[pnpgm] Fight or Flee?

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OOC:  I'm sure everyone is more than willing to fight these monsters...but do we need to?  We've killed all the Climans and have accomplished our goal (I think).  Why not retreat back behind the stone/metal secret door and wedge it shut, trapping the dragon and dogs inside?  If we really want to get back in there, we can just wait a few minutes... I can't imagine that these monsters will get along - they'll probably fight amongst themselves and when there's only one left (probably the dragon, injured), we go back in and finish it off.  What do you think?  Also, I seem to remember that there are some other members of the group with fairly massive injuries.  I'm worried that if we just do a frontal assault on these monsters, we may lose one or more people.  Thoughts?


Ben'Dar grins ferociously at the sight of the dragon and at the prospect of more battle.  His warrior's blood is running hot in his veins right about now!

>From Ben'Dar's vantage point, the tapestries where the monsters have appeared are partially obscured by the pillars.  Ben'Dar was looking at the Northeast one, so he probably hasn't even seen the dogs yet.  But I'm sure he can see the dragon, even if it is partially obscured by the pillar!

Ben'Dar would heed Jordi's warning about the dogs, but unless Jordi yelled it in Zendali, Ben'Dar probably won't pick up on it.  Ben'Dar charges the dragon as well, unless it becomes apparent that the party is fleeing instead of fighting; in that case he will act as rear-guard, trying to hold the monsters at bay while the rest of the party retreats to a safer place.

As he charges the dragon, he will probably notice the hell hounds eventually through his peripheral vision.  If the hounds attack before the dragon starts to move and he sees them as the more immediate threat, Ben'Dar will veer off to the northwest to engage the hellhounds first.
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