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Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Tue Aug 15 19:53:31 CEST 2006

Z'leyra will go along with the request to not mention Caladan's death.

Z'leyra will mention that she doubts she is possessed as the enhanced 
laurel in her staff should make her immune to possession while she has 
it in her grasp. She had been holding the staff in one hand after she 
cast Orient Self on herself (the drumming requires both hands).

To Strie'bog, Z'leyra nods, smiles and says "That would help. I 
appreciate it."

Privately to Praelux Z'leyra replies "What I would like is your 
friendship. When I am in the lands of your people I would like to be 
able to say that I am your friend and your guest. If you wish to 
accompany me while I am in the lands of your people I have no objection. 
I do not wish to take you away from your lands - indeed sometimes I 
travel where none can accompany me."

Z'leyra smiles and thanks Thig for the bread. She mentions that if he 
wants the laurel mini-staff AND wants Z'leyra to enhance and ensorcel it 
for him she would be happy to do so...after the ceremony with Cetric to 
be sure she has enough mana for the ceremony.

In talking with Mao Z'leyra shares some of her experiences with being 
considered an outsider, with perseverance, with eventual acceptance of 
her by those she cares for as what and who she is, not just some 
<female>. Z'leyra advises Mao to treat everyone as an individual, not 
just a member of some <catagory>.

Z'leyra woud like one of the better horses (Warhorse IVs). Perhaps a 
Riding horse III or IV as well. She offers her skill to the party in 
cutting gems for those gems that might be improved in value by cutting. 
Alternatively she could instruct someone who still needs practice. If 
the silk cape would fit her and look good she would be interested in 
adding it to her wardrobe. If no one else expresses interest in the mana 
reading potion she will take it. She will also take one dagger and one 
scimitar that is in good shape.

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