[pnpgm] The old man and such things as were found

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"GM: In the meantime I could use some input on what
          to do with :

            * The old man
            * The knocked out prisoners

        The old man could be given a horse and food
and let out to his own and may return to his village."

Chion casts a communicate in order to speak with the
old man. "Well, you're almost free. I do have a few
questions for you. Number one is - if you could go
anywhere in the world where would it be. Number two is
- will you ever tell people what happened here? And
number three is - what is your name?" Chion does not
want him to return to any town around here, fearing
that some might get the impression the fort is free
for re-capture. In depth conversation will lead Chion
to telling the old man that the keep is now under his
protection, and that the L'P'Nth are not welcome
within its walls. 

" The prisoners could be let out of the fort or kept

Nope. The prisoners will be returned to Marentia or
the plains to stand trial. Perhaps the plains is best.

"Trembyl's plan is to likely collapse the Entrance
Hall using his earth quake spells.  If theres enough
material to do it. Otherwise the fort could be burnt
or ransacked?"  

Destroying the drawbridge, collapsing the Hall(s) and
perhaps putting a few strategic "water holes" prior to
doing such will render the spot useless. Chion soesn't
have an engineering degree or anything. He will leave
the ward active in the cell. Razing anything wooden
will let the L'P'Nth know something has happened to
the fort, and Chion doesn't necessarily want this. So
any wood he can salvage instead will be salvaged
(making wooden handles in his shop or what not).
Needless to say this will take a few days or weeks to
do properly. But they did say people don't often visit
here. Also, before we go, it is a relatively secure
spot to study all we need to. Chion's vote is that
while we are tearing it down we use it to study whats

The one item Chion is in particular looking for is the
shield spell. Chion will also look for anything
looking like an "order" or anything regarding him.
Ezam obviously found out something about him to have
made the offer. Learning L'P'Nth might be in order.
After that, naturally is the nature of the ring Ezam
wore. Then the rest of the unkown treasure. Then its
off to the plains for four months. Then back to
Marentia to see what adventures await him in the big


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