[pnpgm] Game Update #94b - File #509 - Second floor explored

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   In addition to the stuff posted below-

   Arawn yelled out his greeting to the elementals in Katai and Elder but knew that they would likely not be able to understand him. After his call he alerted the party to this.

   "The elementals speak their own language, that of the Wind. If any here can speak it please translate for me. If not then I will resort to using magic in hopes of reasoning with them."

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   "I don't know. This place is powered by trapped air elementals which I promised to free while in spiritual communion. The two are elementals but the lion-headed one I don't know."
   Unsure how the situation would play itself out Arawn called out to loudly for all three strangers to hear, man, woman, and lion.
   "Elementals! I am Arawn and I have made a pact with the sky spirits to bring this place down. We are not your enemies. Let me know what I can do to help you and all I ask is to safely see me and my allies from here."

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