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Fri Jan 9 06:55:19 CET 2009

  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R1 John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R1 Tom Corckett..........Caladan...........Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  -- Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....NormalFaerry  Fe
  Do David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  Ma
  R? J H Hooten............Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
  W4 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R4 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
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        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          Z'leyra suggests to Kiet "We should move all valuables and folks
          to the platform to be ready to keep us safe if this island is
          about to crash."
        GM: Ack. 


        From Kiet: [Re: Reply to Z'leyra]
          Kiet replys, "Well, if the others don't come back does that mean
          you and I get it all to ourselves?" with a big, cheesy grin on
          his face.

          Kiet will help haul the goodies and the prisoners.
        GM: Ack. 


        From Ben'dar: [Re: Actions]
          Ben'Dar looks at Unali, and wonders why she is wiping off her
          lips. He shrugs and listens to Fremea.  Confused, he looks at the
          Faerry in wide-eyed respect.  "Well done!" he says with a smile.
          For some reason he feels very happy.  He glances at Unali again,
          a strange feeling coming over him.  What just happened?
          Everything went by very quickly there for a few minutes and he
          is not sure where the imps went, but Fremea must've taken care of
          them when she took over the Seker.
        GM: Ack.  thanks for being a good sport.  These situations allow
            sometimes for characters to act OUT of character and maybe just
            maybe act how they might wish to be rather than should be? :)
            Romance in situations like this is difficult at best.   So
            why not steal the chance when it comes. 


        From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
          Fremea looks around at her party and wonders just what has
          happened with this group before she met up with them. Unali
          obviously did not like the kiss that Ben'dar planted though, he
          most likely did not do it and probably doesn't even know it

          "So, I am sure you are wondering what has happened. There is too
          much to say and very little time to tell it in. However, the short
          answer is that I have melded with the Seker and now control the
          direction of the island itself and have instructed it to go out
          over the water as fast as possible." Fremea seems to have gained
          a composure that none of the party has seen before, as if she is
          more confident than timid and has an eloquence about her with her
          speach. "I will learn everything I can from the Seker, yet is my
          intention to release him and the elementals, as I promised. I am
          just making sure there will be no casulaties below us or on this
          island. I will keep the island afloat just long enough for us to
          remove all important treasures and valuables before I do what is
          important. If you have questions ask now, as I can feel and see
          all that has happened before with the island at least."
        GM: Ack. 


        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          Before loading a risking everything Z'leyra puts her helmet in
          her satchel, puts on the skullcap and stands on the platform.
          Trying to go slowly and carefully she concentrates on the platform
          slowly lifting up several feet, then slowly going forward, turning
          and other actions as her sense of control increases. After a
          couple minutes she will park the platform and help load it.
        GM: Ack. 

     [New Stuff]

        [Ma 2nd, 1633TH. 5th Day of Adventure #4.
        [Location: Chaos domain, Dark Lands, ? Miles up, Flying Island]

        [Time: 12:20 pm]

        [Inside the Seker cave Ben'dar coughs at the dirt raining down from
         the rock wall.  The impact of being thrown up against it by Raban's
         large arm must've dislodged centuries of dust and sand.  Raban
         having seen the Imp flee figures Ben'dar must be normal now.
         Waiting a few seconds when Ben'dar seems to not fight anymore he
         releases the arm lock and steps back. Ben'dar turns and coughs
         into his hand and flings his arm back and forth from the pain to
         the arm lock. Ben'dar looks around confused as to why he was now
         standing over here when he swore he was over there.  the last
         thing he recalls was Fremea going berserk and touching the shiny
         amulet on the Seker's chest.  Now Raban is beating him up or
         something and folks are staring at him?  Ben'dar glances at
         Unali and wonders why she is wiping her mouth and sees no blood
         just a small dab of blood on her shoulder.  Then he looks at
         the dead imp bodies and frowns realizing he missed the fun of
         battle.  He looks over and sees the Anwora in the distance either
         dead or knocked out.  It looks like the giant is doing well.]

        [Arawn glances from Unali to Ben'dar and wonders if possession or
         not the situation had some underlying truth to it.  He'll never
         though seem to figure out how humans work.  Unali's reaction seems
         a bit hostile if not embarrassed.  Wouldn't a woman enjoy such a
         thing from someone strong and powerful as Ben'dar? Shaking his head
         he glances to the Anwora and sighs.  He knows he'll be out for
         quite awhile and getting answers might not be quick enough. He
         glances at the Seker and finds him well.  then glances at Fremea
         and nods.  He wonders if she'll ever be able to understand Sidh as
         a more educated person like him.  Yet in the last two encounters
         with Elementals and now here she has taken the situation in
         complete control and in confidence.  All those night chats around
         the campfire may be getting through to her on how Sidh life works.
         That or Fremea is more in depth than he even realizes.  Impressed
         he smiles at her from the way she dealt with things.  Of course if
         he had some say it would have been a bit delayed to learn more.
         The Anwora clearly sped things up faster. Arawn begins to form
         thoughts about what Fremea has just done here.]

        [Unali wipes her mouth quickly s if to get the memory of what the
         others saw forever removed.  She glares at Ben'dar and wonders
         if she should've slapped, given a knee to or just out right
         killed him.  In most cultures even her own an affront like that
         would be a high offense.  Normal ladies would have to rebuke or
         act from it.  But Unali quickly blushes and then turns away. She
         isn't quite normal is she?  Even as a youth boys took their chance
         with her in similar situations.  Maybe it wasn't the act at all
         but just the surprise and shock of it.  She glares back at Ben'dar
         and notices he seems oblivious to the whole situation. Either he
         doesn't care or doesn't know.  Maybe she should tap his memory with
         a dagger to the back of the head?  She twirls her dagger and
         holsters it. then tends to her minor shoulder wound.]

        [Raban's smirk goes from a half hearted grin to a frown and back
         to smirk all in the span of 3 seconds.  Ben'dar's actions are
         confusing.  Why he would do such a thing is beyond him. He
         wonders if he should clobber Ben'dar for attacking Unali.]

        [Fremea hovering lands on the ground due to the dust floating
         around and looks around.  Ensuring no more Imps are in the
         area she reflects on the last minute or two.  The Anwora seems
         quite insane and what the Seker told her seems to confirm that.
         She wonders if Arawn will be upset at this realization.  Not
         knowing close family she shrugs it off to consider more important
         things.  Having put the island into its next course time will be
         short to deal with things here.  Looking at the others she
         quickly sums up the situation.  As she forms the thoughts in her
         mind she wonders what has happened just now.  Ben'dar acted from
         the Imp it seems and must've been controlled.  But did his action
         come from the Imp or something else?  The imp just being the
         excuse to act crazy?  Maybe its this place causing folks to just
         go crazy.  Unali doesn't seem to have enjoyed it much does that
         mean she doesn't find Ben'dar attractive or some other human
         behavior she hasn't quite learned well enough to figure out?]

        Fremea: "So, I am sure you are wondering what has happened. There
          is too much to say and very little time to tell it in. However,
          the short answer is that I have melded with the Seker and now
          control the direction of the island itself and have instructed
          it to go out over the water as fast as possible."

        [The others, especially Raban and Arawn, notice a new confidence
         in Fremea.  Her eloquence and actions have shown she has grown
         from the timid slave to a powerful person coming out of her shell.
         The gods do work in mysterious ways getting everyone here in
         this place now.  Of all the beings around only a slave might have
         related enough to the Glyph and Seker to gain their trust. Even
         the powerful Alfar might not have won favor if she wasn't here.
         Arawn wonders if it is some cosmic joke from his parents to show
         that his status isn't all that it should be.  Fate seems to play
         funny jokes it seems.]

        Fremea: "I will learn everything I can from the Seker, yet is my
          intention to release him and the Elementals, as I promised. I
          am just making sure there will be no casualties below us or on
          this island. I will keep the island afloat just long enough for
          us to remove all important treasures and valuables before I do
          what is important. If you have questions ask now, as I can feel
          and see all that has happened before with the island at least."

        [Ben'dar beams a wide smile at the Faerry with respect.]

        Ben'dar: "Well done!"

        [Ben'dar puts a hand to his collar and stretches it a bit.  He
         seems warm for some reason in this cold cave.  Warm and quite
         happy for some reason.  He steals another quick glance at Unali
         and a strange feeling coming over him.  Confused he adjusts his
         collar, hot tunic and cramped belt and pants.  He shrugs and bends
         down to pick up his pike nearby.  Suddenly a massive headache
         floods his brain and he touches his forehead.]

        [Arawn turns to the Seker so his theory is correct.  Some mind
         telepathic connection happened.  A'kril must've had the same
         thing in controlling the island.  That must've been when the
         island started to fall.  Some automatic mode.  If the Seker
         couldn't know where to go it just started down.  Figuring that
         eventually it would land on water maybe?  It also makes sense
         that A'kril clearly had telepathy with the female visitor.  So
         his telepathic powers must've been quite attuned to the Seker.]

        [Suddenly Ben'dar gets a telepathic message from the Seker.]

        Seker: "The headache will ease eventually.  in order to rid the
          creature from you I had to flood your mind and nerves with
          sensory overload.  It was dangerous but I felt you could've
          harmed the party drastically.  For the intrusion into your mind
          I do apologize."

        [Ben'dar glances over at the captured giant and wonders what he
         meant by it.  Did one of the creatures get inside his stomach?
         He reaches down but finds no wound.  He checks his other body
         parts including his behind but finds nothing.  Maybe it is one
         of those spirit things that can enter the body without damage?
         So could that have explained the memory loss and if so what did
         he do while influenced?]


        [Meanwhile down in the Armory, Kiet curses and makes his way to
         the door.  But only after hitting his feet on other chests and
         his head on one locker.  The small room echoes his Lemasan curses
         as he finally reaches the door and opens it.  He glances right to
         the window and notices the sky is still there.  Looks like he
         is still alive.  He shrugs and opens the door fully to let the
         light in.  Not sure if he should relight the candles or not he
         begins to drag the items out into the hallway.  Best to inventory
         and organize the materials.]

        [Eventually Kiet replaces his chainmail with a good suit of leather
         armor from one of the chests.  He finds a metal helmet and wears it
         for future use. He grabs one mace and 3 javelines that he can carry
         to a side pile for himself.  Soon he is heading toward Z'leyra. He
         finds her with the prisoners looking the skullcap over.]

        Kiet: "Z, there's a fair number of weapons and armor back there. I
          don't have any way to determine which might be enchanted and
          which might not, but if you need such, they are yours for the

        Z'leyra: "We should move all valuables and folks to the platform
          to be ready to keep us safe if this island is about to crash."

        Kiet: "Well, if the others don't come back does that mean you and
          I get it all to ourselves?"

        [Kiet gives a big, cheesy grin while speaking.  He nods but then
         reminds her they don't know how to use the magical slab.]


        [Back in the cave the party comes toward the Seker to figure
         out their next move.  The Seker speaks to everyone in their
         mind and in their own language it seems.]

        Seker: "I do not mean to intrude on your minds but your surface
          thoughts are too much to ignore.  I find confusion the main
          emotion.  I know you also have many questions.  A'kril was
          the controller of this island and had the meld first with me.
          Once he died it set me free but I still remained here.  These
          chains and cuffs keep me here as well as this place. The
          collar amplifies my power.  A power the gods tricked me here
          for and then ...perverted and twisted me into a change.  This
          change made me slightly different and more powerful.  The true
          reasons I don't seem to fully understand.  From what I could
          gather some gods felt it was a game, some a deal and others to
          offset their own powers.  I suspect the Anwora had his own deal
          for being here.  What I could gleam from his own mind it was
          very personal.  Something with his family.  He was forced and
          tricked here to enforce me to do things.  After many many
          years I realized his power was futile.  I suspect he was part
          of the god's and A'kril's foul plans as a possible joke. But
          I could never get through a god's mind as they never came
          here.  I could only sense A'kril's smug nature and confidence
          in the situation.  This place...this cave has been our home
          for a long time as Arawn said.  When people came through the
          portal like A'kril the Anwora would wake up.  Otherwise some
          magic kept him frozen in place and time.  But A'kril did not
          realize that magic was flawed.  Over the long time the magic
          failed periodically.  He would become active and pace and
          talk.  This would occur for short bursts and then he'd be
          frozen again.  I fear this off and on after the years drove
          his mind into conflict with itself.  He became a bit confused
          and what you called insane.  Maybe when he is back home his
          mind can heal over time.  We both can not leave this cave through
          the portal.  That is certain."

        [He pauses and looks around then continues.]

        Seker: "With Fremea's meld I have been able to expand my awareness.
          Before then I only could sense A'kril out there.  Now I sense
          more.  More beings.  The nervous and confused Iceman warriors.
          The confused ones that seem bound up.  The other four that
          seem to be your friends confused and one seems to have a foul
          mouth on him...one with the staff seems closed to me.  His
          mind is tight. The other two the shaman and wizard seem content
          and determined.  The master Elemental is moving fast about
          this place...this cave..for the first time I realize we must
          be in the center of the island.  If I had known that maybe the
          Anwora could've dug out." [His thoughts seem regretful.] "I
          suspect once we leave the bounds of this cave we shall return
          to our realms.  The Anwora will leave with no effect.  But if I
          leave the island will immediately fall.  The Elementals I
          realize now are just support.  They have no true control here.
          The one you call Cloud seems to cover the place from view and
          help with wind and speed. the Master Elemental seems to control
          the others.  The small mind ones that seem to be ...wind?  They
          must be guardians.  One seems excited the other is just content.
          I suspect once I leave here the cuffs and chains will be of
          no use keeping me here.  The amulet seems to be what the Master
          Elemental is seeking.  Based on your own thoughts and my own
          thoughts it must be so.  The Amulet I do not know if it keeps
          me here or is just a guardian.  It is all confusing to consider.
          Either I am what he seeks or the amulet...."

        [A few moments pause then he continues.]

        Seker: "We move to the ocean but that is at least ....what is this
          ...thought of time..." [He forms a mental picture that shows
          a sunrise and then the sun moving slightly up.  Some who have
          rideen long distances guess that to be an hour or half an hour.]
          "It could take that long to reach the ocean.  Your friend the
          foul mouthed one seems to have found things.  Things some value.
          It might be more useful to unload these things below before the
          island must be sent into the ocean.  I would suggest stopping
          the island and let that be done....yes..some of you have figured
          out the time the Master Elemental has given you would be far
          shorter than getting to the ocean.  Your time would run out.
          The Master Elemental must be convinced to give you more time
          or maybe to see me?"


         [While Kiet and the barbarians haul prisoners and treasure to
          the hallway near the Armory, Z'leyra considers a test run with
          the slab.  She places her helmet in her satchel.  She leaves
          her loose gear and satchel inside.  She then exits the window
          and goes back to the magical slab.  Standing nearby she slowly
          places the skullcap on her head.  Nothing happens.  No quick
          death at least.  Not yet. She raises a hand and speaks out loud
          "Rise."  but nothing happens. She circles the slab and finally
          steps on it.  A tingle begins to ride the back of her head and
          she steps off and it slowly ebbs.  Cautiously she steps back
          on and lets it continue.  Its not painful but it seems to
          be like a foot asleep feeling.  She stands on the edge and
          orders it to move forward a few inches.  But still nothing
          happens  With staff in hand she walks to the center of the
          slab and just concentrates.  She has always hated deep thought
          and mediation they taught her when learning Shamanism.  It
          was a waste of time.  But she stands for what seems like hours
          but is only a couple minutes.  She then notices the gems in
          front of her glow white.  She turns to see the rear ones glow
          as well.  Standing feet spread apart she doesn't say her
          orders but this time thinks it.  With a jolt the slab moves
          forward a foot then slams to the ground.  Figuring it to
          be thought control she gives it a order to move forward and
          rise a foot off the ground.  It slides forward and begins to
          ascend but as it levels off it begins to wobble.  Hair blows
          into her face from the winds and she loses concentration for
          a half second and it slams to the ground.  She sighs and realizes
          it will need total concentration.  No chatting and riding for
          sure not without practice.  Seconds later she moves the slab
          forward then right toward the trees.  She then realizes she
          has no thought image of speed.  The slab races toward the
          trees at a deadly pace and she thinks of going up.  The slab
          missed the first set of trees by 3 feet and begins to arc back
          toward the castle.  She pictures a Fremea hovering and thinks
          to the slab.  The Slab hovers but waves in the wind back
          and forth.  Making her a bit sick.  The levitation magic
          seems to not avert external forces like wind.  Her eyes now
          focused in tunnel vision she considers the other side of the
          castle to where the Armory is.  Better to load the treasure
          onto the slab at that window.  Not far to go.  She takes the
          slab along the castle wall and north.  Passing windows she
          begins to learn how to pitch the slab ever so slightly.  She
          rounds the corner and passes a set of windows.  Glancing in
          she notices a man and orders the slab to hover.  Looking in
          she notices Caladan looking at something on a table.  He must
          not be able to hear her.  She rounds the corner and heads
          south along the east castle wall.  But on this side she notices
          she is very close to what looks like the edge.  Realizing
          this she rises above the roof and heads that way.  Passing
          the courtyard she hovers near the window Corona exited from.
          As she coasts toward the small land area by the window she
          realizes she doesn't know a thought image on stop.  Trying
          to picture the image or command it the slab heads to the
          destination she pictured on the ground.  The slab slams into
          the ground and the force of the slam causes her to go tumbling
          onto the wet grass.  She rolls for a few seconds and ends up
          along the wall, bruised but not hurt. She sighs at least she
          can fly it but landing will have to be figured out.]

         [Kiet in the hallway stacking chests hears the slam and goes
          to the broken window and sees Z'leyra on the ground.  He sighs
          and asks her what she is doing laying about while there is work
          to be done.  Then he returns to finish stacking.]

        [Time: 12:23 pm]

        Actions? Comments?

        Next Update...Monday...

        GM: Minor experience recorded.  Only thing of note is Arawn - +1 EL
            to Sword from the combat. 

        GM: Kiet - Confirmation -
            -1 Chainmail to party treasure not you no more
            +1 Leather armor from party to personal treasure
            +1 metal helmet from party to personal treasure
            +1 Mace from party to personal treasure
            +3 Javelins from party to personal treasure [Not sure amount]
            Is that correct? Will recalculate the party treasure.

        GM: Next week should be able to post the party treasure file.

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