[pnpgm] Game update #106b - Fiel #385 - Z'leyra speaks ?

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Tue Aug 15 04:26:23 CEST 2006

  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R3 Balrog................Balrog............Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R4 Tom Crockett..........Caladan...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  R1 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Sergi Sallent.........Jordi.............Wizard..Normal/Elf    Ma
  R4 Tim Falkenberg........Malradh ben Kasha.Merc....Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Wayne Richardson/Uji..Thig..............Sidh MU.Normal/Faerry Ma
  Do Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Artist..Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Orion (Paul Broman)...Trembyl...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R3 Scott Adams...........Xian..............Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
     Animals: Ventrius/Pogo Thig's dogs, Firesnake of Caladan's,
       Z'Leyra's Eagle, 2 Draft Horses, Wolf - Boyzdar
       6 Captured Zen'da Horses
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     [New Stuff]

        Octaqi 22, in the 163rd Year [TH]
        [Meanwhile somewhere on the plains]
         [Day 52 of Trip]

        [Time: Late Afternoon around 4pm.]
        [Location: North of Clan Nemat Village - 44 miles]

          [Strie'bog and Corr sat for an hour making the best of
           their light camp.  It was clear Corr was upset at
           the turn of events.  Strie'bog also upset that he
           ran out of mana.  But it can happen.  Soon he
           resolves things by telling Corr some stories.  Corr
           is upset that this is risking Caladan's fate.  But
           soon after almost 90 minutes he finally calms down
           and listens to Strie'bog talk about some stories.
           Soon they find themselves near sunset.  Both rush
           around to find more firewood before nightfall.]

          [To appease Corr Strie'bog tells more stories till
           both get tired.  They alternate taking shifts that
           night.  The only event that occurs is around 4:53pm
           both spot a large group of riders (9) far in the
           distance.  It appears to be a warrior group riding
           north.  But the view in the plains can be misleading
           and distort true distances.  They seem about 3 miles
           away.  both shout and try to get attention of the
           riders but they soon ride far past and never stop.
           There are no night encounters.]


        [Time: Evening around 8pm.]
        [Location: Clan Nemat Village.

          [The party gathers around the smaller campfire from the
           central village one.  This fire was made for the
           party for those who wish to sleep warm.  Z'leyra has
           just finished her Perception spells on the other
           magic items and its time for the claw.]

          [Ben'dar brings it forward and lays it down onto the
           ground in front of her.  She studies it for a few
           minutes.  This is actually the first time the party
           has actually gotten a good luck at the Claw since
           the battle hours before.  The claw is clearly from
           a large animal and looks to be bear.  Lion claws tend
           to be more round and bear claws are just like this one.
           The actual claw points are minor points still in the
           claw but seemed to have been cut down to size for
           not hurting those dealing with the claw.  The claw
           itself is about 2.5 times the size an adult male's hand.
           That could mean the bear must've been huge.  It is
           amazing to see the brown leather like hide of the claw
           still in perfect condition.  The bones are still in place
           and no tissue seems to have decayed.  At the base of
           the palm where it was cut off the arm seems to be the
           only "stuffed" part of the Claw.  Maybe that's where
           the person cleaned the claw?  But at the base of this
           flat piece seem to be holes the size of fingers.  There
           are four of them.  Situated in such ways that if 4 are
           inserted a thumb is pressed against the palm of the Claw.
           This may be how it is "used"?  Thig confirms this as
           well saying that's what he did but he had to hold it
           with 2 hands due to his small hands.]

          [After the examination is done she casts some spells
           to attempt to protect herself and then cast the
           Perception spell.  Thig stands by with scrolls to
           write down the information she relays about the Claw.]

          [Z'leyra beats her drum and enters into her trance.
           She grabs the claw to get in touch with it.  She
           begins to describe the characteristics of the
           Claw which is already known.  Then suddenly she begins
           to talk in some language and in tongues.]

          Kasha: "What is she saying?"

          Thig: "I don't know."

          Farseeker: "Is that normal?"

          Thig: "I don't know the spell.  Maybe she knows the
            language and we don't?  Does anyone know the

          [Looks around the party indicate no one seems to
           recognize the language.  Maybe its her native
           tongue?  Thig gives up trying to write anything down
           as he can't understand it.  Suddenly Z'leyra back
           arches and her head goes back.  She begins to speak
           louder in the strange tongue.  Thig stands and
           so does Farseeker.]

          Farseeker: "We should do something!"

          [Thig goes over and tries to separate the claw from her
           but doesn't know the spell.  He figures that could
           hurt her.  He casts a quick dispell spell but her
           magic is far higher than his.  He can't break it.]

          [As Z'leyra's eyes roll back she begins to gargle in
           a guttural whisper.  Thig desperate reaches for
           the claw.  But just before he does Z'leyra is thrown
           back onto her back on the ground.  The claw leaves
           her hands.  Thig rushes to her side.  She is knocked
           out and doesn't seem to stir.  She checks her over.
           he casts a mind spell and detects her strong presence
           still is strong.  It takes about 2 minutes but Z'leyra
           wakes up.  She looks around as if nothing happened.]

          Thig: "Are you okay?"

          [Z'leyra looks confused so Thig explains.]

          Thig: "You started to talk in some strange language
            and acting weird.  Then you were knocked out.
            Is that even normal?"

          [Z'leyra doesn't know as she doesn't recall anything
           while in her trances if its normal or not.  She
           stands and seems to be ok with no damage.]

          Thig: "We didn't learn anything.  Could the gods have
            not wanted the information sent to you?"

          [Z'leyra feels find and normal but cleans up her gear.
           Tired the party soon separates and goes to sleep.
           The party will be leaving in the morning.]

          [Thig quietly gets with Cetric later and whispers a
           conversation about Z'leyra.]

          Thig: "What do you think?"

          Cetric: "I don't know.  I'm not skilled in the spirits
            or item viewing whatever she was doing.  I have seen
            spirit talk fail and a shaman be knocked out.  That
            is quite common."  

          Thig: "Could she be...well ..could something have entered
            her from the claw?"

          Cetric: "I don't know.  When we return home Luan can
            check her out.  He has the eye to tell of such things.
            I do not."

          [The villagers continues to pack up their village.  They
           know the bova can attack for revenge and they want
           to be far away.  Thig that night scouts to the south to
           ensure no Bova is spotted.  But he does not see anything
           for many miles of flying with Corona.  He also returns
           late in the morning and goes to sleep.]


        Octaqi 23, in the 163rd Year [TH]
        [Meanwhile somewhere on the plains]
         [Day 53 of Trip]
        [The next morning the sun quickly rises.  The Fog clears
         as both villager and party finish packing.

        GM: Healing/Mana Regeneration -

            Farseeker - +4 Hit points    down only by 1 now (minor]
            Chion     - Fails Natural Healing, Regenerates Mana
            Strie'bog - Regenerates Mana
            Thig      - Fully Heals, Regenerates Mana
            Z'leyra   - Regenerates Mana

        [As the party finishes up their packing and eating a
         quick breakfast they mount up.  The Villagers gather
         around.  Vlad decides to continue to stay with them
         and help in their move to their new location then return
         to Caladan's village.]

        Cetric: "I hope you find a new place that will suit your
           clan to prosperity by the spirits."

        [Just before the villagers head out with their horses and
         their litter type carrying platforms they gather near
         the party to say good bye.  About 1/3rd of the villagers
         look at Balrog and say "Mooooooo" when Kasha gives them
         a hand signal.  The villagers have no clue of the joke]

        [But Balrog does.  He glares at Kasha.  Kasha looks
         all innocent as if he is confused as them.]

        Kasha: "What?"

        Balrog: "You know what!"

        Farseeker: "Boys boys.  Not in front of the villagers.
          We are the civilized ones here now.  So be civil!"

        Balrog: "I'll get even with you."

        [Kasha shrugs and grins slightly.]

        [Praelux mounts up as he will return to Caladan's village
         and then turn to his Clan (Nemat) village's new location.]

        [The word that Caladan died has not been given out to the
         Nemat Clan.  So that secret should be safe.  It was only
         quietly discussed.  The party moves out and travels with
         the large group of horses and the prisoners.  The villagers
         then move out north-east as the party goes north.]


        [Location: Somewhere on plains.]

          [Strie'bog and Corr break camp.  Strie'bog explains that
           He is still weak for his magic.  He can't cast
           his spell today.  Corr growls but resigns.  He begins
           to walk north.  Strie'bog continues to hone his skill
           and tell more Zen'da stories.]

          [No events occur that day or night at camp.]


          [At sunset the party makes camp.  they had no encounters
           during the night.  then again a large party like this
           animals would not attack.  But as the party nears
           time for sleep around 11pm wolves are heard in the
           distance.  Cetric goes to the edge of the camp and
           scans around for them.  Then he spots movements
           out about 100 feet barely by star light.  It could also
           be he can spot his Tonah alot quicker even at night
           as well.  He senses there are about 9 wolves.  He
           grins as he hears their calls.]

          Cetric: "The spirits are with us!  A good omen."

          [The weather this day is cloudy for most of the day.
           Temperatures only get as high as the low '60s.
           No weather affects Strie'bog and Corr.  But around
           3:30pm or so the party encounter a light dust storm
           that hits them quickly and fades.]


        Octaqi 24, in the 163rd Year [TH]
        [Meanwhile somewhere on the plains]
         [Day 54 of Trip]

         [Today the weather is overcast and little sun or moon
          is seen much of the day.  The temperature does
          warm up to about 83 at one point as a warm front
          comes into the area.  Around 3:30pm Strie'bog and
          Corr encounter a rain storm that drenches them.  Both
          for some reason laugh it off as they rush for cover
          under a large tree.  Strie'bog desperately tries to
          protect his gear from the rain.  Corr seems to think
          this is all funny but soon gets serious as he waits
          for the rain to end.  An hour earlier though further
          south where the party is riding they only encounter
          a light drizzle.]

         [Farseeker and Chion fully heal and are at 100% health
          when they wake.  Chion, Strie'bog, Thig and Z'leyra
          Regenerate mana.]

         [Strie'bog explains to Corr he needs just one more
          day.  Corr explains that this will only give a few
          hours to prepare.  but that's only what can be done.]

         [Strie'bog and Corr have no day/night encounters.
          But for the party around 9pm a sentry does spot
          a single deer that is near the party but it just
          eats and leaves without notice.  Cetric doesn't
          take it as a omen this time though.]

         [By the end of the day the party is 18 miles from
          Caladan's village.  The slowest horse keeps the
          party slower.  Strie'bog and Corr don't realize when
          they camp they are only four miles from Caladan's
          village.  Corr fails to spot the signs.  He is not
          a tracker.  If both knew they'd walk the rest of the
          way.  Both groups should enter the village the
          next day.]

         Farseeker: "How far now?"

         Lodd: "About twenty miles.  We should enter the village
           just before sunset."


        Octaqi 25, in the 163rd Year [TH]
        [Meanwhile somewhere on the plains]
         [Day 55 of Trip]

         [At the start of this day all are at 100% health.
          Chion is at 47% max mana, Thig at 42% and Strie'bog
          at 58%.  The weather is overcast.  The party hopes
          this is not a sign.  The temperature does not get
          above the high 60s all day.  Strie'bog and Corr
          encounter haze in the morning and the party encounters
          a minor dust storm again as winds pick up in mid

         [At sunrise Strie'bog attempts his Translocation spell
          again.  he speaks the words with Corr holding on.
          They both disappear and travel the 16 or so miles
          to Luan's camp.]

         GM: With this spell Strie'bog is now +1 MEL.
           Congratulations!!! Always a landmark event!

         [Strie'bog and Corr find themselves in another part
          of the plains.  Course it all looks the same to
          Strie'bog.  But Corr points behind him and sees two
          large Tipis about 150 feet away.  They run forward.
          But Corr suddenly stops and turns to Strie'bog.]

         Corr: "Stop.  We don't want to scare him.  Let's walk.
           But near I'll go forward and talk to him.  He doesn't
           like strangers."

         [With this both walk forward.  The smell of food on
          a small spit is nearby and Strie'bog finds himself
          hungry again.  About 30 feet to the Tipi Corr stops
          Strie'bog.  he walks forward to the Tipi.  He stands
          about 5 feet from the entrance flap.]

         Corr: "Shaman Luan!  We seek to speak with you!"

         [A minute later a man exits the tipi and looks around.
          He stands short about 5 foot 10 with graying hair.
          He seems to be in his 60s age wise.  His leather clothing
          and tan tunic clearly shows he is warm.  A drum hangs
          near his waist.]

         Luan: 'Corr?  Is that you?"

         Corr: "Yes.  I have bought a friend in need of desperate
           help." [He points for Strie'bog to approach.  Luan
           places a hand on his belt and the drum eyeing the pale
           skinned Strie'bog.]

         Luan: "Who have you bought to my home?"

         Corr: "He is Strie'bog a friend to the Zen'da.  He is
           new to our lands and guests of Ga'sha Gib'borah."

         Luan: "Guests?  Then enter..." [He enters back into his
           Tipi and sits at the back as he tends to a small fire
           spit with what may be a small bird on it.]

         [Corr explains the past week's events or so.  Everything
          from Cetric's actions and tests up to the battle.
          Luan grabs the bird off and offers some piece to both
          men to eat for a good meal with some bread.  He listens
          to the whole story.]

         Luan: "So Sundancer is dead?  That is sad news.  So
           is Rin.  Beyond help he was?  Sad.  Rin was a good
           boy.  But if Cetric needs my help we'll do it.  Give
           me some time to pack and we'll be on our way."

         [Luan exits the tipi and goes outside to the other
          smaller Tipi.  Inside is a family of three and he
          talks to them and gathers some of his material items.
          Alone Strie'bog eats the bird with Corr.]

         Corr: "He is called Flash hand because his reflexes even
           at his age are superior to a young warriors.  In
           some cases they say his hands fly so fast you can't
           seem them."

         [An hour later Luan is finished and has a pack of items
          in a leather bag.  Strie'bog indicates he can get them
          back to Caladan's village fast.  Luan is unsure of this
          as its only a short ride on the horse.]

         Luan: "I don't know."

         Corr: "Times is short here.  Cetric is just behind us.
           They could be in the village later this afternoon or
           early evening.  How long will it take you to prepare
           the materials?"

         Luan: "At least three hours.  It is a ritual that has to
           be slowly done.  Another hour to concentrate and
           chant to the spirits."

         Corr: "Then theres no time.  If you go by horses you'd
           get there the same time they are.  His way is best.
           It won't hurt.  Cetric trusts him."

         Luan: "This is supposed to encourage me?"

         Corr: "Just close your eyes.  I will have to remain here
           and come tonight.  I will walk.  he can only take
           one at a time."

         [Reluctantly Luan takes Strie'bog's hand and closes his
          eyes.  Strie'bog murmurs a few words...Mentally he
          hopes he has the mana left...he does ...and finds
          himself in the circle Chion made for his teleports and
          the stolen castle weapons.  Luan opens his eyes and
          is shocked.  He nods.  ]

         Time: 8am

         [As Strie'bog walks into camp he finds Xian and Trembyl
          talking to some Zen'da.  They are surprised to see
          each other.]

         Xian: "Where is everyone?"

         [Strie'bog asks that Gib'borah join them.  Then all four
          separate and go to a quieter place in the camp.  Strie'bog
          sits and explains the past few days in detail. Gib'borah
          and the other 2 are shocked to hear the news.  Gib'borah
          becomes very sad but listens.  Finally Gib'borah speaks.]

         Gib'borah: "If Cetric thinks he can save him then he can.
           I hope he can.  I will take Luan to prepare Cetric's

         [The chief and Luan walk away.]

         Xian: "Killed? It must've been a battle.  Maybe if we
           were there we could've made a difference?"

         Trembyl: "We've been here alone guarding the village
           from an attack that never came.  In fact the past
           few days the other chiefs and clan leaders have
           come and are wanting war.  They suspect something
           is going on but had no evidence it was the Bova
           or the Ser'manda.  They are still here.  This
           may change things."


         [The party and prisoners ride north.  Lodd explains
          they are getting close.  Finally around 4pm the
          first signs of the village are seen.  They ride
          fast and enter the village.  Everyone dismounts.
          Xian explains they have been filled in.  Xian
          and Trembyl quickly tell of the past days including
          the attack on Gib'borah and the chief meeting for

        GM: Ok.  At this point its about 4:15pm.  the
          resurrection will likely start very soon.  If
          there are actions or previous actions let me know.
          If there is something to do for or around the
          resurrection let me know.  The results of the
          ceremony will be done in the next update...

        Actions? Comments?

        Next update Friday...

        GM: Mana Reports -

          Jordi     - 100%
          Chion     -  75% Casting, 100% Battery
          Strie'bog -  15% Casting
          Thig      -  56% Casting
          Z'leyra   -  51% Casting,  93% All Batteries full strength

       GM: Strie'bog I believe you wanted to Bless Cetric before
         he does the Resurrection?  You can do a Max one if you wish.

       Actions?  Comments?

       Sorry for delay and no update friday.  This one was done
       today and with 3 hours sleep :)  So I hope it makes sense.
       Part 1 I slept so was done better :)

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