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Ben'Dar replies to Z'leyra, "Yes, I think I agree with Tef'wo.  There is
something about the claw...it doesn't seem right."

On 8/17/06, Alex Koponen <akoponen at mosquitonet.com> wrote:
> After a bit of thought Z'leyra changes her choices for horses.
> Considering her horsemanship she decides against getting a Warhorse IV
> and instead will go for a Warhorse III and a Riding Horse IV. She will
> spend some time talking with the horses finding out which she gets along
> with the best.
> She mentions to Ben'dar that Tef'wo senses a wicked spirit in the Claw
> and does not want to be anywhere near it.
> She chooses her weapons by the quality of the blade, not by who had
> owned them previously. She will not choose the leader's scimitar.
> If Thig did not want her to enhance the laurel staff she will instead
> cast an enchantment upon the sheath for her dagger.
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