[pnpgm] Game Update #102 - File #563 - Imps, Dips and Hips

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Wed Jan 7 08:55:44 CET 2009

  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R1 John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R1 Tom Corckett..........Caladan...........Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  -- Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....NormalFaerry  Fe
  Do David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  Ma
  R? J H Hooten............Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
  W4 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R4 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
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     Game Update #102 in sequence (file #563)      
     Admin Notes: None. 

        From Raban: [Re: Actions]
          For Raban, Frema has decided his actions as he must protect her
          from the strange elf. But all he needs to do is stop him from
          hurting anyone, so that should be easy enough. Before the
          thoughts complete Raban is already dropping to grab the elf and
          yelling 'Stop' in poor Sidh... These odd tiny fliers would appear
          to be something magical but easily destroyed so any in reach can
          be crushed if he has time...

          <Yelling is not the best Idea Raban has had, hopefully he can
          dodge the spear. Raban is faster than thought..at least his
          own..> <Maybe he will get lucky and the spear will only ketch
          his pants, he should be Happy to have a Nude Rear in this case>
          <Eeek! Bad Pun!>
        GM: Ack. 


        From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
          Arawn watched with amusement and curiousity as Fremea took on
          the role of the mysterious Chosen One. He hoped that this action
          would prove to be beneficial in the long run but that would be
          discovered later on for more pressing concerns were coming to
          pass. The Anwora had decided to rush Fremea just as Imps
          materialized within the chamber. The druid quickly realized that
          these minor nuisances could prove deadly if they should
          successfully possess the warriors of the party and drew his
          sword to deal with them as Raban moved forward to deal with the
          Anwara. If anyone could successfully subdue the Anwora it would
          be the giant bard. Calling out to his kin Arawn shouted, "A wall
          keeps the gods from this realm! Millenia have passed! Hold,my

          Suddenly Arawn watches as one of the Imps manages to overcome
          Ben'dar's protections and disappears. Recalling what he had read
          about them he quickly came to the horrible conclusion that it had
          possessed Ben'dar. This was not good, having what could possibly
          be their strongest warrior turned against them! The question was,
          attempt an exorcism now and risk the others being possessed or
          kill the Imps and allow a possessed Ben'dar to rampage? Deciding
          that dropping the number of Imps would prove a better idea in the
          long run Arawn could only hope that Ben'dar would not wreak too
          much havoc before he could be helped. Thinking over the magic at
          his disposal he wondered what, if any, magics were dampened in
          this area- likely Balance and, the thought, possibly Sidh as well.
          Magics currently tied to Chaos might prove best and he decided
          on an area effect spell to hopefully dispose of them quickly.

          OOC: Phase 1) Not sure where the Imps are range-wise but if they
          can be caught in a Thunderswarm spell Arawn will try that at max
          EL with the wand, using EnL if needed. If they are too far away
          then he'll try a Fireball if that can reach them, angled up to
          avoid Ben'dar. If still too far then he'll use his elven bow.

          Phase 2) If any of the spells seemed to work he'll continue to
          use them if more than half the Imps are still up. Otherwise he'll
          use his bow or attempt an Exorcism on Ben'dar, using the wand and
          EnL, if it seems feasible.

          Arawn will try to avoid getting hit by Ben'dar if possible,
          using his EL's defensively or dodging as long as it doesn't
          disrupt his  own actions trying to do so.
        GM: Ack. 


        From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
          Fremea sees amazing places and things flood through her mind in
          an instant, almost overwhelming her. She is able to regain
          herself quickly though as something pops out of the amulet and
          starts to attack her group and at the same time the Anwora yells
          that it can not be this way. Speaking in a language the group
          can understand, "Quickly dispatch this insane elf, it will ease
          his mind to be released from captivity himself and no longer
          suffer. He is a threat."

          She will then pick up anything that can be quickly thrown at an
          imp and let it go. Doing her best to stop one of them from doing
          what ever they are doing.
        GM: Ack. 


        From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
          What do you get when two Imps collide in the night?
        GM: Ack.  ohh..bad :) Don't encourage the Dwarves!


        From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
          Hearing Fremea's recommended call of action Arawn wonders if
          the connection has somehow affected her or if her lack of
          connection to the Sidh realms is to account for her decision.
          There were too many unanswered questions and striking or freeing
          any before more knowledge of the pact came to light could cause
          even more devastation. If the gods enabled this situation and did
          not yet undo it they had to have a very, very strong reason to do
          so. He worried what the ramifications of the actions of the day
          would be. As soon as he was done calling out he quickly added,
          [Marentian] "We don't know enough to judge the situation. Try to
          contain instead of kill... if reasonably feasible."

          *** Fremea's email deleted ***

          [In Marentian]"Forgive me Arawn, he is no longer your kin. He is
          really no longer an elf by any standards, he means to kill. And I
          will not allow him to kill us all." Fremea makes sure she is
          between the Anwora and the Seker.
        GM: Ack. 


        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          Z'leyra suggests to Kiet "We should move all valuables and folks
          to the platform to be ready to keep us safe if this island is
          about to crash."
        GM: Ack. 


        From Kiet: [Re: Reply to Z'leyra]
          Kiet replys, "Well, if the others don't come back does that mean
          you and I get it all to ourselves?" with a big, cheesy grin on
          his face.

          Kiet will help haul the goodies and the prisoners.
        GM: Ack. 

     [New Stuff]

        [Ma 2nd, 1633TH. 5th Day of Adventure #4.
        [Location: Chaos domain, Dark Lands, ? Miles up, Flying Island]

        [Time: 12:19 pm]

        [As the flying monkey/lizard/reptile/demon things burst around the
         cave the party goes into a semi automatic battle mode.]

        [Raban stares at the flying creatures, gnats to him nothing of a
         major threat.  They seem to like to hit and bounce off folks for
         some reason.  They seem to be magical so he has confidence in his
         own angelica potion to protect him.  But the Anwora Elf thing has
         clearly started toward the Seker and Fremea.  He clearly shows
         intent to harm either.  If the Seker dies that could mean disaster
         if he understand the situation well enough.  If Fremea dies then
         he'll be really upset and no one wants to see that.  He tries to
         recall the previous conversation and seems to pick out "Picked
         One" and "Mel" from Fremea's words.  His sidh skills aren't
         spectacular.  But clearly Fremea seems eager to help or hinder
         the situation.]

        [As Fremea moved forward Arawn finds himself amazed and curious
         of her actions.  The prophecy speaks of the Chosen One and now
         there is suddenly need for one.  Arawn watches the Imps fly
         and buzz about.  He knows they are little in terms of combat
         or physical threat.  But if they take a body like Raban or
         Ben'dar they could be devastating to the party.  Arawn watches
         as Raban moves toward the hostile Anwora.  He yells to the
         Anwora quickly.]

        Arawn: "A wall keeps the gods from this realm! Millennia have
          passed! Hold, my kin!"

        [Arawn realizes that Ben'dar must have failed to defend against an
         Imp.  The imp must be inside him and that could be quite dangerous
         the party.  He knows an Exorcism ritual will take some time to
         use.  But there are more pressing things to worry about including
         the other imps and the Anwora.]

        [Fremea's mind race with images and information like height, speed,
         wind and such all in a fraction of the time to gasp.  So much
         information it will take some deep thought to decipher.  it must
         be the past locations and travel path of the flying castle over
         the great span of time.  As quickly as they come the data fades
         away into deep memory.  In the next second as the Imps appear
         and flee the amulet more information slowly comes to her.  This
         time it shows the forest below and the sky.  It seems the castle
         is now little over 4 miles above the forest and falling. But
         with her almost instantaneous request the castle jerked and
         changed its location.  She requested to the Seker to move toward
         the ocean and it is now moving east and a bit south east.  Based
         on the map in the navigation room the ocean is a good 30 miles
         away to the east.  Satisfied she clears her mind of the telepathic
         meld and comes back to the present. Fremea wonders if these same
         images and how they came into her mind is the same as Arawn saw
         at Lake Octa.  When Fremea notices the Anwora approach her
         and still in a threatening manner she yells out to the party
         in Marentian.  She knows if the Seker does a fall of 4 miles
         might give the party only a couple minutes to flee this place.
         Not to mention what the death of the Seker could do to her mind.]

        Fremea: "Quickly dispatch this insane elf, it will ease his mind to
          be released from captivity himself and no longer suffer. He is a

        [Unali shrugs off the Imp that collided with her chest and ignores
         it as she draws her second dagger.  She lurches forward and runs
         toward Ben'dar while yelling to him.]

        Unali: "Ben'dar, KILL the imps."

        [Arawn is amazed to understand that Unali knows about Imps.  Not
         many know of the demons.  Arawn begins to cast a quick area effect
         spell by starting the words and gestures.  But no spell goes off
         as he figures failure.  It could be this place or a simple
         failure.  He knows he is too far to stop the Anwora.]

        [Fremea takes to the air off the Seker's chest and then dips
         right back down toward the Anwora to prevent him from getting
         to the Seker.  She raises her dagger to block his path and
         continues to flap her wings, ready in case the insane Elf will
         do something drastic.  The flapping of her wings as she hovers
         will hopefully keep imps away from her and the head of the
         Seker itself.]

        [The imps fly forward toward Raban and Unali.  Imp #1, 3 and 8
         fly toward Unali and swarm her.  They ram into her chest, hip
         and back but all bounce off.  The other four all collide into
         Raban but all bounce off with dizzying speed.]

        [Raban growls and bats the imps away and charges forward toward
         the Anwora and to help Fremea. He runs to the right side of
         the Seker and rounds his shoulder.  His large hands go out
         to grasp the Anwora as he does he yells to him.]

        Raban: "Stop!"

        [Raban yells the command in good Sidh as he reaches for the Elf.
         With one hand Raban grabs the spear and yanks.  With the other
         hand he twirls the Elf around from facing west to north.  He
         then places one arm up and over the Elf's head and under his chin.
         The spear goes up and with the other hand he pulls the shaft
         up to the neck and tries a simple hold move.]

        [Unali notices the Imps have moved away from Ben'dar and now
         seem to be at her side.  She lunges and twirls and tries to
         stab two with two daggers.  Her magical dagger misses one by
         a few inches but her normal dagger hits one in the shoulder
         and stabs deep.  The creature falls to the ground and doesn't
         move when she pulls the dagger out.]

        [Ben'dar's eyes twinkle and a grin comes to his face as he feels
         a need to scratch a odd itch all over.  He gives a wild howl
         of delight and jumps up spreading his legs as if stepping on
         hot coals.  He then turns left and runs toward the Anwora.
         He rounds the Anwora and comes up behind Raban who glances at
         him with confusion.  Running at full speed Ben'dar slaps
         the giant on the behind and continues past him to the right
         of the Seker.  He ends up a couple feet from Arawn.]

        [Arawn glances over at Ben'dar and realizes he must be controlled
         by one of the Imps.  The warrior is not holding his pike with
         both hands a good sign that he'll not at least be using it in
         the next second or two.  He twists and raises his sword just in
         case Ben'dar will attack.]

        [The Anwora tries to resist Raban's forceful grip and tries to pull
         down the spear from the choke hold.  But it is futile as it seems
         Raban has 3 or 4 times the strength.  He grunts and twists trying
         to throw him off his back but again finds it a futile attempt.]

        [Fremea nods at Raban knowing he has the situation well in hand.
         Confused by Ben'dar's choice of actions she takes to the air
         knowing Raban could handle it.  He could probably just snap
         his neck with one swift move but he is too gentle for that.
         She flies over the Seker and toward a few of the Imps that
         were where Raban was a few seconds ago.  She stabs Imp#5 in
         the shoulder and he takes a wound but not enough to kill it.]

        [Three Imps fly this time from Raban's last location to Unali and
         bounce off her.  One that went after Unali flies toward Raban
         but bounces off his back with a wet splash.  There is one left
         who has tried all three and decides to go after Fremea with
         claws.  But both claws fail to strike the fast moving Faerry.]

        [Raban knows that simply hitting the Anwora could cause some
         Sidh god or relative to be quite upset.  Never know what
         could happen like death.  So he continues the choke hole and
         slowly it begins to work.  The Anwora begins to lose his
         strength and goes limp.  Raban drags him a few feet away from
         the Seker and takes the spear away from the sleeping Elf.]

        [Unali glances and notices Ben'dar not surrounded and seems to
         be all right.  She twirls and ducks in only the skill of a Katai
         dagger maiden might have.  Her magical dagger again fails to
         hit one quick agile target but her normal dagger stabs one in
         the chest and kills it.]

        [Ben'dar grins at Arawn and runs toward Unali.  But at the last
         second he stops and twists right now off the right shoulder
         of Arawn.  With his right hand he flicks a finger at the Alfar's
         pointy ears and makes it bounce.  He giggles then twists again
         and moves toward Unali.  Dropping his Pike he grabs her from
         behind and pulls him toward him as if to get her away from the
         flying Imps.  As he drags her a foot she tries to resist but
         he stops and comes around.  Placing one arm around her back
         he leans in and gives her a big long kiss on the mouth.  Her
         eyes bulge in confusion the kiss continues for two seconds.]

        [Arawn confused by the Zen'da's weird drunken like state looks
         at the embrace and sighs.  He has read the Imps tend to be like
         Faerry a bit mischievous.  He hopes it is the Imp doing that and
         not Ben'dar.  Unali will probably kill him if it wasn't the Imp.
         Maybe deep down Ben'dar always wanted to try it and the Imp
         found that desire.  Who knows.  Not wasting time Arawn moves
         toward one Imp and swings his sword.  He doesn't have time
         to glance to see what Raban has done to the Anwora but hopes it
         is not violence.  He says in Marentian.]

        Arawn: "We don't know enough to judge the situation. Try to contain
          instead of kill... if reasonably feasible."

        [Arawn's sword fails to contact one of the flying Imps.]

        [Fremea hovering near Arawn hears his words and hopes the Alfar
         is not offended by hurting someone he may know.  She swings
         her dagger at one of the flying Imps and replies back to him.]

        Fremea: "Forgive me Arawn, he is no longer your kin. He is really
          no longer an elf by any standards,"

        [Her dagger fails to strike one of the agile creatures.]

        [The remaining four Imps know their combination of attacks to
         control the Humans have failed.  The Sidh are out of their
         ability to possess.  So they go for pure combat now and go
         after each in a random fashion. One Imp dives toward Arawn
         and scratches his right shoulder but his armor protects from the
         damage.  One uses both claws on Ben'dar's back but his dragon
         armor protects him.  One claws at Fremea but fails to strike.
         The last one flies past and claws at Unali with one hand and
         the deep hit draws blood past her armor doing 2 points of damage.]

        [Raban runs forward to help the others.  He slaps one of the flying
         beasts hard with his right hand.  The beast goes flying left toward
         the cave wall.  This is the one that Fremea previously wounded and
         the bug splats with a forceful impact causing it to implode and
         explode at the same time like a bug being stepped on.]

        [Unali's pain brings her back to reality at this shocking but
         interesting attack from Ben'dar.  Using her legs she twists
         and whips Ben'dar around and onto the ground so she lands
         on top of him.  He giggles as she pushes off and gets to her
         feet.  She has a urge to knock him out then and there but
         there are a couple Imps still left it seems.  She finds
         one nearby and swings both daggers at it.  Both daggers hit
         the creature and do plenty of damage to kill it.]

        [Ben'dar's expression changes and the giggle stops suddenly.
         He grabs the pike nearby and charges Raban this time with a howl
         of anger.  He swings his pike and the tall giant is just able to
         dodge the blow.  Knowing that if he had hit Raban might be dead
         since he is wounded.]

        [Arawn swings his sword at one near him and slices it deep and
         kills the Imp.]

        [Fremea sees the last Imp and flies toward it while swinging her
         dagger.  She finishes the reply to Arawn as well.]

        Fremea: "he means to kill. And I will not allow him to kill us

        [The dagger impales so hard into the Imp's shoulder it goes clearly
         through the small creature and out the other side.  The imp
         falls to the cave ground dead.]

        [Raban knows Ben'dar is clearly insane now and pushes Ben'dar up
         against the cave wall with dirt coming down.  He keeps him there
         until he should know what to do.]  

        [The Seker stares at the party and then at Ben'dar.  He
         begins to send out a massive telepathic bombardment into the
         warrior's mind.]

        [Suddenly the Imp inside Ben'dar jumps out startling Raban and
         flies away.  Arawn swings his sword at it but fails.  As does
         Fremea and Unali.]

        [The Imp looks around and notices his fellow beasts are down
         and decides to go after Fremea.  The claw attack fails though.]

        [Unali leaps up and swings both daggers at the last Imp.  The
         magical fails to hit but her normal dagger hits and kills the
         creature with the damage.]

        [Ben'dar chokes on some of the dirt that falls past him and the
         dust and shakes his head.  One minute he is standing somewhere
         now he is kissing the wall?  A massive headache seems to come to
         his head and confusion starts to seep into his mind.  He feels a
         large mass behind him and hopes it isn't the Seker but a friendly
         Bard instead.]

        [The Bard looks over at Unali and gives her a sly grin as she
         wipes her mouth and bloody dagger against the floor.  Arawn
         looks over and sees the limp Anwora in the distance and
         the Seker still seems fine though still chained.]

        Actions? Comments?

        Next Update...Friday...

        GM: Sigh.  A late update but its good enough at this point to go
            out.  I'll do Kiet/Z'leyra stuff next update or the following
            one.  I must admit this one was rough to do. It might be the
            New Year blues or something.  Just harder to write though I
            had a better picture in my mind for it. It was more a chore
            than I thought.  But it should get better soon. Thanks Chris
            for letting me have some fun.  I hope it at least gave a smile
            if not a OMG he didn't!  Ben'dar should be normal now.
            The Imps are all dead.  The Seker seems fine.  The Anwora
            is knocked out.  No need for a map at this point.

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