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  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R1 John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R1 Tom Corckett..........Caladan...........Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  -- Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....NormalFaerry  Fe
  Do David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  Ma
  R? J H Hooten............Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
  W4 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R4 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
     Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Boyzdar [Wolf] (Strie'bog),
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     Game Update #95 in sequence (file #516)      
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        From Ben'dar: [Re: Actions]
          Ben'Dar eyes the lion-headed creature, thinking how much more
          impressive a lion mane headdress would look than the wolf one he
          currently wears...

          He is standing directly behind Chion, so he leans forward and
          shouts, "This place is falling!  Let's leave these strange
          creatures, get back to Z'leyra and Kiet, and you can magic us
          out of this place!" If hostilities break out, Ben'Dar will
          backtrack, past Unali, and around the south balcony overlooking
          the windy courtyard.  He will try to get to the windy man.
        GM: Ack. 


        From Raban: [Re: Actions]
          Seeing a female in trouble draws Raban like a moth to a fire, but
          they  did not appear to be hurting her very much. So Raban pauses,
          briefly, to check with Arawn, maybe his way still has a chance

          Raban (to Arawn): "She may be hurt? Is this Lion someone you need
          to talk to?"

          <Raban is not charging into battle? Did he just make a huge
          mistake? Are we falling from the sky to go SPLUTT any second.
          Stay tuned for the next Fabulous episode of....>
        GM: Ack. 


        From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
          "I don't know. This place is powered by trapped air elementals
          which I promised to free while in spiritual communion. The two
          are elementals but the lion-headed one I don't know."

          Unsure how the situation would play itself out Arawn called out
          to loudly for all three strangers to hear, man, woman, and lion.
          "Elementals! I am Arawn and I have made a pact with the sky
          spirits to bring this place down. We are not your enemies. Let
          me know what I can do to help you and all I ask is to safely see
          me and my allies from here."

          [***Raban's stuf deleted - see above ***]
        GM: Ack. 


        From Chion: [Re: Actions]
          Chion remembers a poem from his youth:
          I climbed the stairs yesterday
          and met a man who wasn't there.
          I climbed them again today
          man I wish that man would go away.

          He thinks how ridiculous it seems that a man with a lion's head
          would somehow be "trapped" in a place like this and attempts to
          double-check his reason. He thinks about Lo Pan and his wind
          demons for a second and shakes off that thought. Smiling he
          voices, "I'm free. I let me take a guess now. A curse of some
          kind was upon this place. Probably because it is indeed aligned
          to chaos. If this place was the start of the war, and the only
          one to survive, it's inhabitants may have been cursed to roam
          forever until they died. These elemental forces are going to be
          quite upset and probably destroy this place. We should probably
          leave and find a safe place we can view it striking the ground."

          That's Chion's two seconds of verbage. He will see what the
          others think(besides Ben'dar and the female defender who no doubt
          is already attacking something). He feels confident that his
          little protection versus elements will not save him from the
          ravages these beings can dish out.
        GM: Ack.  Good poem :) Funny. 


        From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
          In addition to the stuff posted below-

          Arawn yelled out his greeting to the elementals in Katai and
          Elder but knew that they would likely not be able to understand
          him. After his call he alerted the party to this.

          "The elementals speak their own language, that of the Wind. If
          any here can speak it please translate for me. If not then I will
          resort to using magic in hopes of reasoning with them."
        GM: Ack. 


        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          Disturbed by the bump Z'leyra starts gathering the scrolls and
          books while keeping an eye on Kiet and the prisoners.
        GM: Ack. 

     [New Stuff]

        [Ma 2nd, 1633TH. 5th Day of Adventure #4.
        [Location: Chaos domain, Dark Lands, 9 Miles up, Flying Island]

        [Time: 11:57am]

        [Outside in the courtyard area the party realize the place may be
         falling.  The sky seems higher in terms of the storm but clouds do
         get lower.  Those who have been in mountain country can recall
         seeing clouds go down mountain sides into valley areas.  But most
         don't recall seeing them rise.  During hot periods it is possible
         for some to rise but at this cold height could the storm be rising
         or the island falling?  There is no evidence on a fall but some
         begin to panic but don't show it.  Now the new darker cloud appears
         high above and the new windy man.  What could this mean?  What
         could the lion man mean?]

        [Ben'dar glances over at the Lion headed man and growls.  He
         considers a new headdress might be in order if it weren't for the
         fact of Caladan's warning.  Ben'dar glances at the others who seem
         not to be in a state of panic.  What do they know he doesn't? With
         the shield down the cold has flooded the area greatly and all seem
         to be affected by it except Arawn in his cold clothing.  Even
         breathing from the nose or mouth brings puffs of cold fog.  The
         noise also seems to have increased he figures the shield must
         dampen the noise.  He wonders if someone just doesn't push the
         button to raise it again?  He leans forward to Chion and yells a
         bit over the wind that seems to be in the east.]

        Ben'dar: "This place is falling!  Let's leave these strange
          creatures, get back to Z'leyra and Kiet, and you can magic us out
          of this place!"

        [Raban's blood begins to boil as he sees a female possibly in
         danger.  What could they be doing to her in that room?  She could
         be dead by the time he gets to her.  So this place is falling he
         can fly away and still have time to save her.  He considers this
         but wonders if flying this high in the cold could affect him.
         Should he run off to help her or guard the others like the
         wee-winged one who could be blown against a wall and crushed like
         when Raban sneezes and throws soup outward like deadly missiles of
         meat.  Raban glances at Arawn to see what he might be planning.
         No doubt he'll want to talk to the newcomers.  But is there time
         to talk during this new crisis.  Could all become friends and
         suddenly end in one big splat?  He raises his voice to Arawn.]

        Raban: "She may be hurt? Is this Lion someone you need to talk to?"

        [Raban knows if he has to he could fly over and rescue the female
         if things go bad but he wonders if time will be a major problem.
         Has he made a mistake in putting Arawn in charge of this tense
         situation?  Yet he notices Arawn's face seems stern with intent
         and confidence.  Arawn's voice is loud but lower than others as
         he seems to concentrate his memories.  He doesn't seem to realize
         the wind noise is picking up.]

        Arawn: "I don't know. This place is powered by trapped air
          Elementals which I promised to free while in spiritual communion.
          The two are Elementals but the lion-headed one I don't know."

        [As these new events come to pass Chion smiles and recalls a poem
         to his head.  Times like this weird things can come to his mind.
         But that is how Correl taught him to mediate and remain calm.  No
         need to panic in situations like these.  He has been in too many
         to count.  Chion knows the Elementals are a clear part of all
         this.  But the lion-man can't be.  He hasn't seen such a creature
         before.  Half-breeds animal or otherwise he has read about and
         heard about.  It could just be a creature released or another pet,
         this one tamed and in house for A'kril?  He looks east toward the
         wind vortexes and raises his voice loud to no one in particular.]

        Chion: "I'm free. I let me take a guess now. A curse of some kind
          was upon this place. Probably because it is indeed aligned to
          chaos. If this place was the start of the war, and the only one
          to survive, it's inhabitants may have been cursed to roam forever
          until they died. These Elemental forces are going to be  quite
          upset and probably destroy this place. We should probably leave
          and find a safe place we can view it striking the ground."

        [As Chion speaks this the wind vortex continue their dive down to
         the deck of the second floor.  Now they can be seen as debris
          flies in every direction.  The one in the water collection room
         seems to remain in place and stone, water, sand and pipe is seen
         flying in all directions.  The one in the courtyard moves west and
         seems to stand still for a few seconds in the fountain. This sprays
         water out in all directions and a water spout is seen from the wind
         elemental.  As Chion speaks the cold gets to him quickly yet oddly
         his right hand is warm.  Then he realizes the staff has warmed up.
          He figures the jamming here must have dropped.  Could that be the
          shield or the border magic Arawn saw when teleported up?  Could
          the border magic be down and that hold the elementals in place?]


        [Time: 11:57am]

        [As Chion speaks Z'leyra hears the bump against some wall in the
         north.  Z'leyra begins to be concerned at the noise thinking
         something isn't right or someone is sneaking about.  The two
         barbarian prisoners who were sitting in chairs at the fireplace
         to warm up suddenly stood at the noise.  Kiet glances over and
         watches them carefully.  They aren't tied up as they seem to
         be friendly but they seem nervous.  Could they know what is
         going on? Then one of the men looks down at the couch and
         suddenly begins speaking quietly in his native language which
         both don't understand.  The guard who has now woken up begins
         to fiddle with his ropes but finds them tight.  Kiet glances
         back and gives a warning shake of his head and a raised dagger
         in his hands warning.  The guard silences up as Kiet turns
         back to the couch and notices smoke.  Kiet stands and tries
         to get Z'leyra's attention.]

        [Z'leyra who has started to stuff books and scrolls as best she
         can back into the bags stands and notices the smoke at the couch.
         She immediately worries about the sleeping Corona and begins to
         step forward when Corona peeks his head up and looks around.
         Eagles have little expression they can convey but a shaman of
         them can tell things at times.  Z'leyra stops and seems to notice
         Corona's eyes are different.  They seem empty of expression.
         Z'leyra stops and looks at the two barbarians to see if they did

        [Suddenly a bolt of red fire flashes from Corona's eyes and
         dashes toward the chair where Z'leyra was just sitting a moment
         ago.  He spreads his wing and lifts off the couch which seems
         to be now on fire from another bolt, Z'leyra guesses.  Corona
         takes flight to the east and quickly turns.  He flaps and
         moves past Z'leyra straight for Kiet.]


        [Time: 11:58:00 am]

        [The Windy Man lowers his right arm and finishes speaking low
         but no one seems to understand him or hear him at this distance.]

        [Arawn considers his next move as the others stand in place
         and consider the new situation.  The Windy Man then calls out
         tot he sky.]

        [Arawn and Chion both smart men realize that Ben'dar may be right.
         It could be time to leave.  But they also realize that to teleport
         everyone out would take time.  It might take 3 jumps just to get
         the people out of here.  That's not including the treasure that
         could be lost.  Both men realize though that if this place is
         cursed as Chion suggests then when A'kril died the curse or
         binding may have been disrupted.  It doesn't take time to figure
         out these elementals are either here as support to keep this place
         up or as its power source.  If the event that lead the party here
         was at his death then that was over 30 minutes ago.  That alone
         indicates if this place has been falling it has been slowly.
         Maybe it is a control fall to ensure such disaters.  But how far
         have they dropped?  How fast? That information is not known.  How
         long before the impact?  While Ben'dar's plan to escape is good
         both smart men know that escape would only cause problems.  Sure
         Chion could teleport folks hundreds of miles away.  But what about
         the land below?  The impact alone would kill Tef'wo and Sven.  It
         could have a major impact on the forest not just a crater but a
         firestorm that could burn the entire Dark Lands if it gets out of
         control.  Nearby villages and towns could be destroyed.  Even if
         it is a Chaos Domain who would be too blame?  The High Elder or a
         chaos wizard who might've done this.  War could break out and that
         isn't what the High Elder can afford.  Chion knows this and Arawn
         can guess this as well.  No.  This place can be escaped from.  But
         at what cost?  Both men know that it has to be stopped before
         impact and before disaster breaks out.  It must be on the north
         end of this floor some control area or
         some control person or being.]

        [Ben'dar glances at Chion and Arawn wondering why they aren't
         fleeing the area to escape.  Both men seem confident in
         their stance, with Chion even smiling.  Ben'dar growls.]

        [Suddenly the roof a few feet away from the Wind man comes to a
         blasting as the Cloud high above hits the ground with a lightning
         bolt.  The stone and paint fly in all directions. The Windy Man's
         winds blow it away from him and he dives through the hole and
         lands now on the second floor.]

        Arawn: "Elementals! I am Arawn and I have made a pact with the sky
          spirits to bring this place down. We are not your enemies. Let me
          know what I can do to help you and all I ask is to safely see me
          and my allies from here."

        [Arawn begins to say the above in Katai and Elder and finally realizes they only speak in their elemental tongue of the
         Wind.  He turns to the others.  As he does the Cloud begins to
         spray lightning down onto the 3rd floor roof and holes begin to
         fill various area.  Chion's prediction that they might be mad and
         want to destroy this place has come true.  But that may be
         expected if they were slaves here.  The water collection vortex
         has now moved onto the rest of the room destroying the windows and
         the rest of the water structures completely destroying the
         masterful plumping.  The vortex in the fountain has moved south
         and destroyed the mini garden of plants and then moved onto the
         statues.  Arawn cringes as he speaks in Elder when the first
         statue is toppled and slammed to the ground with a wind gust.
         Soon the statue of the women is tossed against the wall and
         shatters.  A great lost work destroyed.  Arawn turns to the
         others and yells to be heard over the cloud's thunderstorm.]

        Arawn: "The Elementals speak their own language, that of the Wind.
          If any here can speak it please translate for me. If not then I
          will resort to using magic in hopes of reasoning with them."

        [The Windy man raises his arms and speaks but is facing south as
         if he ignores the party.  Meanwhile Unali has been watching  the
         lion man and notices he seems as confused as the party at what is
         going on.  It continues to stare at the Windy Man just down the
         hall from him.  He hasn't made a move yet for some reason.]


        [Time: 11:58:12 am]

        [Inside the Main Room Z'leyra ducks as Corona flies over her and
         toward Kiet.  Kiet also ducks at the last second as a bolt of red
         fire flies above him and hits against the wall near the secret
         door in the west.  It sizzles on impact over the dead guard
         bodies.  Corona then flies through the open secret door and turns
         north.  Kiet and Z'leyra look at each other in confusion.  Then
         both hear another loud thump as some more thing shit walls north
         of the room.]


        [Time: 11:58:15 am]

        [Arawn immediately begins to drawn energy into his chest and heart.
         He then mediatates his Alfar ways and centers his mind.  He begins
         to ignore the outside world.  First the noise and then the views.
         His vision becomes focused on the Glyph.  He tries his Elven
         empathic ability toward him and suddenly the energy drawn inward
         drains away.]

        [The Glyph walks to the edge of the wall and looks out into the
         courtyard.  As he does the vortex in the water room breaks through
         the top of the wall and enters the courtyard area.  The two
         vortexes begin to move toward the second balcony area.  The Glyph
         points to one of the struts that holds the balcony in place and a
         bolt of lightning hits it.  At the same time the cloud shoots
         another bolt toward the south end and destroys part of th
         ebalcony's roof.  The wind vortex begins to shake the balcony as
         best they can shaking the railing intently.]

        [Suddenly the Glyph turns toward Arawn as if for the first time
         he notices him.  The eyes blaze withe lectricity and Arawn
         senses the Elementals intent.  But even without empathy the
         group can tell his intent is destruction.  Arawn becomes concerned
         as he tries to speak a quick communicate spell.  Arawn casts
         the spell and repeats his words above once more to the man.]

        [The Glyph stares for two seconds then speaks.]

        Glyph: "Where is the one that bound us here!  Show him now or die!"

        [The Glyph raises a hand toward the party.  But Arawn knows if
         his empathic connection works he'll not be attacked.  OF course
         that doesn't mean the others won't.  Suddenly the cloud above
         shoots another bolt this time at the south end of the balcony
         and it begins to creak from the blast and wind. Debris from
         the south end of the balcony fly down into the courtyard.]


        [Time: 11:58:25 am]

        [Inside the main room both Kiet and Z'leyra realize the new booms
         are lightning strikes on the roof nearby.  The storm must be
         getting stronger or at the same level as the castle. But Z'leyra
         worries about Corona and what has happened to him and where he just
         went to.  Kiet glances at the guards and the barbarians and wonders
         what to do as well...]


        [Time: 11:58:26 am]

        [Outside the party realize now the Windy Man seems to have noticed
         them or just now choose to.  So far it hasn't threatened the
         party but just the castle itself.  Now he raises a hand at the
         group and that might not be such a good move.]

        [Caladan knows the ways of the storm and knows there is little
         that can stand such forces.]

        Caladan: "We may need to retreat..."

        [Arawn listens to those words and wonders now what to do.  Should
         they escape this and destroy the ground below.  Stop these
         Elementals or bargain with them and risk impact?  What does
         the Lion man have in all this.  The destruction of this place
         could be a major loss of information.]

        Actions? Comments?

        Next Update...Friday...

        GM: Notice the time marks have seconds on them.

        GM: The map below is changed slightly with the Wind (2/3) and
            Glyph moved.  The Windy Man is now on the second floor.  No
            one else has moved.  The cloud itself is high above the center
            of the castle (courtyard). 

        GM: The introspections/thoughts above I post as would come to
            mind - especially for those with high intelligence.  Most
            in the party won't know what Chion and Arawn has figured
            out so they'll be a bit out of the loop unless informed.

        GM: Was going to be a bigger update but some didn't post yet.  So
            want to give some reaction time if they need to post.  I figure
            most are waiting for Arawn to respond.  Of course so far the
            party has seen the result earlier.  Oh well maybe this is the
            calm before the storm (pardon the pun).  I only work Friday
            2 hours so not up late Thursday night.  So will work on
            the next update a bit Wednesday night/Thursday afternoon (off
            both days).  Heck.  If I had enough posts I could do it
            a day earlier. :)  Also for those who were in the Climan
            adventure Trembyl - Elementalist - would have talked about
            these beings.  So knowledge of them is known to those
            folks (Raban, Arawn and Kiet were not). 

  Map Legend -

       1 - Windy Man - L36, second floor 
       2 - Wind      - V38, hard to pinpoint center
       3 - Wind      - E38, hard to pinpoint center
       4 - Lion Head - K5, on the second floor level with party
       5 - Female?   - Somewhere in Room X
       A - Arawn     - P17, on second floor, in covered balcony
       B - Ben'dar   - T17, on second floor, in covered balcony
       C - Caladan   - R17, on second floor, in covered balcony
       H - Chion     - S16, on second floor, in covered balcony
       F - Fremea    - O16, on second floor, in covered balcony
           Kiet      - Main Foyer, 1st floor
       R - Raban     - Q16, on second floor, in covered balcony
       U - Unali     - U16, on second floor, in covered balcony
           Z'leyra   - Main Foyer, 1st floor

  [Second Floor]

  Legend -           North /|\
           1 Row    = 2 feet
           1 Column = 2 feet
                ° = Solid wall or earthen rock
           / or \ = Door
           ,,     = Stone Steps
           @@     = Table
           ##     = Cabinet, Storage Chest or locker
           *      = Chair
           o      = Barrel
           `      = Shelf
           ~~     = Pull lever
           I      = Stone wall
           $      = Bed
           :      = Window 

      [Some symbols may be different and will be described if that
       changes for each room.]

                  1         2         3         4         5
                          __/\I__                               F
              Room        I   I°°I                              G
                X         I   I°°I                              H
                          I   I°°I                              I
        I___/\_____I______/   I°°I_____/\______°°°°°°°°°°°°I    J
        I    4                                             I    K
        :                          Stairs   1              :    L
        I_______________   __________.._______  ___________I    M
     M  I           I  [  ]         I..[[.   [  ]I         I    N
     i  :           I  [F ]         I[[[[    [  ]I [~] [~] I R  O
     d  I ...   ... I  [ A]  *      ____     [  ]I [~] [~] : o  P
      ->I ...   ...    [R ]        /    \    [  ]I [~] [~] I o  Q
     L  : ...   ...    [ C]       (  *  )    [3 ]I [~] [~] I m  R
     e  I ...   ...    [H ]        \___/     [  ]I  ~   ~  :    S
     v  I ...   ...    [ B]                  [  ]I  o   o  I G  T
     e  : ...   ... I  [U ]  *               [  ]I        #I    U
     l  I           I+ [  ]     ..........   [2 ]I        #I    V
        I___________I__[  ]__________________[  ]I_________I    W
        I               /\                    /\           I    X
        :                \----Ledge/Balcony///             :    Y
        I____/\_____   ____________________________________I    Z

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