[pnpgm] Readying for combat

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Mon Oct 25 10:57:50 CEST 2004

     a) Loot:

     OOC: After thinking some time about it, I have
decided that Jordi won't vote in this issue.  He was
rescued from the jail by the party, and doesn't feel
too comfortable voting in this particular issue.  He
feel all right voting about tactical or strategical
decisions, but not about this.  So he lets it to the
rest of the group to decide

     b) Tactics:

     Jordi will cast invisibility spells and speed
spells on the flying party as needed.
     Then, he will prepare himself for combat in the
     "I suggest closing & blocking the access from the
rest of the complex to this cave.  In that way, we
won't have a retreat route, but if the gargolyes enter
their nest in their upper levels, they won't be able
to surround us descending through the staircases and
attacking us from the rear."
     Jordi look at the ship:
     "If there are firing platforms in the top of the
masts, we can place some archers there.  They should
also be armed for a melee combat, just in case the
gargolyes attack them."
     Jordi feels almost sick when he says this.  In
all the combats the party has made, Neva has been in
the rearguard, in a "sure" position.  Now, she will be
placed in a position where she will be in danger...
     OOC: Jordi has a bow, so he can place himself
with Neva in a high position to fire.  But he can also
place himself in a first line position.  It depends on
our current amount of archers & front line fighters.  
     If, after casting magic on the "flying party" he
has no mana left, he will ask for a firing place, near
Neva; if he has some mana left, he will ask for a
front line position.

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