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Strie'bog considers what Cetric proposes.  "I can offer what little healing I have, and that many of you have seen, but I think my best offer would be to aid in getting this other shaman to Cetric's village.  As I mentioned, one of the gifts of my mother is to travel far distances.  I am not greatly skilled in it yet, but it may be enough for me to bring this man to the village.  We could be there before you, and have things prepared."

To Z'leyra, "When you bring Caladan back, if needed, I can ask the Gods to bless him, granting him more strength to recover.  There are also prayers I know that will revitalize his energy"

After Ben'dar throws the punch, Strie'bog just shakes his head.  After Ben'dar walks off, he will make sure Cetric is alright, before going about helping people get ready to move out.

*Strie'bog can cast Wisdom to try to learn the location of this Shaman, and then Translocation to make it to the other village if needed.  As he casts it as EL 1, he can bring the Shaman back to Cetric and Caladan's village.

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