[pnpgm] Game Update #94b - File #509 - Second floor explored

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   "I don't know. This place is powered by trapped air elementals which I promised to free while in spiritual communion. The two are elementals but the lion-headed one I don't know."
   Unsure how the situation would play itself out Arawn called out to loudly for all three strangers to hear, man, woman, and lion.
   "Elementals! I am Arawn and I have made a pact with the sky spirits to bring this place down. We are not your enemies. Let me know what I can do to help you and all I ask is to safely see me and my allies from here."

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Seeing a female in trouble draws Raban like a moth to a fire, but they
did not appear to be hurting her very much. So Raban pauses, briefly, to
check with Arawn, maybe his way still has a chance here.
Raban (to Arawn): "She may be hurt? Is this Lion someone you need to
talk to?"

<Raban is not charging into battle? Did he just make a huge mistake? Are
we falling from the sky to go SPLUTT any second. Stay tuned for the next
Fabulous episode of....>

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