[pnpgm] Game update #108 - File #399 - Caladan wakes up from Death

kzinti maouse kzinti_maouse at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 26 06:22:45 CEST 2006

Chion will approach Balrog after Caladan wakes. Stoney
browed he will start, "Rin. Triest. Kasha. Caladan.
You. Me. I have killed many, many, many ... " a long
stare towards his homeland(s) " ... many more with my
bare hands than with magic. Too many I think
sometimes. And I know my abilities with magic will far
outweight any skill that was beaten into these,"
holding out his hands "when I was a young boy." He'll
wait until that sinks in a little. "I am old enough to
think before I cast magic. I was never allowed that
luxury with my other talents. Now I am able to think
before using either. But I am nowhere near the master
of either I would like to be. You know me to be a
sailor. A warrior. A mage. A fool. In truth, I would
not have told the party had nobody asked. I would also
tell them if they did, as I did. In regards to this
question it matters not if Caladan lives or dies. I
hope you understand." He'll wait to see if Balrog
wants to respond and then leave him alone.

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