[pnpgm] Forward charge... again.

SERGI SALLENT igresigres at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 21 10:55:27 CEST 2004

     Jordi kills the priestess with his sword; he
follows the old saying of "the good climan priestess
is the dead one" to the letter.
     (OOC: just a doubt... doesn't Jordi attack the
priestess before the diplomat?)
     Then, he looks to himself, worried by Neva's
reaction to his wounds.  Fortunately, Neva seems to be
okey, and her reaction to Jordi's wounds is "normal". 
Jordi is considering kissing her, when the alarm
starts again.
     He quickly locates the sources of danger, and
quickly charges towards the dragon, while saying:
     "Get rid of the hounds, I will distract the
     Once Jordi is near the dragon (that seems to be
still adjusting to this new environment), he will cast
another Concealing Mist spell.  His idea is to keep
the dragon at bay, while the rest of the group kills
the hounds; then, the entire group will be able to
attack the dragon at better odds.


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