[pnpgm] Storytelling

Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Fri Oct 8 05:13:32 CEST 2004

Over the coming days Z'leyra will mention some of the adventures she had
between Ticasi and Clima. In answering how she got to Clima she will say:
"...and nearing Porta we were attacked by a large gang of brigands mounted
on horses. Following a brisk fight aided by my magic, we buried the
brigands, continued on into Porta and sold the brigand's equipment and
horses as well as the steed that had served me so well. We got an impressive
chunk of change, mostly from selling the horses."
    "Karl and I split the money from the loot and parted ways. I bought some
equipment, asked around and found a couple ships that might be going near
Clima. I signed on as a ship's healer, we sailed the next day and a few days
later were intercepted by three ships from the Climan navy off the coast of
Clima. They lost one ship, we lost both of ours and I survived because of my
foresight in tying ropes to an empty keg that I could cling to while
drifting to shore."
    "Once on the beach I avoided the patrols, cleaned my gear and set out
for the army camp the patrols came from. There I passed myself off as a
Climan priestess, learned about a faerry prisoner, 'borrowed' a horse and
set off after Varange."

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