quick glance at Unali
>         and a strange feeling coming over him.  Confused he adjusts his
>         collar, hot tunic and cramped belt and pants.  He shrugs and bends
>         down to pick up his pike nearby.  Suddenly a massive headache
>         floods his brain and he touches his forehead.]
>        [Arawn turns to the Seker so his theory is correct.  Some mind
>         telepathic connection happened.  A'kril must've had the same
>         thing in controlling the island.  That must've been when the
>         island started to fall.  Some automatic mode.  If the Seker
>         couldn't know where to go it just started down.  Figuring that
>         eventually it would land on water maybe?  It also makes sense
>         that A'kril clearly had telepathy with the female visitor.  So
>         his telepathic powers must've been quite attuned to the Seker.]
>        [Suddenly Ben'dar gets a telepathic message from the Seker.]
>        Seker: "The headache will ease eventually.  in order to rid the
>          creature from you I had to flood your mind and nerves with
>          sensory overload.  It was dangerous but I felt you could've
>          harmed the party drastically.  For the intrusion into your mind
>          I do apologize."
>        [Ben'dar glances over at the captured giant and wonders what he
>         meant by it.  Did one of the creatures get inside his stomach?
>         He reaches down but finds no wound.  He checks his other body
>         parts including his behind but finds nothing.  Maybe it is one
>         of those spirit things that can enter the body without damage?
>         So could that have explained the memory loss and if so what did
>         he do while influenced?]
>                                ------------------------
>        [Meanwhile down in the Armory, Kiet curses and makes his way to
>         the door.  But only after hitting his feet on other chests and
>         his head on one locker.  The small room echoes his Lemasan curses
>         as he finally reaches the door and opens it.  He glances right to
>         the window and notices the sky is still there.  Looks like he
>         is still alive.  He shrugs and opens the door fully to let the
>         light in.  Not sure if he should relight the candles or not he
>         begins to drag the items out into the hallway.  Best to inventory
>         and organize the materials.]
>        [Eventually Kiet replaces his chainmail with a good suit of leather
>         armor from one of the chests.  He finds a metal helmet and wears it
>         for future use. He grabs one mace and 3 javelines that he can carry
>         to a side pile for himself.  Soon he is heading toward Z'leyra. He
>         finds her with the prisoners looking the skullcap over.]
>        Kiet: "Z, there's a fair number of weapons and armor back there. I
>          don't have any way to determine which might be enchanted and
>          which might not, but if you need such, they are yours for the
>          taking."
>        Z'leyra: "We should move all valuables and folks to the platform
>          to be ready to keep us safe if this island is about to crash."
>        Kiet: "Well, if the others don't come back does that mean you and
>          I get it all to ourselves?"
>        [Kiet gives a big, cheesy grin while speaking.  He nods but then
>         reminds her they don't know how to use the magical slab.]
>                                ------------------------
>        [Back in the cave the party comes toward the Seker to figure
>         out their next move.  The Seker speaks to everyone in their
>         mind and in their own language it seems.]
>        Seker: "I do not mean to intrude on your minds but your surface
>          thoughts are too much to ignore.  I find confusion the main
>          emotion.  I know you also have many questions.  A'kril was
>          the controller of this island and had the meld first with me.
>          Once he died it set me free but I still remained here.  These
>          chains and cuffs keep me here as well as this place. The
>          collar amplifies my power.  A power the gods tricked me here
>          for and then ...perverted and twisted me into a change.  This
>          change made me slightly different and more powerful.  The true
>          reasons I don't seem to fully understand.  From what I could
>          gather some gods felt it was a game, some a deal and others to
>          offset their own powers.  I suspect the Anwora had his own deal
>          for being here.  What I could gleam from his own mind it was
>          very personal.  Something with his family.  He was forced and
>          tricked here to enforce me to do things.  After many many
>          years I realized his power was futile.  I suspect he was part
>          of the god's and A'kril's foul plans as a possible joke. But
>          I could never get through a god's mind as they never came
>          here.  I could only sense A'kril's smug nature and confidence
>          in the situation.  This place...this cave has been our home
>          for a long time as Arawn said.  When people came through the
>          portal like A'kril the Anwora would wake up.  Otherwise some
>          magic kept him frozen in place and time.  But A'kril did not
>          realize that magic was flawed.  Over the long time the magic
>          failed periodically.  He would become active and pace and
>          talk.  This would occur for short bursts and then he'd be
>          frozen again.  I fear this off and on after the years drove
>          his mind into conflict with itself.  He became a bit confused
>          and what you called insane.  Maybe when he is back home his
>          mind can heal over time.  We both can not leave this cave through
>          the portal.  That is certain."
>        [He pauses and looks around then continues.]
>        Seker: "With Fremea's meld I have been able to expand my awareness.
>          Before then I only could sense A'kril out there.  Now I sense
>          more.  More beings.  The nervous and confused Iceman warriors.
>          The confused ones that seem bound up.  The other four that
>          seem to be your friends confused and one seems to have a foul
>          mouth on him...one with the staff seems closed to me.  His
>          mind is tight. The other two the shaman and wizard seem content
>          and determined.  The master Elemental is moving fast about
>          this place...this cave..for the first time I realize we must
>          be in the center of the island.  If I had known that maybe the
>          Anwora could've dug out." [His thoughts seem regretful.] "I
>          suspect once we leave the bounds of this cave we shall return
>          to our realms.  The Anwora will leave with no effect.  But if I
>          leave the island will immediately fall.  The Elementals I
>          realize now are just support.  They have no true control here.
>          The one you call Cloud seems to cover the place from view and
>          help with wind and speed. the Master Elemental seems to control
>          the others.  The small mind ones that seem to be ...wind?  They
>          must be guardians.  One seems excited the other is just content.
>          I suspect once I leave here the cuffs and chains will be of
>          no use keeping me here.  The amulet seems to be what the Master
>          Elemental is seeking.  Based on your own thoughts and my own
>          thoughts it must be so.  The Amulet I do not know if it keeps
>          me here or is just a guardian.  It is all confusing to consider.
>          Either I am what he seeks or the amulet...."
>        [A few moments pause then he continues.]
>        Seker: "We move to the ocean but that is at least ....what is this
>          ...thought of time..." [He forms a mental picture that shows
>          a sunrise and then the sun moving slightly up.  Some who have
>          rideen long distances guess that to be an hour or half an hour.]
>          "It could take that long to reach the ocean.  Your friend the
>          foul mouthed one seems to have found things.  Things some value.
>          It might be more useful to unload these things below before the
>          island must be sent into the ocean.  I would suggest stopping
>          the island and let that be done....yes..some of you have figured
>          out the time the Master Elemental has given you would be far
>          shorter than getting to the ocean.  Your time would run out.
>          The Master Elemental must be convinced to give you more time
>          or maybe to see me?"
>                        -------------------------
>         [While Kiet and the barbarians haul prisoners and treasure to
>          the hallway near the Armory, Z'leyra considers a test run with
>          the slab.  She places her helmet in her satchel.  She leaves
>          her loose gear and satchel inside.  She then exits the window
>          and goes back to the magical slab.  Standing nearby she slowly
>          places the skullcap on her head.  Nothing happens.  No quick
>          death at least.  Not yet. She raises a hand and speaks out loud
>          "Rise."  but nothing happens. She circles the slab and finally
>          steps on it.  A tingle begins to ride the back of her head and
>          she steps off and it slowly ebbs.  Cautiously she steps back
>          on and lets it continue.  Its not painful but it seems to
>          be like a foot asleep feeling.  She stands on the edge and
>          orders it to move forward a few inches.  But still nothing
>          happens  With staff in hand she walks to the center of the
>          slab and just concentrates.  She has always hated deep thought
>          and mediation they taught her when learning Shamanism.  It
>          was a waste of time.  But she stands for what seems like hours
>          but is only a couple minutes.  She then notices the gems in
>          front of her glow white.  She turns to see the rear ones glow
>          as well.  Standing feet spread apart she doesn't say her
>          orders but this time thinks it.  With a jolt the slab moves
>          forward a foot then slams to the ground.  Figuring it to
>          be thought control she gives it a order to move forward and
>          rise a foot off the ground.  It slides forward and begins to
>          ascend but as it levels off it begins to wobble.  Hair blows
>          into her face from the winds and she loses concentration for
>          a half second and it slams to the ground.  She sighs and realizes
>          it will need total concentration.  No chatting and riding for
>          sure not without practice.  Seconds later she moves the slab
>          forward then right toward the trees.  She then realizes she
>          has no thought image of speed.  The slab races toward the
>          trees at a deadly pace and she thinks of going up.  The slab
>          missed the first set of trees by 3 feet and begins to arc back
>          toward the castle.  She pictures a Fremea hovering and thinks
>          to the slab.  The Slab hovers but waves in the wind back
>          and forth.  Making her a bit sick.  The levitation magic
>          seems to not avert external forces like wind.  Her eyes now
>          focused in tunnel vision she considers the other side of the
>          castle to where the Armory is.  Better to load the treasure
>          onto the slab at that window.  Not far to go.  She takes the
>          slab along the castle wall and north.  Passing windows she
>          begins to learn how to pitch the slab ever so slightly.  She
>          rounds the corner and passes a set of windows.  Glancing in
>          she notices a man and orders the slab to hover.  Looking in
>          she notices Caladan looking at something on a table.  He must
>          not be able to hear her.  She rounds the corner and heads
>          south along the east castle wall.  But on this side she notices
>          she is very close to what looks like the edge.  Realizing
>          this she rises above the roof and heads that way.  Passing
>          the courtyard she hovers near the window Corona exited from.
>          As she coasts toward the small land area by the window she
>          realizes she doesn't know a thought image on stop.  Trying
>          to picture the image or command it the slab heads to the
>          destination she pictured on the ground.  The slab slams into
>          the ground and the force of the slam causes her to go tumbling
>          onto the wet grass.  She rolls for a few seconds and ends up
>          along the wall, bruised but not hurt. She sighs at least she
>          can fly it but landing will have to be figured out.]
>         [Kiet in the hallway stacking chests hears the slam and goes
>          to the broken window and sees Z'leyra on the ground.  He sighs
>          and asks her what she is doing laying about while there is work
>          to be done.  Then he returns to finish stacking.]
>        [Time: 12:23 pm]
>        Actions? Comments?
>        Next Update...Monday...
>        GM: Minor experience recorded.  Only thing of note is Arawn - +1 EL
>            to Sword from the combat.
>        GM: Kiet - Confirmation -
>            -1 Chainmail to party treasure not you no more
>            +1 Leather armor from party to personal treasure
>            +1 metal helmet from party to personal treasure
>            +1 Mace from party to personal treasure
>            +3 Javelins from party to personal treasure [Not sure amount]
>            Is that correct? Will recalculate the party treasure.
>        GM: Next week should be able to post the party treasure file.
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