[pnpgm] Game update #107 - File #390 - Resurrection Time

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Fri Aug 18 08:18:39 CEST 2006

  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R3 Balrog................Balrog............Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R4 Tom Crockett..........Caladan...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  R1 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Sergi Sallent.........Jordi.............Wizard..Normal/Elf    Ma
  R4 Tim Falkenberg........Malradh ben Kasha.Merc....Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Wayne Richardson/Uji..Thig..............Sidh MU.Normal/Faerry Ma
  Do Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Artist..Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Orion (Paul Broman)...Trembyl...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R3 Scott Adams...........Xian..............Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
     Animals: Ventrius/Pogo Thig's dogs, Firesnake of Caladan's,
       Z'Leyra's Eagle, 2 Draft Horses, Wolf - Boyzdar
       6 Captured Zen'da Horses
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        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          Z'leyra will go along with the request to not mention
          Caladan's death.

          Z'leyra will mention that she doubts she is possessed as
          the enhanced laurel in her staff should make her immune
          to possession while she has it in her grasp. She had been
          holding the staff in one hand after she cast Orient Self
          on herself (the drumming requires both hands).

          To Strie'bog, Z'leyra nods, smiles and says "That would
          help. I appreciate it."

          Privately to Praelux Z'leyra replies "What I would like is
          your friendship. When I am in the lands of your people I
          would like to be able to say that I am your friend and your
          guest. If you wish to accompany me while I am in the lands
          of your people I have no objection.
          I do not wish to take you away from your lands - indeed
          sometimes I travel where none can accompany me."

          Z'leyra smiles and thanks Thig for the bread. She mentions
          that if he wants the laurel mini-staff AND wants Z'leyra to
          enhance and ensorcel it for him she would be happy to do
          so...after the ceremony with Cetric to be sure she has
          enough mana for the ceremony.
          In talking with Mao Z'leyra shares some of her experiences
          with being considered an outsider, with perseverance, with
          eventual acceptance of her by those she cares for as what
          and who she is, not just some <female>. Z'leyra advises
          Mao to treat everyone as an individual, not just a member
          of some <catagory>.

          Z'leyra would like one of the better horses (Warhorse IVs).
          Perhaps a Riding horse III or IV as well. She offers her
          skill to the party in cutting gems for those gems that
          might be improved in value by cutting.
          Alternatively she could instruct someone who still needs
          practice. If the silk cape would fit her and look good
          she would be interested in adding it to her wardrobe. If
          no one else expresses interest in the mana reading potion
          she will take it. She will also take one dagger and one
          scimitar that is in good shape.
          After a bit of thought Z'leyra changes her choices for
          horses. Considering her horsemanship she decides against
          getting a Warhorse IV and instead will go for a Warhorse
          III and a Riding Horse IV. She will spend some time talking
          with the horses finding out which she gets along with the
          She mentions to Ben'dar that Tef'wo senses a wicked spirit
          in the Claw and does not want to be anywhere near it.

          She chooses her weapons by the quality of the blade, not
          by who had owned them previously. She will not choose the
          leader's scimitar.

          If Thig did not want her to enhance the laurel staff she
          will instead cast an enchantment upon the sheath for her
        GM: Ack.  On spells might as well wait might be weeks later
          before we can get to it.  


        From Ben'dar: [Re: Actions]
          Ben'Dar regards Cetric suspiciously, but says nothing in
          response to Cetric's question.  Finally, he does nod once
          in agreement.

          (OOC:  Ben'Dar was also interested in the good quality
          scimitar of the leader)
          Ben'Dar replies to Z'leyra, "Yes, I think I agree with
          Tef'wo. There is something about the claw...it doesn't
          seem right."
        GM: Ack. 

     [New Stuff]

        Octaqi 25, in the 163rd Year [TH]
        [Meanwhile somewhere on the plains]
         [Day 55 of Trip] Time: 8am

        GM: Before I do this overaly critical update on the
          resurrection I don't know if it will work.  I could
          fudge and say it will.  I could do best out of 3
          rolls.  But that's not what Tom wanted.  He'll accept
          his fate in the numbers and help from others.  So let's
          see if it works.....

        [As the party dismount villagers take horses and feed
         and water them.  Questions are asked but Gib'borah
         tells the village as a whole he'll explain in details what
         has occurred soon.  then the party meet privately
         in the lodge building with Luan, Xian, Trembyl and
         Gib'borah.  Information is exchanged and takes about
         a half hour to do so.  Luan and Cetric decide to break
         early to get to the prepared area.  Z'leyra and Strie'bog
         go to join them as they prepare.]

        [As they walk Boyzdar goes and almost jumped onto Strie'bog.
         They are both happy to see each other.  The wolf even
         snuggles against Cetric next to him.  The wolf seems to
         like Cetric.  But that may be since he is a shaman of
         wolves.  As Thig goes searches he finds his dogs resting
         near some kids.  They also are happy to see him but still
         growl at Cetric when they see him.  While the dogs reacted
         to the poison incident the wolf did not seemingly to be
         docile at the time.]

        [Xian explains the firesnake is with a boy who seems to have
         dealt with it nicely.]

        [Luan, Z'leyra, Cetric and Strie'bog enter Cetric's Tipi
         as the others roam around the village doing this and that.
         The party was told a war party had arrived from various
         clans, families and tribes to deal with whatever was going
         on.  Since it was discovered a war may not go further
         but the war chiefs, chiefs and their warriors are all around
         making the village expanded 2.5 times its size.  While
         Caladan's village has no corral they do have places to tie
         up the horses.  Chion discovers his weapons had been moved
         in case of wet to a wooden box like structure near the lodge
         which protects gear.]

        [Cetric's tipi has been prepared with candles, smelling burning
         incense and it looks like maybe new totem or pictographs on
         the walls of the Tipi.  The images smell and look wet though
         indicating recent.  Cetric ignores them though.  Luan must've
         prepared the place with the images of animals, people and
         spirit forms.  In back across the entrance flap is a cushioned
         area where Caladan will be placed.  The campfire has been
         decreased in size in the tipi to about 10% its normal size to
         give room around where Caladan will be put.]

        [Cetric, Strie'bog and Luan sit while Z'leyra does her various
         spells to prepare.  Luan looks nervous the whole time and
         scowls slightly at this offense to the spirits.  Strie'bog
         eyes both Cetric and Luan.  Cetric is less emotional and
         remains passive but clearly Luan is annoyed.  But that's how
         Zen'da can be.  For the first minute and a half Z'leyra
         chants and speaks odd words to the Zen'da.  Then she begins
         to beat her drum which makes Luan almost stand and run
         out of the Tipi.  But Cetric places a hand on his arm and
         stops him.  Another minute and a half she speaks some
         more and casts more spells around the area she will place
         Caladan.  She then stands and walks toward Cetric.  She
         explains she will give him luck for the resurrection.
         He hesitates as Luan eyes Cetric.  But he finally allows
         it and she speaks the words to perform the luck spell.
         Finally she returns to the back and does her final recall
         from oblivion spell.  The interior of the Tipi seems to
         dissolve and distort.  Then suddenly Caladan appears on
         the ground.  His head and arms shift slightly.  There
         is still fresh wounds and blood.  Z'leyra checks him
         and finds no pulse.  No chance to save him.  She could
         have tried some things but decides the resurrection may
         be the only hope.  She stands and tells she is done.]

        GM: I was going to have Strie'bog bless Cetric as planned.
          But looking at the spell it doesn't affect skill/spell
          use.  So can't do it.  Sorry!

        [Cetirc, Luan and Strie'bog stand.]

        Cetric: "We'll handle it from here.  Please leave."

        [Z'leyra and Strie'bog look back at Caladan one last time.
         then they exit the Tipi and find the party.]

        [Almost immediately upon exit Luan turns to Cetric.]

        Luan: "You let her do all this?  To him? The offense
          will interfere and the spirits will not bring him

        Cetric: "She had to do that as she could only bring him
          here.  I could not.  Let's get to work."

        Luan: "This is unacceptable!  I don't know if I can be
          a part of this!  If the spirits know they won't want
          to work with me anymore!" [He starts for the flap.]

        Cetric: "Luan!  Stop!  This is Caladan's only chance.
          Do you want to go out there and tell Gib'borah we
          could not save him because you felt offsnse?"

        [Luan stops and eyes the flap.  Over his shoulder Cetric
         stands and waits.  Luan's eyes flare and fists clench.]

        Luan: "Its not worth the risk."

        Cetric: "Caladan is not worth it?"

        [Luan spins and looks at Cetric.]

        Luan: "He is only the chief's son.  He left us for
          years.  Has become too city marked.  The taint
          of the city may offend the spirits."

        Cetric: "Your right.  He is only the third son.  His
          rule would not come for some time.  But I still feel
          he has a greater destiny.  His friends outside have
          come hundreds of miles to help him.  They've risked
          greatly themselves.  I have pledged I will save him.
          I will do this alone if I have to.  If you felt this
          way why did you prepare the Tipi" [His hands point
          around to the various things] "You felt differently
          hours ago.  What changed?  Z'leyra and the offense
          or did you think about it more?"

        [Luan stares and listens for a few seconds.  He glances
         down at Caladan's body.  The smell of the tipi is
         strong and his nostrils seem to twist.  He eyes Cetric.]

        Luan: "I do this not for her.  Not for Gib'borah and
          not for you.  I do this for Caladan.  I too suspect
          with his strange powers he has a better destiny."

        Cetric: "Good.  Let's get to work..."

        [Z'leyra finds Thig and talks to him.]

        Thig: "The laurel?  I can enhance my own stuff.  But
          I don't want it.  At least I don't think so at
          this point.  Rather wait and see what happens here."

        [Later Z'leyra finds Praelux and talks to him.]

        Praelux: "That is fine with me.  I will be a friend.
          But I will be away to the new village spot once things
          are done here.  I won't be staying in this village.
          I am not a big warrior yet.  I am still young and
          not even in a Lodge.  But I will do my best to
          give you status here and make you my guests."

        [She takes him to the horse and her gear she left behind.
         She hands over her trade good items.  She was going to
         use to trade for help.  She hands over 4 hatchets, 3
         hand axes, 1 axe 30 yards of fine cloth.  Praelux accepts
         the gift in good will and wishes he could give something
         back in trade but does not.  He places the items with
         his equipment and goes back to stand watch for Caladan.
         The urge to not talk to others about him is hard but
         he does not.]

        [In Cetric's tipi both shamans cut away the clothing
         of Caladan.  His tunic is too soaked in blood and
         needs to be removed.  his pants they keep on.  They
         remove some of his belt items for safe keeping.  They
         place the body in a coffin like stance with hands on
         chest and legs straight down.]

        Luan: "What killed him?"

        Cetric: "A dog of all things.  Controlled by the Claw
          or one of the warriors.  It clearly took out his
          neck.  Oh wait.  Some of his throat is missing.  Will
          the resurrection bring that back?"

        Luan: "You ask me?"

        Cetric: "I've never dealt with this type of damage.  Just
          a body wound."

        Luan: "I have heard in the past when the resurrection
          is tried it has somehow fixed wounds like this and even
          made fingers grow back.  But I've never seen it.  If
          it doesn't we'll need to heal him fast.  Though I
          doubt he can breath like that."

        [Cetric looks up thinking.  He stands and exits the Tipi.]

        Luan: "Where--" [But Cetric leaves before he can finish.]

        [Chion sees Cetric roaming the camp.  Cetric forgot to
         clean his hands.  Chion stops him and points to his
         hands.  Villagers are concerned and Cetric quickly
         places his hands in his shirt.]

        Cetric: "We are still working I'm looking for someone."

        [Chion stops him and quietly pulls him aside from others
         as best he can.  Though there is chance he can be
         heard by passers.  Cetric is clearly annoyed to be
         interrupted but from the look on Chion's face he
         softens and listens to Chion.]

        Chion: "I applaud you on your restraint with my group. I
           have learned much from your wisdom and bear no ill
           feelings toward you regarding the incidents at our
           arrival. I even hope I one day meet the man whom
           challenged me in more peaceful terms. And I think your
           foresight has gone greatly unrewarded. I hope that the
           help I was able to bring in the form of the gem, meager
           gift as it is from Wounderal and I, will aid bringing
           our friend back. However, I fear for your village that
           even his return will not bring him back to the village.
           But I know now that I should never have called you a
           fool, and for that I sincerely appologize. Acting a fool
           and being one are entirely two separate things."A short
           pause, and he'll continue, "Cetric, I know my ways of
           magic are not yours to date. I am interested in learning
           your ways, however, I do not think I have the aptitude
           for it. I should like to try. Lacking that, I am keenly
           aware that there are other methods which grant a returning
           to the body of one's soul. And I would like to seek out
           such knowledge. Not for my own gain. I am more interested
           in perfecting the art on a certain person whom I expect will
           be passing relatively soon. If I could learn the ways of a
           shaman it would be most interesting. Again, I doubt I can.
           But those of a whiter orientation possess the knowledge as
           well.  Likewise I doubt they would endear themselves to me
           to learn the magic."

        [Cetric clearly doesn't understand some of the words or
         phrases but nods his head.  and replies.]

        Cetric: "To be truly a good shaman takes years to practice.
          But to teach one fast and that the barest level of
          training would take at least three months.  Then to
          learn the spell another two months after that just
          to get the basics down.  I don't know how the people
          would appreciate me teaching an outsider like yourself.
          It could be done in secret yes but it could get out.
          I owe you and the party so I am willing to do so.  It
          would take half a year though of your time.  I figure
          another month of the five months for other problems and
          issues with the People.  Let me know but for now I'm
          sorry I must find someone."

         [Shortly he comes up and finds the person sitting down
          looking at some gear.]

         Cetric: "Z'leyra it has come to me that his throat may"
           [He looks around then realizes he is speaking too loud
            and lowers his voice and kneels over her.] "cause
            problems.  If my spell doesn't heal it he may not
            be able to breath.  We'll need you to stay near if
            we need your healing."

         [He realizes some are gathering around him to avoid
          being asked questions he rushes back to his Tipi before
          Z'leyra can answer.  He enters his Tipi again.
          Luan places the gem on Caladan's forehead and he
          nods its time.]

         [Kasha near Thig leans over and talks to him.]

         Kasha: "How long does it take?"

         Thig: "I've heard it can take as long as four hours.
           But I did hear about a king...who was cursed and
           had parts of him placed together...took about seven

         Kasha: "Parts?  Hours?  But spells last minutes."

         [Chanting and what sounds like dancing and somewhat
          singing is heard from Cetric's tipi.  Villagers
          begin to inquire about it.  Gib'borah explains it
          is a ritual to inform the gods and spirits of what
          they have been through and to ask for things to settle
          down.  Since rituals and chant dances occur often
          enough in camp they seem to accept this and go to
          their own duties.  Gib'borah asks Corr and Lodd to
          sit by the Tipi to ensure no one enters it.]

         [Minutes seem to go on for an hour...the sun shifts
          in the sky as villagers go about their business.
          Xian, Trembyl and the party share information and
          stories as they wait.]

         [During the wait Balrog finds Farseeker.]

         Balrog: "Isn't it convenient Cetric knows this spell?"

         Farseeker: "Maybe.  But what are you getting at?"

         Balrog: "I don't know.  Weren't they together when
           Caladan ...during the combat?"

         Farseeker: "I was closer and your point is?"

         Balrog: "Nothing.  Just thinking."

         Farseeker: "I was fighting two of them.  The big lumbering
           warrior got off his horse and came forward.  That's
           when Rin was killed and he started attacking me.  He
           made some signal and the dog attacked.  I was fighting
           two at that time killing one other.  Then the earth
           shifted from under us and we went flying."

         Balrog: "Yea.  That.  We never did learn who made that
           happen.  Was it one of the wizards or one of them?"

         Farseeker: "I don't know.  If it was one of us wouldn't
           they have said something?"

         [Meanwhile Ben'dar combs Tef'wo down while he waits.
          He sees Cetric exit and talk to Chion and Z'leyra.
          If the spell fails maybe just maybe something must
          be done.  Anger seems to boil and then cool as quickly
          as it comes every so often.  But then oddly Tef'wo
          seems to turn his head and ruffle his lips which seems
          to make Ben'dar laugh and his anger fades.]

         [Chion who the last three days has been real quiet
          is seen pacing back and forth.  The party is unsure
          as to why.  Clearly since he teleported things
          have changed his mood.  One of cocky confidence to
          a somber more solemn mood.  As the hours pass he
          continues to sit and stand every so often waiting
          for results.  Folks tend to avoid him.  Trembyl
          does come over once and tells where his weapons are.
          The chiefs at one time were interested in them but
          Trembyl and Xian stopped it with Gib'borah's help.]

         [Farseeker keeps busy by sharpening and cleaning his
          weapons and armor.  At one point he takes a short

         [Jordi sits near the Lodge building and he too has
          been quiet in the last few days.  He feels so
          helpless and loneliness.  He softens a bit when
          children peek around a corner of the lodge and
          stare.  He urges them forward and talks to them
          for awhile which passes the time.  He shows them
          some of his gear.]

         [Kasha mingles with the warriors and passes the
          time talking to them about stories and battles.]

         [Thig sits and takes a nap.  he wakes up about
          an hour later to find things are still not done.
          He notices on the top of Cetric's tipi is a small
          brown bird.  He notes this because an hour ago
          it seemed to be there as well.  He recalls what
          Xian had said about Woundenal.  he wonders if
          he is here in spirit.  But then shrugs as he knows
          Woundenal is 400 miles away.  It would be very
          powerful magic for that and doubts it.  He guesses
          the bird is just there to smell the odd smoke.
          He goes back to sleep in the shadow of a tent.]

         [Strie'bog decides to entertain the villagers by his
          songs and stories to pass the time.]

         [Trembyl spends time with Farseeker talking about how
          bored he was here but the assasination attempt was
          somewhat fun.  But Trembyl is mostly teasing to pass
          the time.]

         [Unali thinks of Mao and hope she will do good in her
          new village location after their move.  She eyes
          the village over and waits.  Since Mao she begins
          to study the villagers more.  The treatment of children
          and females by the males.  She shakes her head often
          as she sees a society just read for revolution by
          a strong female group.  Maybe someday a female warrior
          will rise up and form her own ledge.  But then again
          to do so and win fame would need a war.  She continues
          to study the tribe and waits.]

         [Xian spends time with Thig and gets details on the
          battle and the claw.]

         [Z'leyra checks her gear over to ensure everything is
          in good shape and condition.]

         [Gib'borah and his sons Durge and Gidwani who has come
          in the previous days examine the prisoners. Gib'borah
          is more distracted.  He knows Durge and Gidwani do
          not know Caladan is dead.  Caladan's brother would want
          to know but there is always hope.  At least twenty
          warriors gather around the prisoners.]

         Durge: "You fools plan this grave stealing and
           want war with us?"

         [When Gidwani tries to ungag the wizard Farseeker stops
          him saying he could try evil magic.  Only the leader
          is ungagged when Thig senses no magical power from him.]

         Leader: "You fools are derelicts of a past long dead!
           We will prevail!"

         [Then it gets ugly.  Gib'borah still distracted allows
          his sons to start beating the leader.  The party watch
          and is unsure if they should intervene.]

         GM: Since no one questioned the prisoners the previous
           updated I figured no one would.  So now its the Zen'da's
           time to do so.

         [With one eye swollen and bloody and occasional coughing
          up blood the young teenage leader remains confident.
          After an hour of torture he still doesn't talk.  Then
          one warrior from the lodge walks up and helps.  He
          quickly cuts off a finger of the leader and he screams
          and faints from pain.]

         [Meanwhile more chanting and noises are heard from
          Cetric's Tipi.  The sun slowly mounts the zenith
          point as noon approaches.]

         [Soon after the leader begins to spill details from
          pain and further torture.  When fire brands are used
          on his genitals he finally breaks.  The party sees
          the Zen'da as cruel barbarians but hey realize none
          of them would have gone that far...or so they don't think.
          Even Farseeker, Kasha, Thig and Balrog stopped on going
          to far with the leader in the past.  Some look away when
          the torture gets extreme.]

         [Z'leyra is tempted to go and heal the leader but when
          they strip him she turns away and tries to ignore the
          screams.  The warriors seem to block the view so she
          only assumes they are beating him not doing more extreme
          things.  The children and women seem concerned but they
          seem to take the screams as common place which seems to
          annoy her.  She then realizes that living on the plains
          is cruel and hard.]

         [Soon the screams stop and 20 minutes later the chants
          and noise from the Tipi also stop.  The party
          rush forward to hear the results which seems to make
          villagers curious.  To stop this they gather in one
          place as if to meet together and not near the Tipi
          to tip anyone off.]

         [As the party waits the flap comes open.  A clean
          hand reaches out and then Cetric exits.  With
          sweat on his forehead and a very obvious exhausted
          look he nods.  Gib'borah looks on and is clearly
          unsure of the nod.  Cetric walks over to Gib'borah.]

         Cetric: "Things went...well."

         [Relief flows over the party.  But they still wait
          for news.]

         Cetric: "He is ali-" [He stops when he sees Durge
           nearby] "--sleeping.  He may wake tonight sometime.
           It usually takes awhile for them to do so."

         Durge: "What is he saying father?"

         Gib'borah: "Vlad was injured during battle and Cetirc
           helped him."

         Durge: "I did not see him come in.  I saw Rin on the
           wagon dead.  When did he come in?"

         Gib'borah: "A couple hours ago he rode in and was
           behind us."

         Durge: "But alone?  What were Cetric and Luan doing?"

         Gib'borah: "They were performing the ritual for asking
           favor of the spirits! "

         Durge: "But --"

         Gib'borah: [With a forceful tone only a chief can use]
           "Enough son!  Tend to the prisoners!"

         Durge: "Yes Ga'sha." [he turns and heads back to the
           others as well as other villagers nearby.  When
           alone with the party Cetric continues.]

         Cetric: "does he suspect something?"

         Gib'borah: "I doubt it.  He is good with horses and
           weapons.  He is good with leading hunting parties.
           But the spirits do not give him much up here." [With
           a hand he places a finger to his head.] "The
           story is that Caladan will be bought in tonight after
           sundown.  We'll explain he was hurt and needs to
           rest.  That will be good enough."

         Cetric: "That is good."

         [Luan now exits the Tipi and heads around the corner
          to a water basin.  Cetric turns and starts off.  But
          Gib'borah stops him.]

        Gib'borah: "Cetric.  Thank you."

        Cetric: "It was not me.  It was the spirits.  They oversee
           and control everything.  I am only a focal point
           for their true power."

        Gib'borah: "Then thank them for me."

        Cetric: "Yes.  I will do that.  But first I'm hungry
          and really really thirsty.  I must eat and rest a
          bit.  May I use your Tipi?"

        Gib'borah: "Yes."

        [Cetric walks away to get food and drink then brings them
         back to Gib'borah's tipi.  His walk is slower from
         being so tired.]

        [Gib'borah is the first to enter and check on Caladan.
         He is amazed at the view.  Minutes later he exits.]

        Gib'borah: "You may enter if you wish.  Someone should
          stay and watch over him.  I sadly can't.  I have
          duties with the prisoners.  We must decide their

        [As one of the party (whoever) enters they see Caladan's
         body.  He has a blanket on him but no shirt.  His neck
         seems stained from blood but it amazingly seems to
         be completely healed! How could a spell do that of
         this level of damage amazes the party.  The candles
         and incense is out and only a lantern hangs dimly
         lighting the tipi.  Caladan's breathing is shallow
         and seems to gradually increase but is weak.  He
         is still out and seems to be resting.]

        Thig: "He should wake in some time.  His system will
          have to recharge or regenerate itself."

        Farseeker: "Will he be able to do things normally?"

        Thig: "He will never be his former self.  He will
          be weak for days.  Cetric told me some even seemed
          to be shorter afterwards for some reason.  It, the
          spell, seems to change their entire body and takes
          something at cost away."

        GM: Well its done.  The roll I did only once was half
          of the percentage needed. So it was a complete
          non-cheating success!

        [To lower villager questions only one or two party
         enter the Tipi over time every so often.  After
         this some folks decide to sleep and relax.]

        [Many in the party are informed two hours later by
         Gib'borah of the details he learned.]

        Time: 3:45pm

        Gib'borah: "The so called leader ..the young boy...
          the stupid boy broke.  He seems to indicate the
          L'p'nth are behind it all." [When the party doesn't
          seem to react much he continues as the party
          already seems to suspect this.] "His base of
          operations was a town far in the east.  But recently
          the last few months they moved west from village
          to village.  His leader who only moved at night to
          avoid danger and possible Zen'da scouts from Ser'manda
          tribes found this castle.  There they took control
          of it.  This must be where Chion got the weapons.
          The shaman is Bova.  The wizard is from L'p'nth as
          well to protect the leader.  But obviously didn't
          do so good a job.  The leader is knocked out again
          and this time hasn't woke up.  it will probably
          take another half hour before he does.  We will try
          to get more details after that.  I must inform the
          other chiefs of this."

         [Chion gives a sly grin from the details.]

         Farseeker: "Our job is done here.  We've helped
           Caladan.  It looks like the Zen'da can handle
           things.  I guess once Caladan is better we can
           return to Marentia?"

         GM: I assume Chion wants to go back to the Castle
           to finish things up there.  If this is the case
           who wishes to join him?  For npcs I'll voice
           their views on it once Chion makes his intent known.


          GM: Treasure ...

         Coins - SC - 155 [L'p'nth]     40 [Marentian]
                 GC -  29 [Marentian]    4 [L'p'nth]

         Armor -   Banded Armor  - 19 [12 Minor nicks, 7 Good shape]
                   Chainmail     -  1 [Good shape]
                   Leather Armor -  4 [Moderate nicks]
                   Full Helmet   -  1 [Good shape]

         Weapons - Spear         -  1
                   Axe           -  1 [Blade slightly dull]
                   Bows          - 13 [Good shape, 1 minor string nick]
                   Scimitar      - 21 [6 slight damage, rest good shape]
                   Daggers -Fight- 10 [Average shape]
                   Lance         -  4 [Good shape]
                   Short Sword   -  5 [1 Minor damage, 3 good shape]
                   Battle Axe    -  1 [Good shape]
                   Mace          -  2 [Good shape]
                   Sling         -  2 [Good shape[
                   Sling Ammo    - 36 objects
                   Bow Arrows    -569 [Average shape]
                   Quiver        - 12
                   War Staff     -  1 [Good shape]

         Magical - * Wand - MEL10/EL4 - 24 Inches - No internal Spell
                   * Laurel mini-staff - 34 Inches - Unenhanced
                   * Amulet - MEL7/EL3/MDV 10 - Protection vs Balance
                   * Potion - MEL10/EL4/MDV 14 - Mana Reading
                   * Potion - MEL4/EL2/MDV6 - Influence oriented potion?

         Other -   Statue - 10 pounds, Metal, Small of some person?
                      Value - Estimated 10 CC
                   Silk Cape - No one could determine value.
                   200' of Rope -
                   80 Blankets/Bedrolls
                   Animal Gear - 40 Saddles and assorted gear

         Gems - [1 Silk bag can hold all of them]
            1. Smell Ruby Jewel - Minimal Flaws, Fine Clarity, 24 SC
            2. Large Min. Flaws, Brilliant Jacinth - 5 SC
            3. Medium, Nearly Flawless, Average Clarity Serpentine -5 SC
            4. Small, Severley Flawed, Dull, Opal - Worthless
            5. Medium, Flawless, Dull Clarity Turquoise - 3.6 SC
            6. Medium, Slightly Flawless, Brilliant Agate - 3 SC
            7. Large Slightly Flawless, Dull Emerald - 2 SC
            8. Medium, Flawless, Fine Clarity Serpentine - 4 GC
            9. Medium, Nearly Flawless, Average Clarity -Amethyst-2.5 SC
           10. Large Slightly Flawless, Cloudy Carnelian - Worthless
           11. Medium Slightly Flawless, Average Clarity Topaz - 1.2 SC
           12. Large, Flawless, Fine Clarity, Carnelian - 20.8 SC

         Other* - These items will likely be used up by the time
           the party gets back to Caladan's village.  however if
           you want some of them (say some rations) let me know.
           If not claimed they will be gone.  

              Crate - 200 Travel Rations [Bulk will be eaten]
              Grain Bags - 10 lbs (5)    [All will be eaten]
              Fresh Meat - 25 FP         [All eaten]
              Cheese     - 16 FP         [All Eaten]
              Salt       - 1 Skin I      [Bulk used]
              Good Wine  - Skin II       [Drunk]
              Beer       - Keg I full    [Likely drunk]
              Water      - Keg III       [Drunk]

         Animals -  1 Draft Horse
                    9 Riding Horse III's
                    2 Riding Horse IV's
                   10 Warhorse III's
                   18 Warhorse IV's


         GM: Claims to Treasure should be declared.
           The following notes have been accounted in previous posts.

         Ben'dar - Amulet, Potion [after perception info]
                   Some of the weapons [Chris can you say which again?]
                   Leader's scimitar 

         Unali   - Warhorse IV & Riding Horse III
                   Interested in Amulet/Wand after perception
                   Interested in some coin/gems

         Z'leyra - Warhorse 3 or Riding Horse IV
                   Silk cap [its a cap so easily fits], Mana
                   reading potion, 1 dagger, 1 scimitar

         GM: Conflicts -
           Amulet              - Ben'dar, Unali
           Mana Reading Potion - Ben'dar, Z'leyra
         Need to resolve those conflicts among yourselves.

         Are there other claims to treasure?  If no other
         claims by Adventure End it will be divided up equally.

        Actions? Comments?

        Next update Friday...

        GM: BTW does anyone wish to give treasure to the Zen'da
          to present to Gib'borah?

Next few updates may be slow as I figure out who wishes to do what...

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