[pnpgm] Game Update #94b - File #509 - Second floor explored

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Fri Dec 5 19:13:15 CET 2008

  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R1 John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R1 Tom Corckett..........Caladan...........Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  -- Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....NormalFaerry  Fe
  Do David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  Ma
  R? J H Hooten............Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
  W4 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R4 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
     Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Boyzdar [Wolf] (Strie'bog),
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     Game Update #94b in sequence (file #509)      
     Admin Notes: None. 

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     [New Stuff]

        [Ma 2nd, 1633TH. 5th Day of Adventure #4.
        [Location: Chaos domain, Dark Lands, 9 Miles up, Flying Island]

        [Time: 11:38am]

        [the party sets out from the main room toward the entrance stairs.
         Some check the front door and still finds it locked and well
         secure with the brace bar.  Kiet watches them leave and knows soon
         he'll be able to question the first guard.  Maybe now only mere
         minutes away.]

        [Upon leaving the stairs the group notices the a long hallway
         heading straight ahead.  A door at the end of the hall and 3 doors
         on the right indicate rooms.  Immediately to the right is a small
         hallway leading right and a few more doors.  The group decides on a
         zig zag search pattern and head straight down the hallway with
         Fremea and Arawn in the lead for magic scans.]

        [The first 3 doors are simple wooden with simple locks.  But
         in this case all doors are unlocked.  Spreading out and being
         alert the team opens the first to reveal a bedroom that is
         empty.  Moving down the hall the next 2 rooms are bedrooms as
         well all empty of people.  There is little of value here in
         the rooms and the team leaves them after a quick search.]

        [Time: 11:47]

        [The room at the end of the hallway has a metal door with a metal
         bar like the bone room from the hallway's side.  Upon lifting up
         the bar and opening the door the scene is nothing but rubble. It
         seems at one point this must have been a tower based on the size
         of rubble and rocks.  It is hairy movement but after a couple
         minutes signs of steps and thick walls are found in the rubble
         that seems to confirm the theory.  There is just too much material
         here to be a simple ceiling and room.  The ceiling itself is open
         to the stormy sky.  Rain falls into the room and in the side walls
         that seem to be halfway still up there appears to be destroyed
         windows.  The glass is gone but there are signs of heavy bars and
         locking devices.  The team figures based on the layout of normal
         castles this must've held some defensive position for the house.
         It seems it has seen damage long ago.  Based on the level of dust
         and destruction it could be decades if not centuries old. Why it
         was never rebuilt the party isn't sure.  Nothing but rubble and
         debris is found in this area of the castle.]

        [Time: 11:49am]

        [Leaving the destroyed tower area the party heads north down the
         hallway to a door on the left.  The door is wooden but the lock
         seems rusty and is easily bypassed.  The party finds a small dark
         room 20' by 12' foot.  The level of dust gets some to sneeze in
         this room.  There is a large stone table and wooden chairs with a
         fine layer of dust.  The table is littered with bits of metal,
         debris, empty flasks, empty jars and tools.  There are some
         cabinets that store tools as well but are rusty and very old
         looking.  The shelf is full of dust but has some scrolls with
         what might be sketches of notes. The text and ink though is so
         faded its near impossible to make out. The scrolls itself are aged
         and feel like they could turn to nothing with the slightest touch.
         The floor is stone and a single unlit old candle lantern seemed to
         have been once the source of lighting.  Those who have been to
         Z'leyra's place seem to feel this is some form of lab or workshop.
         The layout and tools indicate that.  Some scholarly pursuit must
         have taken place here but not in the recent years it seems.  The
         tools are so old they are of little value and nothing else seems
         to be of great value in here.]

        [Time: 11:50am]

        [Turning right down the hallway to complete the circle there are
         four sets of doors on the left.  Opening each and exploring the
         empty rooms they are more bedrooms of various shape and design. 
         All bedrooms found so far have a bed with a small nightstand.
         There is a chest or dresser for clothes.  A small desk or table
         with chair (some with a mirror - bottom bedrooms).  The floor is
         a simple brown carpet.  Lighting is done by candles on the night
         stand and desk/table.  The doors are all wooden with a simple
         lock.  All the bedrooms are empty and some have lit candles while
         others do not.  It seems some beds are made up and others aren't.
         In the chests or dressers there are various sets of clothes
         in various shapes and sizes.  Little of else is found here and
         the party guesses this is either visitor bedrooms or bedrooms
         for the guards based on the lack of personal items.  Little
         treasure beyond furniture is found in these rooms.]

        [Time: 11:54am]

        [Back near the stairs the party turns right toward one room they
         skipped.  From the walls around it the room must be small.  This
         room has a metal door and a lock that seems to be of a weird
         design.  Scans indicate nothing so the party opens it and finds a
         dark room.  It has a stone floor and is only 10' by 8'.  There are
         some candles in one corner and a blanket.  Fremea notices the door
         from inside has a metal bar that seems to indicate it blocks entry
         from inside rather than blocking entry from something inside
         getting out?  The door seems to also have a heavy lock from inside
         and the party are confused by this until Raban comments on
         something he has seen in some merchant houses.  It reminds him of
         panic rooms he has seen where merchants need to be safe until help
         arrives.  If their home is invaded they can enter the room and
         keep safe for a bit from normal intruders like a thief.  Raban
         comments that he has mainly seen them in Donara but few in
         Marentia.  Based on the empty room the people here seem to have
         no need for the room from the party.]

        [Time: 11:55am]

        [Going back to the lab area the party turn north and find a room
         to the left.  Here a metal door and lock is found and it is
         locked.  But in one bedroom a set of keys was found and they are
         tried.  On the second attempt the door is unlocked. The room is a
         open room with no roof. It is 20' by 12'.  It is a open area with
         stone table and wooden chairs.  It looks to be open like a balcony
         outside for eating and relaxation. The west wall is low and can be
         lowered further it seems  for better viewing.  The wall itself
         seems to be some form of soft metal and the crank on the side
         seems to move it up and down.  The group figures this was for
         outside eating or games on nice sunny days.  A stone bench with
         soft outdoor cushions is in the north east corner.  Lighting is
         done by the outside or candles can be used if needed.  The stone
         floor seems to have minor debris of water from the rain with
         pieces of stone that seem to have come from the roof blown in.
         The door here is locked from inside likely to avoid security
         issues.  There is nothing here aside from the furniture and the
         room is open and wet due to the storm.  A small drain seems to
         collect the rain and probably send it elsewhere.]

        [Time: 11:57am]

        [At this point the floor opens up to the balcony areas.  Two
         distinct covered ledge hallways lead to the north end of the floor.
         This area looks down to the food area, courtyard and the water
         collection area.  The shield seems to still be in place and rain
         doesn't fall in.  Crossing the ledge the party gets a good look at
         the storm in the sky.  It seems to be slowing down.  Less rain and
         less lightning it seems.  But Chion and Arawn notice something odd
         about the storm.  It actually doesn't seem to have been moved away
         but has gone up?  Then Arawn has that tickle in his mind again.
         He scans the sky and notices the winds are drawing the storm
         clouds west as before but they seem far higher than they did
         before.  He finally realizes then that must be what someone was
         trying to warn him.  This place is falling or the storm is rising.
         The others don't seem to notice it. But Caladan notices how
         Arawn's face changes.  He notices how the Alfar is staring
         at the skies and glances up.  It takes him a few seconds to
         understand than his training in storm powers from Woundenal kicks
         in.  He raises a hand and speaks out loud.]

        Caladan: "The storm!  Its rising upwards.  I don't recall ever
          seeing storms do that.  I've seen clouds lower but maybe I missed
          rising storms? That can only mean one thing.  This place is
          falling.  It doesn't feel like it but it must be we should rush
          and find what controls this place fast!"

        [High above the noon day sun should be seen but it is only dark
         clouds at this point.  On the far edges east and west lighter
         gray clouds and sunlight filters through in light bands.]

        [Suddenly from the north a massive cloud maybe 40-60 feet in
         diameter comes over the viewed angle of the roof of the
         north.  It is a massive dark cloud that brings the courtyard
         into darkness.  Lightning flashes and thunder is seen and
         heard from the cloud as it rumbles southward and seems to
         stop just above the top of the courtyard.  Near the second
         balcony/hallway and stairs of the courtyard.  Standing on
         the third floor it seems a man suddenly appears.  He stands
         some 6 feet tall.  His hair is flying rapidly in what could
         only be a windstorm around him.  His clothing seems to ripple
         in every direction from winds.  Those who squint can see what
         appears to be sparkles from his head, maybe his eyes/ But
         from this angle and distance it is unclear.]

        [As the party watch this new turn of events and the man who seems
         to look east and west, winds seem to pick up.  In the courtyard
         below sand seems to swirl around like as if a tornado has hit the
         ground.  Water from the fountain seems to swirl as if drawn to
         some wind area.  Another wind vortex tornado like thing seems to
         have appeared in the water collection room.  Pieces of pipe, stone
         and water fly in various wild directions.  But there seems to be
         no structure to what is going on and it is hard to figure out if
         its just a downdraft or something else as it has no form.]

        [As the party collects their thoughts in this sudden turn of events
         which has taken all of 3 seconds they recall what Arawn said in the
         basement.  Something about Elementals? Then suddenly a female's
         voice can be heard behind and to the left (north-west) of the
         party.  Those who turn see the door at J5 open and a female stands
         in the threshold and seems to be drawn back as if either pushed or
         pulled by something.  She gives a soft yelp that can be barely
         heard over the new storm. Raban growls as it is a female in some
         distress it seems. This new male and female are the only ones seen
         on this floor. Two seconds later a creature walks out the door and
         the door seems to shut from the inside.  The thing stands 6 and a
         half feet tall.  It has the body of a man but a head of a maned
         lion. It flexes its hands and flash of white seem to be seen
         briefly as if it holds a weapon.  It stares at the party and
         looks around and the lion head's expression is hard to tell
         what it is thinking.]


        [Time: 11:57am]

        [Meanwhile at the same instant the cloud comes high above and makes
         the place much darker for the middle regions the sound of thunder
         increases in the main foyer.  Z'leyra attends to the ipanza
         warriors who seem nervous around the dead guard stack.  They are
         unsure of what will happen to them.  When some food and water is
         given, Z'leyra checks for wounds.  Aside from their clothes which
         are mangy and some fleas they are in decent shape. Kiet taps his
         fingers on the glass table waiting for the first guard to wake.
         Now he has a second guard who was in plate, but is now in his
         simple tunic.  Kiet taps his fingers and glances at the barbarians
         wondering if he should question them.  Then the sleeping guard
         seems to stir.  The basement guard remains motionless but the
         guard taken out in the foyer battle opens his eyes and glances
         around.  He tries to move but his hands and legs are bound tight.
         He glances at Kiet who stands and walks near and smiles down.
         Finally Kiet might be able to talk to this guard assuming language
         isn't a problem.  Z'leyra glances over and notices the waking
         guard.  At that instant something is heard from the hallway as
         something hits the wall of what must be the north wall of the
         hallway - maybe the courtyard?  Almost sounds like the storm
         picked up something heavy like a tree limb and it hit the wall.
         The noise though is muffled as it is heard through a wall and
         a set of doors.  As the party watch this new strange turn of
         events rain can be felt and seen entering the middle region.
         This may indicate the shield is down?]

        Actions? Comments?

        Next Update...Monday...

        GM: Just a recap on the last update.  The death of the apprentice.
            When I write these updates 80% isn't known in advance.  When
            I plan something its generic.  the vault room was one of those
            things.  I had a general plan but it was redone when it didn't
            make sense.  When I looked at my old notes on the prisoners I
            had to get into their mindset.  Their backgrounds.  When I do I
            tend to see their own motivations not mine as a GMs.  As a
            result even my npcs can surprise me and do. When he was captured
            he realized the threat to the Dark Lands. When his tongue was
            cut out for not helping he didn't see much hope.  Not until set
            free. Then he wanted to join the group.  That was the first
            part of his writing.  Then when he saw the arguments over the
            door he felt it was dangerous based on the gestures and the way
            the winged one and pointy eared one was acting.  So he quickly
            redid his phrasing on the scroll and said good bye just in
            case.  If he knew what would happen or not isn't clear.  But
            he wanted to take the risk for those who set him free.  It was
            clear he wanted to do anything to regain his honor in the eyes
            of his family - especially his father.   As to whether or not
            he knew of magic regeneration he may or may not have.  I had
            paused in case folks wanted to mention it during one update
            break.  Of course he could be resurrected but he would be
            even far weaker than he is now.  With only one spell that may
            indicate he isn't smart enough or a late bloomer. I did it
            based on his background and motivation.  Just wanted to explain
            it in case folks thought it was a bit oddball.

        GM: Map of second floor is below and will be on the player map
            version on the web for viewing anytime in case browsers don't
            show all the high ascii characters (ie the walls).

        GM: With new votes it is 4 to 2 for main foyer stairs.  So it
            will go that route (Raban no vote so technically will assume
            5 to 2).  I wrote the second floor stuff anyway before I got
            the 2 new votes.  Lucky it worked out. :)

        GM: It is important to remember the map scale.  The third floor
            is seen only from the middle region.  With the open areas
            that marks rows M and W it can be seen there is some floor
            above that either a roof or a new floor.  Little else can
            be seen from the angles.  It is important to note the
            Windy Man is ABOVE the second floor where he is marked on
            the map now.  As if he is standing on the 3rd floor or the
            roof in that area.  He isn't level with the party. The
            clouds are 40-50 feet above even him. The windy things
            in the courtyard and water collection areas are too hard
            to figure out their center/top/bottom.   The balcony is
            only 4 feet wide so usually 1 per person width wise.  If
            there is some detail I forget (likely) then let me know.
            I'll email you back or the group if needed.

        GM: Player map on website updated without the player locations
            listed if needed to view. 

  Map Legend -

       1 - Windy Man - L36, Third floor 10 feet above second floor
       2 - Wind      - T34, hard to pinpoint center
       3 - Wind      - N46, hard to pinpoint center
       4 - Lion Head - K5, on the second floor level with party
       5 - Female?   - Somewhere in Room X
       A - Arawn     - P17, on second floor, in covered balcony
       B - Ben'dar   - T17, on second floor, in covered balcony
       C - Caladan   - R17, on second floor, in covered balcony
       H - Chion     - S16, on second floor, in covered balcony
       F - Fremea    - O16, on second floor, in covered balcony
           Kiet      - Main Foyer, 1st floor
       R - Raban     - Q16, on second floor, in covered balcony
       U - Unali     - U16, on second floor, in covered balcony
           Z'leyra   - Main Foyer, 1st floor

  [Second Floor]

  Legend -           North /|\
           1 Row    = 2 feet
           1 Column = 2 feet
                ° = Solid wall or earthen rock
           / or \ = Door
           ,,     = Stone Steps
           @@     = Table
           ##     = Cabinet, Storage Chest or locker
           *      = Chair
           o      = Barrel
           `      = Shelf
           ~~     = Pull lever
           I      = Stone wall
           $      = Bed
           :      = Window 

      [Some symbols may be different and will be described if that
       changes for each room.]

                  1         2         3         4         5
                          __/\I__                               F
              Room        I   I°°I                              G
                X         I   I°°I                              H
                          I   I°°I                              I
        I___/\_____I______/   I°°I_____/\______°°°°°°°°°°°°I    J
        I    4                                             I    K
        :                          Stairs   1              :    L
        I_______________   __________.._______  ___________I    M
     M  I           I  [  ]         I..[[.   [  ]I    3    I    N
     i  :           I  [F ]         I[[[[    [  ]I [~] [~] I R  O
     d  I ...   ... I  [ A]  *      ____     [  ]I [~] [~] : o  P
      ->I ...   ...    [R ]        /    \    [  ]I [~] [~] I o  Q
     L  : ...   ...    [ C]       (  *  )    [  ]I [~] [~] I m  R
     e  I ...   ...    [H ]        \___/     [  ]I  ~   ~  :    S
     v  I ...   ...    [ B]               2  [  ]I  o   o  I G  T
     e  : ...   ... I  [U ]  *               [  ]I        #I    U
     l  I           I+ [  ]     ..........   [  ]I        #I    V
        I___________I__[  ]__________________[  ]I_________I    W
        I               /\                    /\           I    X
        :                \----Ledge/Balcony///             :    Y
        I____/\_____   ____________________________________I    Z
     R  I      [--]I   I `###`  $I `###`  $I `###`  $I### @I    aa
     m  I  * *     I   I  ###    I  ###    I  ###    I### *I    bb
        I  ###     \   I  ###  *@I  ###  *@I  ###  *@I`    :    cc
     F  I  ###     /   I*       @I        @I        @I    $I    dd
        I  * *    *I   I___/\____I___/\____I___/\____I__/\_I    ee
        I__________I                  Bedrooms             I    ff
     R  I@@   @@ ``I                                       I    gg
     m  I          \   _________________________     ______I    hh
        I ####     /   I     @@I     @@I     @@I     I Rm  I    ii
     H  I ##*      I   I`     *I`     *I`     *I     /  P  I    jj
        I ##       I   I###    I###    I###    I     \     I    kk
        I__________I   I###   $I###   $I###   $I     I_____I    ll
     R  I ... ,,,, I   I`      I`      I`      I     I...°°I S  mm
     m  I  ,,...,  \   I___/\__I___/\__I___/\__I     I...°°I t  nn
        I ...,..., /           Bedrooms              I...°°I a  oo
     G  I ..,...,  I                                  [[.°°I i  pp
        I________,_I__________________________________[[°°°I r  qq
          Tower [destroyed]                          Stairs

  Mid Level -

     This is the middle of the floor.  Remember this level is open to the
     sky (shield).  The second floor looks down onto the first floor from
     this area.  The walls (rows M and W) are ledges that are 5 feet tall
     and made of solid cement like walls like the normal castle walls.  A
     small wooden railing is on top of this wall.  The ledge/balcony
     hallways that connect the north and south end of the floor is covered
     above from the sky (in case the shield goes down).  The roof of this
     balcony is on the third floor about 10 feet up. It is a simple wooden
     roof.  The floor of this balcony is the roof to the covered ledge on
     the courtyards.  the floor itself is stone.  The balcony area
     connecting north and south has a railing that stands 5 feet tall.  It
     is a iron railing and open.  Like one might see at a normal estate
     balcony.  The metal railing has four north-to-south poles that connect
     the areas and give the aesthetic feel to the ledge sides.  This means
     those looking up from the first floor can see what folks have below
     the waist with little cover compared to the wall ledge (Row M/W)
     which does provide a blocked view below the waist.  Lighting in this
     middle level is done by the open sky.  At night torches from the
     courtyard may provide more light. 

  Room F - Open Balcony - 20x12'

     This is a open area with no roof.  Open as a balcony eating and
     relaxation area.  The west wall is low and can be lowered further for
     viewing.  A stone table (##) and chairs (*) allows for eating or
     playing games.  A stone bench ([-]) with soft outdoor cushions is in
     north east corner.  Lighting is done by outside light but candles can
     be used.  Floor is stone. Doors are locked from inside and are metal
     as its a weak point of security. 

  Room G - Crushed Tower - 20x10'

     This open area used to be some tower of some sort and now is just
     rubble of rocks and stones (, and .).  It appears to have been damaged
     long ago.  The doors are barred metal and windows are also barred but
     the roof is open from the fallen ceiling.

  Room H - Lab - 20x12' 

     This dusty room seems to be some form of workshop.  A table of stone
     (##) and (chair) are littered with bits of metal, debris, flasks, jars
     and tools, The Cabinets (@) store tools as well but seem old.  The
     shelf (`) is dusty but has some old scrolls of notes but is so fainted
     impossible to read.  Floor is stone and light is done by a old candle

  Room I - O - Bedrooms - Various Sizes

     All bedrooms have a bed (##) with a small nightstand (`).  There is a
     chest or dresser ($) for clothes).  A small desk or table (@) with
     chair (some with a mirror (bottom bedrooms).  Floor is a simple brown
     carpet.  Lighting is done by candles on night stand and desk/table.
     Wooden doors with simple locks.

  Room P - Panic Room - 10x8'

     A bare stone floor room. Door is a metal barred from inside with heavy
     lock.  It is empty and shows signs of no use over long years due to
     the level of dusty. 


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