[pnpgm] Game Update #131a - File #488 - Wounds, Experience, etc

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Fri Nov 3 08:37:40 CET 2006

  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R3 Balrog................Balrog............Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R4 Tom Crockett..........Caladan...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  R1 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Sergi Sallent.........Jordi.............Wizard..Normal/Elf    Ma
  R4 Tim Falkenberg........Malradh ben Kasha.Merc....Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Wayne Richardson/Uji..Thig..............Sidh MU.Normal/Faerry Ma
  Do Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Artist..Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Orion (Paul Broman)...Trembyl...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R3 Scott Adams...........Xian..............Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
     Animals: Ventrius/Pogo Thig's dogs, Firesnake of Caladan's,
       Z'Leyra's Eagle, 2 Draft Horses, Wolf - Boyzdar
       6 Captured Zen'da Horses
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        From Ben'dar: [Re: Actions]
          Ben'Dar ignores the old man.  He will go through the castle
          and help gather up all the loot, then he will help trash the
          place, set it on fire, and get clear so Trembyl can collapse
          the entrance.

          Happy Halloween!
        GM: Ack.  


        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          IF Z'leyra can cast the mana today (she may be close to
          exceeding her daily limit) she will want to cast Communicate
          EL0 and Tongues EL0 (cost x 5) both thru her staff on the old
          man so that she can learn the language. If it would take too
          much mana she will request the old man stay around with the
          party at least till the next day.

          Z'leyra mentions "Unali, I have something I would gift to you."

          She then takes Unali aside and speaks to her privately. "In
          honor of my respect for you and of our friendship I gift to
          you this dagger <drawing and handing her the magical fighting
          dagger, pommel first> and the sheath for the dagger." As Z'leyra
          removes the sheath from her belt she continues, "This dagger is
          crafted by a master of Kameri weaponsmithing, myself, and as
          such the metal is tougher than most human made daggers.

          Further, I have enchanted the blade so that it is nearly thrice 
          the toughness of a normal dagger, enchanted it so that it cuts
          better than a greatsword and enchanted it so that it improves
          the wielder's likelihood of hitting the opponent. I also
          ensorceled the blade so that, the first three times it is drawn
          each day it will cast upon the wielder a spell that allows sight
          a moment into the likely future - a spell of immense help in a
          melee, though somewhat distracting at other times."

          As she hands the sheath over Z'leyra says "This sheath I also
          made specifically for that dagger. The leather is enchanted so
          that it is as tough as chainmail, it should last well. The
          designs incorporate protective patterns. I ensorcelled the
          sheath to not only boost the wearer's resistance to chaos
          magics but also ensorcelled protections that give the wearer
          immunity to low powered chaos spells and reduce the effect
          of higher powered chaos spells. Finally I ensorcelled Watchful
          Sleep into the sheath. Speaking the phrase <Kameri for 'Rest,
          watch and regenerate'> will trigger a sleep of seven hours
          during which you will be aware of what is around you while
          restfully sleeping, recovering mana if you cast spells and
          regenerating a fair bit from any wounds. If you are wounded
          remember not to trigger it within 24 hours of the previous
          time you triggered it while wounded as multiple healings stress
          the body. Such stress can be fatal."

          "Each of these items is worth twice that of a set of plate mail.
           I hope that they serve you well." Z'leyra bows.

          Fighting Dagger Bonus to Hit +6 WSB+3 FV17  MEL11 EL5 MDV17
          MEL12 EL5 Clairvoyance (cast on wielder when drawn, up to 3/day)
          [Clairvoyance has (74+wielder's MDV) % chance of working;
          lasts 7 minutes=150 phases; defense bonus of 5 and to hit
          bonus of +2.]

          Fine Leather Scabbard, Artistic (EL50)  MDV18   MEL12: EL2 Armor
          Enchantment to give scabbard AV3 EL3 Protection from Chaos
          (wearer's MDV+15 vs. Chaos).
          EL3 Immunity to Chaos magics (reduce Chaos magics by 3 EL). EL6
          Watchful Sleep that the wearer can use. [76+wearer's MDV % chance
          of working (3 tries/day); sleep for 7 hours AND aware of events
          within 140'; regenerate 8 points of damage; recover 8 mana.]
        GM:  Ack. 


        From Chion: [Re: Actions]
          Nope. The prisoners will be returned to Marentia or the
          plains to stand trial. Perhaps the plains is best.

          "Trembyl's plan is to likely collapse the Entrance Hall using
           his earth quake spells.  If theres enough material to do it.
           Otherwise the fort could be burnt or ransacked?"

          Destroying the drawbridge, collapsing the Hall(s) and perhaps
          putting a few strategic "water holes" prior to doing such will
          render the spot useless. Chion soesn't have an engineering
          degree or anything. He will leave the ward active in the cell.
          Razing anything wooden will let the L'P'Nth know something has
          happened to the fort, and Chion doesn't necessarily want this.
          So any wood he can salvage instead will be salvaged (making
          wooden handles in his shop or what not). Needless to say this
          will take a few days or weeks to do properly. But they did say
          people don't often visit here. Also, before we go, it is a
          relatively secure spot to study all we need to. Chion's vote
          is that while we are tearing it down we use it to study whats

          The one item Chion is in particular looking for is the shield
          spell. Chion will also look for anything looking like an "order"
          or anything regarding him. Ezam obviously found out something
          about him to have made the offer. Learning L'P'Nth might be in
          order. After that, naturally is the nature of the ring Ezam
          wore. Then the rest of the unkown treasure. Then its off to
          the plains for four months. Then back to Marentia to see what
          adventures await him in the big city.
        GM: Ack.  Will handle in part 2.  Your actually going to take
          all the wood out?  Its not fancy wood just standard
          furniture.  To do this it could take weeks of work.  

     [New Stuff]

        Octaqi 30, in the 163rd Year [TH]
        [Meanwhile in Caladan's Village]
        [Day 60 of Trip]
        [Time: 7:00am]

        GM: Part 1 of the update is the big reports as below.
          If you have any questions or comments on the reports
          let me know.  Part 2 will be the actual update. 

    * Player Wounds Report [Sorted Best to Worst]

            Player      Damage Amount     Damage    Number of Magical
            Name      (% of Full Health)  Level     Healing Today
          Thig             100%           -----          -
          Strie'bog         95%           Light          -
          Ben'dar           93%           Light          -
          Trembyl           87%           Light          -
          Chion             81%           Light          1
          Z'leyra           78%           Light          1
          Xian              77%           Light          1
          Farseeker         72%           Moderate       2
          Kasha             54%           Moderate       1
          Unali             42%           Moderate       -
          Balrog            20%           Heavy          2

          [Wounds are as of 7am End of Castle Exploration]

    * Mana Status Report [End of Update #130]

            Player             Mana Strength
          Xian                      74%
          Chion                     71%
          Trembyl                   85%
          Strie'bog                 28%
          Thig                      58%
          Z'leyra                    5%
          Note: This is TOTAL magical strength ie casting ability
            plus any batteries/somantic aids.  So if casting
            ability is 100 and your at 10% you only have 10 mana left.

    * Player Experience Report [Sorted Alphabetically]

            Player    Combat Magic  Expertise  People
            Name       CEP    MEP     Points    /Hits   Skills / Notes
          Balrog         7     -         2       1/1     Dagger
          Balrog        69     -        14       4/4     Short Sword
          Balrog         -     -        21        -      Locksmith +3 EL
          Ben'dar      198     -        50      13/14    Pike
          Chion        337     -        32       9/10    Sai
          Chion          -     2         2        -      Sleep Touch
          Chion          -     -         7        -      Hand-to-Hand Use
          Chion          -    36        20        -      Teleport x4
          Chion          -    18        19        -      Detection x9/1 Fail
          Farseeker    397     -        74      15/17    Great Sword
          Kasha        162     -        34       6/6     Mace
          Strie'bog    137     -        20       7/7     Longbow
          Strie'bog     72     -        30       7/7     Axe
          Strie'bog      -     8        10       2/2     Fire Arrow x3
          Strie'bog      -    10        10       1/1     Guided Arrow
          Strie'bog      -    72         8       1/1     Exploding Arrow
          Strie'bog      -     5         2        -      Blessing/Strength
          Strie'bog      -     2         2        -      Healing Spell
          Thig          22     -        10       4/4     Repeating Crossbow
          Thig           -    40         6       1/1     Mind Burn [Ritual]
          Thig           -     4         4        -      Invisibility 
          Thig           -     -         8        -      Dispell Failure x8
          Thig           -     6        36        -      Dispell Spells
          Trembyl      141     -        36      10/12    Scimitar
          Trembyl       23     -         8       3/3     Arbalest
          Trembyl        -     8         8        -      Levitation Spell
          Trembyl        -     8         8        -      Teleport Spell
          Trembyl        -     8         4        -      Illusion spell
          Unali         86     -        40      10/12    Dagger
          Xian          21     -         8       4/4     War Staff
          Xian           8     -         4       1/1     Arbalest
          Xian           -    16        16        -      Teleport x2
          Xian           -    24        24        -      Invisibility x2
          Xian           -     5         2        -      Healing 
          Z'leyra       55     -        22       9/9     Dagger
          Z'leyra        -     -         6        -      Shield Skill
          Z'leyra        -   275         *        -      39 Spells

          Note: People/hits - First Figure is number of peersons that
            person tackled on his own or took out.  The second figure
            is the number of hits scored with weapon.  May not
            be equal as some hits scored multiple times on same target.
            The above has all been recorded already.

            * For Z'leyra too many spells to list above.  Cast 39
              spells as of this report.   

    * Player Experience Summary

          Player     Total  CEP     Total MEP    Total People/hits
          Balrog         76             -              5/5
          Ben'dar       198             -             13/14
          Chion         337            61              9/10
          Farseeker     397             -             15/17
          Kasha         162             -              6/6
          Strie'bog     209            97             18/18
          Thig           22            84              4/4
          Trembyl       164            24             13/15
          Unali          86             -             10/12
          Xian           29            45              5/5
          Z'leyra        55           275              9/9

          Notes: Combat MVP - Farseeker
                 Magic  MVP - Z'leyra
                 People MVP - Strie'bog
            Course the big CEPs were scored in the Bullmen/Minotaur
            and PC class (Ezam/Priestess) attacks.  

    * Experience Results Report

          Player             Experience Notes
          Balrog       +1 EL Short Sword
          Chion        +1 CEL/+1 OCV/+1 DCV   +1 Detection Spell EL
          Farseeker    +1 CEL/+1 OCV/+1 DCV
          Kasha        +1 CEL/+1 OCV/+1 DCV
          Strie'bog    +1 CEL/+1 OCV/+1 DCV
          Thig         +2 Dispell EL
          Trembyl      +1 Levitation EL
          Xian         +1 Invisibility EL
          Z'leyra      +2 Fighting Dagger EL


    * Ammo / Equipment Use Report

          Player            Ammo Used Notes
        Strie'bog              -10 Arrows
        Trembyl                -3 Quarrels
        Xian                   -4 Quarrels
        Thig                   -7 Darts
        Z'leyra                -Assorted Bandages/Herbs for healing

        Items above removed from character sheet.  For those
        arrows and Quarrels that could be recovered they were
        not removed.  These were those broken or not able to be recovered.

    * Weapon / Armor Damage Report

          Player            Weapon / Armor Damage
        Chion                Sai -3 FV to 1 Sai
        Chion                Chainmail -1 AV
        Farseeker            Great Sword -1 FV
        Z'leyra              Ring Mail -1 AV
        Unali                Black Boots - Destroyed
        Strie'bog            Fine Boots - Damaged
        Z'leyra              Magical Boots - Damaged, Mana Gone
        Kasha                Boots - Destroyed

        Note: Unali replaced black boots with others.  Strie'bog
          has anothe rpair of normal boots.  Kasha will find
          another pair of boots in the fort. 

    * Fortress Timeline

             Time                  Event
       :  4:05      am       Teleport into Fortress
          4:05-4:08 am       Barracks 1 Combat
          4:09      am       Move to Barracks 2
          4:10-4:14 am       Barracks 2 Combat
          4:15-4:17 am       Move to Empty Room
          4:18      am       Empty Room Explored level 2
          4:19-4:20 am       Move to Sentry Cliffs/prepare for battle
          4:21-4:23 am       Sentry / Catapult Cliff Combat
          4:24-4:25 am       Move to SW Hallway
          4:26      am       SW Hallway Combat
          4:27      am       Explore Storage #1/#2 [2nd floor]
          4:28      am       Explore Officer Lounge
          4:29-4:31 am       Move to Offices
          4:32-4:37 am       Explore Offices
          4:38      am       Explore Empty Room [2nd floor]
          4:39-4:40 am       Move to Lounge
          4:41-4:42 am       Explore Lounge
          4:43-4:44 am       Explore Meeting room
          4:45-4:47 am       Explore Armorery
          4:48-4:49 am       Explore Interrogation Chamber
          4:50      am       Find Stairs down to Level 2
          4:51-4:55 am       Explore Showers Area
          4:56      am       Explore Latrine
          4:57-5:01 am       Prepare to enter stairs to level 3
          5:02-5:04 am       Enter Stairs up to level 3
          5:05-5:06 am       Stair Guard Combat
          5:07-5:08 am       Explore Latrine [3rd floor]
          5:09-5:11 am       Explore Bedroom 1-4
          5:12-5:13 am       Explore Bedroom 5
          5:14      am       Explore Bedroom 6
          5:15-5:16 am       Explore Bedroom 7
          5:17-5:18 am       Explore Bedroom 8
          5:19-5:23 am       Combat with Patrol Guards
          5:@4-5:26 am       Office Battle [3rd floor]
          5:27-5:31 am       Explore Meeting Room
          5:32      am       Move ot Library
          5:33-5:40 am       Library Combat/Search
          5:41-5:42 am       Travel to Ritual Room
          5:43-5:53 am       Ritual Room Combat
          5:54-5:55 am       Find Secret Passage
          5:56-6:00 am       Passage Travel / Calm Farseeker down
          6:01      am       Check out Empty room
          6:02-6:12 am       Combat against Ezam and others/After effect
          6:13-6:28 am       Group goes to 1st floor
          6:29      am       Enter 1st floor for cleanup
          6:30-6:32 am       Travel from Stairs to & explore Stable Storage
          6:32-6:34 am       Travel to and Explore stables
          6:35-6:37 am       Travel to and Explore Entry hall
          6:38-6:39 am       Travel to and Explore Guard Sentry Room
          6:40-6:41 am       Travel to and Explore Fighting Area
          6:41-6:42 am       Travel to and Explore first stairs up
          6:43-6:44 am       Travel to and Explore Latrine
          6:45-6:48 am       Travel to & Explore Banquet, Ballroom
          6:47-6:48 am       Travel to and Explore Private Lounge
          6:48-6:51 am       Travel to and Explore/Eat in Messhall
          6:52-6:58 am       Tavvel to & Explore Throne Room & Torture room
          6:59-7:00 am       Travel to Cells and Free Old Man


      GM: The game Website bottom of the page the Final Castle Map
        has been posted.  It includes the maps, stats and a short
        history of the castle I typed up if interested in viewing.

      Stay tuned for part 2.

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