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OOC comment, relating to Z'leyra's comment about selling horses in a previous adventure...

Ben'Dar is interested in training and selling horses and training riders.  Maybe in chatting with Z'leyra about previous adventures the incident involving selling the brigands' horses will come up.  Where did you sell the horses?  Did you meet anyone who Ben'Dar could talk to in the future about setting up a more permanent arrangement for breeding, training, and selling horses at some point down the road?

This may be a bit of a stretch...but with all the cash and loot involved here (or in future adventures or whatever), some sort of investment by individuals or the group as a whole may pay off handsomely in the long run.  An idea Ben'Dar has is:  If we bought a small herd of good quality horses and some land, we could hire some guards and husbandmen and try out the idea above.  It would surely gain us all some useful skills and help us to meet alot of people and perhaps we could make a name for ourselves as merchants as well as adventurers/heroes.  We could make our gold work for us rather than just having it sitting in our belt pouches.

Just some thoughts.  Anyway, this is Ben'Dar's future dream so I'm sure during the long voyage and months ahead, he will mention this idea and/or variations of it to other members of the party.
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