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>While sitting next to Unali, Z'leyra compliments her "Unali, you not 
>only are skilled at combat, you are wise and merciful in the use of 
>your skills. I am glad you are in the same group with me."

"And you are skilled in the magic of this world. We all have our 
strengths and abilities.

I feel we work well together as a team. But at the same time I fear 
that we both offend the men of this plain, if just by being capable 
women. Wielding magic and weapons so openly. These men just don't 
understand that women can act on their own.

And at the same time, I feel so stupid. Unable to stop that poor girl 
from killing that brute and unable to help her let her anger go. I 
should have stopped her. How will that much anger in a girl make that 
girl fit in with the men of these plains. How can she still belong 
here? She has a way with daggers, but if she cannot control her 
anger, she will never make a good ... fighter. Anyway, I am not in a 
place to take a student. And my values are not hers. Maybe you should 
talk to her and give her spirit some rest. You might understand her 
better than I do.

Talking of spirits..."

Unali is silent for a while.

"What do you think, will we be able to save Caladan's spirit. And how 
much damage will be left on the body. From what I heard those that 
are brought back never regain their old self completely. As if 
something is lost forever."

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