[pnpgm] Game Update #95 - File #516 - Arawn talks to the Wind

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OOC: Not sure from the post description but, does Arawn have both Elven Empathy and the Communicate spell up at the same time?
   For the group, if the Communicate spell is up you'll be able to understand Arawn's side of the conversation without translation as it's spoken in Katai. The elemental, however, still needs it's part translated.

   Realizing the bond had been successful Arawn listened with some concern to the Elemental's demand. The castle was falling, there were angry air elementals everywhere, and a strange lion-headed man nearby as well. The situation needed to be resolved quickly and smoothly or not only would things possibly go bad for the party but also for any innocents caught in wake of cloud-island's impact. He hoped he would be able to take care of both problems.

   "I've established communication!," he said to the party. He caught sight of Raban rushing off but chose to refrain calling out to the bard for the time being. Every second delayed in talks with the elemental could be disastrous and he hoped Raban was not about to make a mistake with the lion-headed man. Meanwhile Ben'dar was calling for a withdrawal, normally a wise move but, in Arawn's mind, not something the druid was willing to risk due to the destruction that could ensue if the island impacted with the ground. Turning his attention back to the elemental he continued to speak.

   "We're newly arrived here but if it's whom I believe then he is now dead by our hand. His name was A'kril and he was lord here. If I'm wrong then let us help you. Either way I will free your kind from here but we will need help as well. This castle threatens others down below. Will you help us to bring this castle down safely and allow my allies and I to leave safely in return for assistance in your quest?"

   With that he then quickly addressed the group.

   "We can't let this castle come crashing down! The destruction and repercussions could be enormous! It wants the one who bound the air spirits and I'm trying to get their help to steer this place safely and help us escape in one piece."

OOC: Hope reason or Arawn's Influence Chance works to our advantage! Fingers crossed...

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