[pnpgm] Game Update #95 - File #516 - Arawn talks to the Wind

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Fremea stood there, completely taken with what was happening around her. This was very different to her, never having seen any elemental this close up before, and especially really pissed off ones. She contemplated what she should do, though there really did seem like a lot at this time that she could do. She stood watching as Raban ran, no flew, to other side to get to the screaming woman and heard Arawn speak about finding the one responsible for binding the elementals to this place. She faintly heard Bendar call for everyone to get out of here and she wondered if that was even possible at this time.

She realized that the island was falling now and that her only means of being safe was to make sure she was in the air and way far away from this place when it hit, as the debris and rocks and what ever else hit the ground. Yet, she would not just leave Chion or Arawn behind as they both have been very kind to her, even if she really didn't deserve it. And even Raban with his odd sense of having to protect one that really can take care of herself, even though she knows there is too much she doesn't know about the world.

She quickly goes over all that she was taught to do during her slavery and finds only the communicate spell to be useful at this time. She will cast it at max (EL 2) to communicate with the elementals also, so that she can translate or if need be, talk to them herself.

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