[pnpgm] Ben'Dar speaks

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Tue Aug 1 20:50:16 CEST 2006

Fire burning in his eyes, Ben'Dar struggles against Farseeker and Kasha,
roaring angrily as the frustration and anger at the terrible turn of events
this day has produced comes crashing down on him.  It is clear that his
lashing out was as much an outpouring of grief regarding Caladan as an
expression of anger toward Cetric.

After a few minutes, he calms down enough to reply to Farseeker, "I have
thought much about the Deceiver.  He has displayed the "proper" amount of
suspicion toward magic, yet now he tells us that he can do secret dark
necromancy - magic powerful enough to bring one back from the world of the
spirits?!?  Either he is lying now or he has been lying his whole life to
the People about what he really is!  Why should we start trusting him now?"
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