[pnpgm] Game update #108 - File #399 - Caladan wakes up from Death

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Thu Aug 24 23:52:09 CEST 2006

  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R3 Balrog................Balrog............Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R4 Tom Crockett..........Caladan...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  R1 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Sergi Sallent.........Jordi.............Wizard..Normal/Elf    Ma
  R4 Tim Falkenberg........Malradh ben Kasha.Merc....Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Wayne Richardson/Uji..Thig..............Sidh MU.Normal/Faerry Ma
  Do Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Artist..Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Orion (Paul Broman)...Trembyl...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R3 Scott Adams...........Xian..............Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
     Animals: Ventrius/Pogo Thig's dogs, Firesnake of Caladan's,
       Z'Leyra's Eagle, 2 Draft Horses, Wolf - Boyzdar
       6 Captured Zen'da Horses
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        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          Z'leyra will volunteer to go to the castle...in the morning.
          After a night's sleep so that mana can be regenerated.

          She will be wanting both a Riding Horse IV and a Warhorse
          III as part of her share of the horses... After the castle
          is dealt with.
        GM:  ACk. 


        From Ben'dar: [Re: Actions]
          He looks down at the ground and hesitates.  Then he looks
          into Cetric's face and says sincerely, "You have my thanks."
          He smiles slightly and nods, then turns and walks away.

          (OOC:  Ben'Dar will not take the amulet or potion.  If Chion
          wants to explore  the castle, Ben'Dar is willing to go help.)
        GM: Ack. 

        From Chion: [Re: Actions]
          Chion will say this: "I left a note at the castle. And
          some magic. Between Wounderal and other mages I know, I
          would expect that they will know I am coming... unless...
          but I will... well, they probably will know.

          I will need to be at full strength in order to even attempt
          to return. This is a few days off. Caladan may wish to come
          or stay, and I plan on waiting to see since this still
          concerns what we came here to help him with. We should not
          make too much haste, as the L'P'Nth are strong mages like
          the Clima. Also, with the Bova aiding them they have magics
          similar to Caladan's people, making it even more dangerous.

          The claw should be removed from this plane and destroyed
          if possible, prior to anything. We cannot risk it falling
          back into the hands of those who dug it up to mis-use it."

          He'll wait a minute and add, "I feel greatly responsible
          for Caladan's condition, as it was I who cast the spell
          which caused him to lose his footing. This is the reason
          I returned to Wounderal. I know I did not attack him
          directly, but perhaps I should have been more careful
          with my magic.

          I was warned prior to coming here. Indeed, he is the first
          person I did not intend to harm that was "wounded" (he uses
          this word in case any villagers are near) around my castings.
          I must reflect on this while I recover." And with that he
          will go into the tent where Caladan is resting and sit
          next to him while he rests (He'll do his usual watchful
          sleep spell at full el).
        GM: Ack.  It was big of you to admit things.  


        From Unali: [Re: Actions]
          I believe I sent a slight change to item requests in my
          last email. Dropped any claims on the amulet:

          "Unali does  not lay claim to the wand or amulet. Change
          the desire for a riding III to riding IV. She would still
          like to have a warhorse IV. Add one saddle to the list.
          No other claims or desire for specific items, share in
          the home income much appreciated."

          She votes to go to the castle but as some rest is asked
          by the other group members she has no objections.
        GM: Ack. 


        From Strie'bog: [Re: Actions]
          Strie'bog greets Bodyzar warmly when he returns to the
          village. As for loot, he seems rather uninterested.

          To the those gathered to talk about the claw, "I am still
          weak of mana, but when I have recovered some, I will ask
          the Court of Life to bless me with knowledge of the claw.
          I may not be strong if we go against the castle, but I
          will have enough to aid those who attack.  It may be best
          though for me to expend my energy to better understand the
          claw.  That way we can know how best to be rid of the
          item."  He stops and considers for a moment.

          "I know very little of the spirit world of animals and
           ancestors, save for the stories I have learned from the
           Zen'da.  My experience lies with the Great Forests of the
           North and from my father's people.  There is a story he
           told me though of a pure soul who was corrupted by a great
           evil."  He closes his eyes for a minute.  "I am not sure
           how well it will translate."

                [*****Story Deleted for space purposes*****]

           When able, Strie'bog will cast Wisdom.  He will then try
           to recover what Mana he can prior to going to the Castle.
        GM: Ack.  Deleted the story here for space.  Its a good
          story though.  For those who haven't it via the list
          see the website for the post he made.  

        From Chion: [Re: Reply to Strie'bog]
          Chion's initial response to this is to simple say in Chosai,
          "Sounds like the "lord's of light" propaganda."

          Of which probably only Z'leyra will undertsand what he means.
          He is, of course, refering to Regis Baya.

          He will then ask Strei'bog, "Alas, there was no hope for
          the one possessed of evil save death. And only after
          ascending to a higher plane would the actions of the soul
          be seperated from the controller and repaid to each. Is it
          simply a matter of birth into goodness that this lady
          cannibal is to be saved? What your story teaches is true
          enough, there is balance in all things. Sometimes that
          balance can only be restored by destroying the vessel which
          is being used for one side or the other's gain. What brings
          one to serve destruction? This is better asked of the man
          who destroyed the body of the lady destroyer. A balance,
          even in good people doing destructive things does exist
          and is needed. Likewise, the maiden was not purely evil,
          but still needed to be  destroyed. The real question is
          what drove the man to destroy her  and why? How does the
          destruction of even one "sip" of life not  endanger all
          of the powers involved? You see, he fulfilled his  desires
          just as surely as she did at the start. The balance lies
          not in the first sip, but in each subsequent sip." He'll
          pause  for dramatic effect and add, "The claw may be as
          the woman. And  although I have no desire to destroy it, I
          know it must be done.  It is a sip we must all partake in
          if we want to restore what  should be, here in the northern

          (And let the political fights begin. LOL)
        GM: Ack. Interesting. 


        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          "If you need mana back fast..."
           Z'leyra will offer to loan a brooch casting Watchful Sleep
           (EL6) to Strie'bog if he wants. It would help him recover
           EL+2 mana (and recover up to that much in damage).

          "Keeps one ready to react while sleeping and allows quicker
           recovery of mana and from injuries. One of the reasons I've
           been able to cast so many spells." ...as she hands the
           brooch over.

           To correct error.
           Though Z'leyra knows the spell at EL6 the Watchful Sleep
           brooch is only EL5.
        GM: Ack. 


        From Strie'bog in reply to Z'leyra:
          "Thank you Z'leyra," he says with a kind smile.  It is
          easy to sense that this offer means a great deal to him.
          "With this help, I may be able to ask the God's for knowldge
          in the morning.  If they hear my plea, we may have a better
          idea of what needs to be done with the claw before the
          castle is confronted."

          Gratefully will Strie'bog use the brooch.

          In private, "Z'leyra, your kindness and friendship means
          a great deal.  I have heard you speak of your path, and
          your desire to enhance your healing skills.  Among her
          other functions, mother is healer.  Though her path is
          different from yours, I am sure a meeting between the two
          of you could be beneficial to both."  He hesitates a moment,
          "you see, my mother was wounded by my father's death, and
          her wound has never healed.  You may be able to see where
          others have not, and help us find a way to clease this
          wound and bring peace.  I know we have task present here in
          Zen'da, just consider this offer for now."
        GM:  Ack.  Never know where the offer can go :)

     [New Stuff]

        Octaqi 25, in the 163rd Year [TH]
        [Meanwhile somewhere on the plains]
         [Day 55 of Trip] Time: 8am

        Time: 3:45pm

        [After Caladan is Resurrected - ]

          [Ben'dar finds Cetric when he goes to rest.  ]
          Ben'dar: "You have my thanks."
          [Ben'dar smiles slightly and nods, then turns and walks

          [Cetric exhausted and dry mouthed from the ritual looks at
           Ben'dar as he walks away.  He does not smile back or say
           anything.  He nods ever so slightly and looks around. He
           sees the party among the villagers milling about.  To think
           two weeks ago this would have been unheard of.  Yes the
           village do get occasional traders and friends of the Zen'da
           but that is few and far between.  But to have this sudden
           influx of people is very strange.  To betray them as he felt
           for the safety of the people and the Zen'da.  Then to battle
           a enemy he didn't know was preparing for war weeks earlier.
           Then to arrive here to save one of his own and to see the
           change in folks like Chion and Ben'dar.  If only that pointy
           eared one would have shown some sign to him?  He considers
           it an improvement though. A female villager brings him some
           water and he heads for a Tipi prepared for him.  He passes
           the area with the prisoners.  The war chiefs and their
           companions are around watching the torture and mayhem.  He
           wonders what this day will bring.  Will it be total war?
           Will it be the typical skirmish?  Even more he feels Caladan
           may be needed at this time. He wonders if the villagers
           trust him more or less due to the actions of the past 2
           weeks.  He could not protect the tribe. He failed to detect
           the evil first.  To have outsiders discover the plot and
           even foil the enemy will decline his power base.  But the
           battle will give him some leanway as he was victorious with
           the others.  Only the next few days will tell for sure.
           Feet from the borrowed Tipi, as Caladan sleeps in his own,
           Luan steps in front and stops him.]

          Luan: "I am leaving now.  My job is done."

          Cetric: "Thanks for the help.  Will that gem work again?"

          Luan: "I will have to study it.  It is an interesting
            item that seems to focus the spirit.  But all these
            outsiders make me nervous.  I will return home."

          Cetric: "Its near dark now if you leave now you should
            get back to your place at sunset."

          Luan: "Yes, well.  That green guy bought me here somehow.
            Trickery...I will need to borrow a horse."

          Cetric: "Of course.  I will order a rider.  You do not
            wish to stay for the war conference?"

          Luan: "War is not my area.  It is yours.  No.  I will

          [Cetric waves a lodge warrior over and asks him to escort
           Luan back to his Tipi and return with the horse.  The
           warrior agrees and both head to the place the horses
           are held.]

          [Cetric looks at Luan as he walks off.  Luan was such
           a social person at one time.  Then the incident at
           the river with Gib'borah seems to have changed him forever.
           Now he stands isolated.  cetric wonders if someday he
           will be like Luan off somewhere like a hermit.  He heads
           for the Tipi and enters it to sleep for a few hours.]

        Time: 4:15pm

        [Later ---]

          [The party listens to Chion speak about the Castle and the
           spells that hurt Caladan.  Many in the party are quiet and
           slightly shocked by the admission.  But they listen until
           he is done.]

          [Balrog remains quiet.]

          Thig: "How do you figure they know you would come? Are you
            saying they would know you ARE coming or you ARE there?
            If they are prepared for us it will be harder to deal with
            but waiting the last three or four days will wear down
            their patience.  They'll get sloppy and messy.  They'll
            think your not coming.  That would be our advantage."

          [Kasha nods in agreement.]

          [Farseeker stands and walks toward Chion.  He stares at
           Chion for a few eternal seconds.  He nods finally.]

          Farseeker: "To make mistakes is human.  Even Faerry and Elf
            make mistakes. To admit those mistakes makes one superior
            to those mistakes.  It is honorable to do so.  You were
            far away and likely had no idea what the spell would have
            done.  I was nearby and I didn't even expect it.  It
            could've cost me my life but I do forgive you.  You did
            what you felt best at the time.  In fact the spell alone
            would not have killed him.  The warrior who ordered his
            dog to attack did him in.  I doubt seriously the spell
            would've killed him by itself.  He could not move and
            seemed to be paralyzed by the shaman.  In fact the
            shaman and the big warrior are at fault not you.
            Who knows if the dog had remained in place it could've
            done so much damage to caladan maybe he couldn't have
            been" [he looks around and phrases his words] "helped
            after the battle.  So by your spell moving and tripping
            the dog you may have very well helped him."

          [Xian still sitting next to Kasha nods and speaks.]

          Xian: "I can't speak for Caladan but I think he would
            agree with Farseeker."

          [Balrog stands and throws down his canteen of ale. It still
           open spills onto the cool ground.  He starts to walk away
           but then turns.]

          Balrog: "I saw Rin die near me.  I could not get to him.  I
            saw Kasha attacked.  I almost was killed myself.  Magic...
            when one casts magic one must THINK of their actions and

          [Farseeker goes over and Balrog puts up both hands in defiance.]

          Balrog: "Triest died because he wasn't aware of his
            surroundings.  I'm tired!...I'm tired of ... this is all
            too much for me...Caladan could've died. if he did would
            you had admitted it then?!"

          [His face flares with anger.  He starts to say something
           else but storms off to the other side of the camp away
           from the party.  Xian stands.]

          Xian: "He is half drunk.  He is under stress.  He is not
            used to all of this stress.  He rather be climbing some
            wall to get inside a place.  He isn't quite used to this."

          Kasha: "He went with us to the island."

          Xian: "Yes.  Well...that's true.  I think he is just in shock
            now and will realize later his words were spoken from shock.
            I will go speak with him."

          [Gib'borah listens to Chion and reacts next.]

          Gib'borah: "The Zen'da believe that a cycle of life exists.
            Things affect everything else.  A raindrop on the plains
            collects to rain the grasses and make them plentiful.
            Those grasses are fed on by rabbits. Those rabbits are fed
            on by Foxes.  Those foxes may be fed on or attacked by
            wolves.  Wolves may be killed by humans for protection,
            food and fur.  A single rain drop could lead to that chain
            of events.  At any point in the chain one of those events
            can be slightly altered.  The rabbit can decide not to eat
            and the fox could miss his prey.  There are choices creatures
            and beings make.  Fate is big in those choices for results.
            What you did in the battle was your free choice.  It was a
            fine decision at the time in hopes to help the villagers
            from what I've been told.  You could not see everything
            in the camp.  If you could you might've done other choices.
            I take your action as honorable and for the good.  We take
            no offense at those actions."

          [Durge his son and Caladan's brother listens as well
           and nods in agreement.]

        [A few minutes later...]

          [Strie'bog and Chion share their story and comments above.
           The party listens.  Some show signs of some confusion as
           they seem to be slightly confused.]

          Kasha: "I'm not as smart as some of you but are you saying
            she was a blood sucker...one of those fanged people?"

          Trembyl: "A vampire?  A Cannibal?  Interesting story indeed.
            I never met a vampire and hope never to."

          Xian: "I could get various meanings from the story.  One
            should stay safe at home.  Temptation is by itself
            evil unless understood...to name a few.  Good story!"

          Gib'borah: "The Claw we will have to discuss among ourselves
           with the Elders and likely now the other Ga'sha to decide
           its fate.  I myself will not ask Ben'dar for the Claw as
           its his choice.  But we will need to decide on a opinion
           on its destruction or safe keeping."

          Durge: "I saw we keep and use it!  It will help our tribe
            with many things.  We could become the most powerful
            tribe on the plains!"

          Xian: "Safe keeping?  Maybe until we do decide Z'leyra
            could place it into limbo like Cal-..like she did the
            other day...it could stay there for a couple months till
            we figure out what to do with it and no one could touch it."

          Gib'borah: "I must get back to the prisoners and meet with
            the elders and other Ga'sha.  Speaking of which, of the
            prisoners if you need to ask them something or deal with
            them do so soon.  By nightfall their fate will be decided.
            I already have some plans for them in mind if the other
            Ga'sha agree."

          [Chion enters the Tipi where Caladan is resting.  He sits by
           as he watches and waits.  He can hear Caladan's deep
           breathing.  He notices no green gem.  It looks like Luan
           took it with him.  The place smells of incense and smoke.
           Some other minor scents are found but unsure what they are.
           Chion sits and thinks about the past few days.  He places
           his knees to his chest and begins to rest...He looks at
           the darkened form of Caladan.  In the dim light he sees
           Caladan's neck.  Its amazing the wound is completely gone..]


          GM: Strie'bog.  Based on the unusual Claw special
              circumstances a Wisdom spell on it would require you to
              enter a daily trance over 2 weeks (13 days).  Because
              of this long trance do you wish to still attempt it?
              If so you might miss the Castle stuff.  Let me know. 

          GM: Votes Needed:

            1. Claw - Destroy? Abstain? Keep? Other?

               Balrog    - Destroy      Chion     - Destroy
               Farseeker - Destroy      Jordi     - Abstain
               Trembyl   - Destroy      Z'leyra   - Abstain
               Kasha     - Keep         Thig      - Keep
               Ben'dar   - ???          Caladan   - ???
               Strie'bog - ???          Unali     - ???
               Gib'borah - ???          Elders    - ???
               Ga'shas   - ???

               Destroy - 4  Abstain - 2 Keep - 2  ??? - 7

               GM: Course no clear majority on this issue as of yet.

            2. Attack the Castle?  When?

               Balrog    - Yes, Tomorrow    Farseeker - Yes, Tomorrow
               Kasha     - Yes, Tomorrow    Z'leyra   - Yes, Tomorrow
               Chion     - Yes, Soon*       Thig      - Yes, Soon*
               Trembyl   - Yes, Soon*       Unali     - Yes, Soon*
               Xian      - Yes, Soon*       Ben'dar   - Yes, ????????
               Strie'bog - Yes, Soon*       Jordi     - Abstain
               Caladan   - Abstain

               Soon* - When regenerated and rested.  Can wait till
                 folks are regenerated and go at that time.
               Tomorrow: Can go tomorrow or soonest

               Looks like Majority are willing to wait for wizards
               to regenerate and rest.  To help figure this decision.
               If folks rest and cast no magic the following days will
               be needed for 100% Magic strength. This doesn't include
               batteries and assumes no spells cast the following days.

               Chion     - 6 Days
               Strie'bog - 6 days
               Thig      - 2 days
               Z'leyra   - 9 days* [Though strong now]

               So it boils down to really Chion and Strie'bog on how
               much they want to regenerate.  Batteries and WS will
               help both as well.  Do you want to go at 100%? 80%?  Or
               wait the full 6 days and then head to the castle?  Both
               of you please let me know.

               To help further demonstrate the data:

            Strie'bog: If using Z'leyra's EL5 Watchful Sleep Brooch

                                   Day 55  56   57   58   59
              Magic Strength Start    15%  15%  35%  65%  94
              Magic Strength End      15%  35%  65%  94% 100%
              Regenerates              -   11   16   16

              GM: So using the Brooch.  It will take 3 days and he is
               at 94%. By the 4th day Strie'bog will be at 100%.
               So the 6 days above was without the brooch and my
               quick math.  This of course assumes NO magic cast
               those next 3 days.

            Chion: He casts his own Watchful Sleep spell.

                                   Day 55  56   57   58   59   60
              Magic Strength Start    37%  37%  48%  62%  76%  91%
              Magic Strength End      37%  48%  62%  76%  91% 100%
              Regenerates              -   17   24   24   24   24

              GM: So assuming no magic cast and full resting it
                will be the above schedule.  At 91% that's a good
                strength with Strie'bog's 100%.  This does NOT
                include Chion's battery which is at 100%.

              GM: So Strie'bog and Chion let me know when you folks
               think is best to go? At what percentage?  It looks
               like day 59 but if you want to go earlier that's fine
               as well.  To determine the math assume Casting Ability
               is 100.  Your down to 25 mana.  Thus that would be 25%.


          GM: Emailed Richard.  Got info on the Carnelian gem.
            You guys will like this!  Here is his answer in his
            own words.
            Did a little impronptu research. Coulda sworn the info
            was in there. Anyway ..... there were a number of
            attributes assigned to this stone in the enhanced form.
            For the purpose of the game:

            1) Increases Influence Chance by 10.

            2) Acts as a Peace spell affecting the wearer and anyone
               in its range. Range is based on the EL of the enhancement
               used on it. The wearer is automatically affected. Others
               have their normal roll to resist the affect.

            3) The wearer heals an additional hit point every day when
               he is wounded. Hope that helps.

             It is magical healing but does not apply against the rule
             citing the danger of multiple magical healings. The effect
             minimizes hemorraghing, thus bleeding, bruising, etc.
             Reflected by the free hit point per day.
          GM: Now not everyone jump on it.  Anyone wants it now? :)
            If not I know some NPCs who would.   The peace affect
            would be good for Strie'bog.  Wout, if you want to post
            this to the pnp list or the website go ahead.  If not
            I can post it?  Just Richard's notes on the gem.


          GM: Treasure ...

         Coins - SC - 155 [L'p'nth]     40 [Marentian]
                 GC -  29 [Marentian]    4 [L'p'nth]

         Armor -   Banded Armor  - 19 [12 Minor nicks, 7 Good shape]
                   Chainmail     -  1 [Good shape]
                   Leather Armor -  4 [Moderate nicks]
                   Full Helmet   -  1 [Good shape]

         Weapons - Spear         -  1
                   Axe           -  1 [Blade slightly dull]
                   Bows          - 13 [Good shape, 1 minor string nick]
                   Scimitar      - 21 [6 slight damage, rest good shape]
                   Daggers -Fight- 10 [Average shape]
                   Lance         -  4 [Good shape]
                   Short Sword   -  5 [1 Minor damage, 3 good shape]
                   Battle Axe    -  1 [Good shape]
                   Mace          -  2 [Good shape]
                   Sling         -  2 [Good shape[
                   Sling Ammo    - 36 objects
                   Bow Arrows    -569 [Average shape]
                   Quiver        - 12
                   War Staff     -  1 [Good shape]

         Magical - * Wand - MEL10/EL4 - 24 Inches - No internal Spell
                   * Laurel mini-staff - 34 Inches - Unenhanced
                   * Amulet - MEL7/EL3/MDV 10 - Protection vs Balance
                   * Potion - MEL10/EL4/MDV 14 - Mana Reading
                   * Potion - MEL4/EL2/MDV6 - Influence oriented potion?

         Other -   Statue - 10 pounds, Metal, Small of some person?
                      Value - Estimated 10 CC
                   Silk Cape - No one could determine value.
                   200' of Rope -
                   80 Blankets/Bedrolls
                   Animal Gear - 40 Saddles and assorted gear

         Gems - [1 Silk bag can hold all of them]
            1. Smell Ruby Jewel - Minimal Flaws, Fine Clarity, 24 SC
            2. Large Min. Flaws, Brilliant Jacinth - 5 SC
            3. Medium, Nearly Flawless, Average Clarity Serpentine -5 SC
            4. Small, Severelcy Flawed, Dull, Opal - Worthless
            5. Medium, Flawless, Dull Clarity Turquoise - 3.6 SC
            6. Medium, Slightly Flawless, Brilliant Agate - 3 SC
            7. Large Slightly Flawless, Dull Emerald - 2 SC
            8. Medium, Flawless, Fine Clarity Serpentine - 4 GC
            9. Medium, Nearly Flawless, Average Clarity -Amethyst-2.5 SC
           10. Large Slightly Flawless, Cloudy Carnelian - Worthless
           11. Medium Slightly Flawless, Average Clarity Topaz - 1.2 SC
           12. Large, Flawless, Fine Clarity, Carnelian - 20.8 SC

         Other* - These items will likely be used up by the time
           the party gets back to Caladan's village.  however if
           you want some of them (say some rations) let me know.
           If not claimed they will be gone.  

              Crate - 200 Travel Rations [Bulk will be eaten]
              Grain Bags - 10 lbs (5)    [All will be eaten]
              Fresh Meat - 25 FP         [All eaten]
              Cheese     - 16 FP         [All Eaten]
              Salt       - 1 Skin I      [Bulk used]
              Good Wine  - Skin II       [Drunk]
              Beer       - Keg I full    [Likely drunk]
              Water      - Keg III       [Drunk]

         Animals -  1 Draft Horse
                    9 Riding Horse III's
                    2 Riding Horse IV's
                   10 Warhorse III's
                   18 Warhorse IV's


         GM: Claims to Treasure should be declared.
           The following notes have been accounted in previous posts.

         Ben'dar -  Some of the weapons [Chris can you say which again?]
                    Leader's scimitar   Already got 2 bars of gold
                    from a previous battle. Holds the Claw.

         Unali   - Warhorse IV & Riding Horse IV, 1 Saddle
                   Wand, Come coin/gems

         Z'leyra - Warhorse 3 and Riding Horse IV
                   Silk cape [its a cap so easily fits], Mana
                   reading potion, 1 dagger, 1 scimitar

         GM: Chris - can you clarify which particular weapons?
           Wout which gems would you like?   Z'leyra stilll
           want the cape?

         GM: Conflicts - None.

         Are there other claims to treasure?  If no other
         claims by Adventure End it will be divided up equally.
         Chion still has gear from the castle - Update #73 file #274.
         Course there may be more booty from the castle.  


        [Time: 8:32pm]

          [Occasionally some of the party enter and exit the
           Tipi to check on Caladan.  But he continues to rest
           as well as Cetric.  Finally around 7:30 Cetric wakes.
           He explains many folks can't walk for a day and up
           to three days if they are strong.  As long as a week
           or two if weaker after the ritual.  By now the cover
           story is given and Caladan is "snuck" into camp without
           being seen.  Villagers know he is wounded and resting
           in Cetric's camp.  It was coordinated so no one saw it
           occur.  Cetric explains Caladan may be too weak to
           go to the castle himself and should rest.]

          [Around 8:30pm Chion who has fallen asleep is awaken to
           moans.  He stirs and looks up stretching his sore neck
           from the angle he sat.  It is nightfall.  He hears
           the groans and moans of Caladan and crawls toward him.]

          Caladan: "Where..." [he coughs] "...am I?  I thought...
            the battle?"

          [Chion grins and yells for the others...Cetric rushes
           in and checks Caladan.]

          Cetric: "Memory loss sometimes occur but it will come
            to him soon.  I'll let you with him.."

        Actions? Comments?

        Next update Monday...

        A lot of the castle map is done.  Some of it already on
        the website from Chion's initial exploration.  He could
        easily spend a few days going over the layout for the party.
        Sorry for no update monday.  Had company Monday/Tuesday
        doing some Character generation for a game here.
        Sorry its a short update.  The castle is it.  Once its
        over the adventure is over and we can move onto Adventure#3.
        That one will be small as well.  I will think some ranks
        by not having all the characters involved.  

BTW I will assume all those who voted Yes for Castle wants to go.  Since no vote from Jordi will assume he stays.  If not let me know if you wish to stay.

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