[pnpgm] Game update #307 - File #505 - To tie up loose ends

Scott Adams longshot at cybermax.net
Tue Oct 5 05:18:47 CEST 2004

  Ht Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  Rh NPC Noble             Aren Solest       Duke    Normal/Human  Ma
  Rh Balrog                Balrog            Warrior Normal/Human  Ma
  Wh Tom Crockett          Caladan           Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  ?? Marcel Liberty        Chion             Sailor  Normal/Human  Ma
  ?? Burton Choinski       Cholan            Sailor  Normal/Human  Ma
  Rh Bob Eldred/Nomad      Damon             Sailor  Normal/Human  Ma
  Wh Ryan Torres           Farseeker         Warrior Normal/Human  Ma
  Wh Tim Falkenberg        Malradh ben Kasha Merc    Normal/Human  Ma
  Wh NPC Spy               Suresh Nambler    Spy     Normal/Human  Ma
  Rh Orion (Paul Broman)   Trembyl           Fighter Normal/Human  Ma
  Rh NPC Fighter           Triest            Warrior Normal/Human  Ma
  Wh Franseco B./Bondo     Valgor            Noble   Dead  /Human  Ma
  Rh Scott Adams           Xian              Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  Wh Wout Broere           Unali             Ninja   Normal/Human  Fe
  Wh Alex Koponen          Z'leyra           Healer  Normal/Human  Fe
  -- Chris Wells           Ben'dar           Warrior Normal/Human  Ma 
  -- Lyman R. Hampton      Kaylle            Scholar Normal/Faerry Ma
  -- Wayne Richardson/Uji  Thig              Sidh MU Normal/Faerry Ma
  Rh ------???-----------  Neva              Archer  Normal/Elf    Fe
  Rh Sergi Sallent         Jordi             Unsure  Normal/Elf    Ma
  Rh Npc Noble             Marta Valnon      Noble   Normal/Human  Fe
     Ally Section - Diplomats/Ex prisoners - 26 Allies
      G1  Akat, Zenon    (Goidan),     Chandris, Eri      (Kolari)
      G1  Vaeth, Tuon    (Donaran),    Vaidia, Anil       (Donaran)
      G2 *Zablin, Ris    (Zen'dan)     Ayddar Nylykerka   (Thaliban)
      G2  Nil Spaar      (Ursmaian),   Norda Proi         (Lemasan)
      G3  Walling, Dex   (Helvan)      Zing, Troyis       (Kll'Maun)
      G3  Amin, Rajwani  (Lemasan),    Qasir, Shah        (Ro'babzan)
      G1  Jevan, Corz    (Bhamotin),   Jezek, Gord        (Bhamotin)
      G1  Qualres, Diana (Shuikalese), Oolas, Kirz        (Katalan)
      G1  Abzyon, Wi     (Choisuan),   Xavier, Rua        (Fomorian),
      G1  Makki, Pov     (Katalan),    Matta, Kartz       (R'hiselkan)
      G4  Zenakhis, Trom (Fomorian),   Ackbar, Feli       (Chunrey)
      G4  Jozak, Mer     (Robari),     Zabel, Eti         (Artadan)
      G4  Goins, Sharmon (Teosian(,    Havirmar Havigashu (Vahearian)

         Player               Email Address            Email Status 
     Scott Adams            pnpgm at softhome.net          Working
     Marcel Liberty/Chion   kzinti_maouse at yahoo.com     Working 
     Tim Falkenberg         Malradh at yahoo.co.uk         Unknown
     Wout Broere            broere at powersandperils.org  Working
     Burton Choinski        bchoinski at attbi.com         Working
     Sergi Sallent          igresigres at yahoo.com        Working
     Alex Koponen           akoponen at mosquitonet.com    Working
     Chris Wells            ckwells at comcast.net

     Animals: Ventrius/Pogo Thig's dogs, Firesnake of Caladan's
              Tikil (Cholan's Ferret) (in bag)
              2 Wagon Horses, Hippogriff

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     http://abroere.xs4all.nl/broere/pnp/) or
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     Game Update #307  in sequence (file #505)
     Admin notes: Most of the new few updates will be admin oriented
     to finish the game aside from voyage home which MAY have
     random encounters.
     [Recap]     - None
     [New Stuff  - Current Situation]

       From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
         Z'leyra will search the body, patch and heal the wounded
         (happy to patch and let others heal). Suggests to party that
         Firehound blood valuable if kept in silver container. Wonders
         out loud if dragon parts might be worth big $.

         Z'leyra decides to soak her dress in dragon blood.

         Who else has preservation spell to preserve our dead? Not
         familiar with all the cultures of our dead so not sure how
         they would want the dead treated.

         Z'leyra will help Ben'Dar IF she has the time.

         She plans to basically heal folks, load the merchant ship,
         doublecheck rooms, do a quiet burial for FisherKing, get & load
         the hippogriff (also release horses), sink warships and leave.

         As armorer/weaponsmith Z'leyra will make sure all weapons
         properly cared for and presentable for buyers. She will assist
         in dividing the loot and make sure that the split is fair. She
         will try to make sure she gets the Chalcedony.

         Another thing she wants to do is study the dwarven made items...
         hopefully helping her Armorer/ Weaponsmith capabilities.
       GM:  Dragon blood is the only item i can recall being valuable.
         As to Preservation spells that's up to the players to tell.
         The dead will have to be taken back just for sake of their
         family.  They could be buried on Clima but that would
         bring dishonor nad shame to some.  If no one comes out and
         says they have such spell then the bodies will have to
         be preserved with salt and other items in coffins.  Keep
         in mind without the spell there could be less room on hte
         cargo hold due to the bodies.  For loot see next post.
         Your taking the hippogriff then?  That'll probably take
         up a hex in the cargo hold to store and contain it.
         Examine the dwarf items in what way?  

       From Ben'Dar: [Re: Actions]
         Ben'Dar returns Jordi's spear and smiles and says, "Thanks for
         the use of your spear once again Jordi.  You fight with the
         spirit of the wolf - completely fearless!  I thought that
         dragon had you. I respect your bravery...you would make a great

         Ben'Dar is also very interested in the dead dragon....  With a
         sharpened dagger, he carefully removes the fangs and claws of
         the huge beast.  He would like to keep them and use them to
         make a necklace at some later time.  He also carefully skins
         several large pieces of undamaged dragon hide for use in making
         some extra tough leather armor in the future.

         OOC:  Having grown up in the wilderness as a barbarian, I'm sure
         Ben'Dar has no trouble with the skinning part, but the tanning
         part may pose a problem.  Looks like I need to learn tanning.
         Anyone in the party got any skill in this?

         Ben'Dar also helps himself to the liquor cabinet, drinking some
         now with his newfound friends in celebration of our victory!
         He also puts several strong drinks in his sack for future use.

         He introduces himself to newly met members of the party in the
         lower levels of the mountain, and expresses gratitude to all
         for rescuing him from death at the hands of the Climans.  He
         talks to Caladan in Zendali to get all the details of their
         quest here to this mountain prison.  He expresses interest in
         joining with them and traveling with them in future adventures.
         He gathers up his gear that was taken by the Climans when he
         was captured.

         He begins immediately to work at learning the common language
         (Marentian I guess?) too so he can communicate with the rest
         of the party in the future.
       GM:  Dragon hide is smart.  You can pay someone to fashion some
         leather armor out of it and have a good defense.  It may
         weigh a bit more but be tougher than leather.  We can deal
         with that later.  You have all the gear back listed in your
         character sheet.  Even though you joined late, if you see
         an item in the loot post you want (party treasure) let
         me know.  As to common language that can be one of the
         things you spend on during the voyage and epilogue time
         between now and next adventure (3 months).  We'll cover
         that once we hit back home...assuming we do...:)

       From Jordi: [Re: Actions]
         After hugging & kissing Neva, Jordi withdraws some meters from
         her, and studies her to see if she is wounded.  He smiles at her,
         and simply says:

         "Just a minor consideration... when I said that I will kill half
         the dragons of the middle world to marry you... well, I imagine
         that you didn't take it to the letter, did you? Perhaps with
         this one my uncle will be satisfied and we will have his

         (OOC: After just one dragon, even overconfident Jordi decides
         that it is enough...).

         Some points:
         a) Jordi has experience for a succesful concealing mist & a
            failed concealing mist.  But Jordi cast a concealing mist
            (that dissappeared against the fire wall) previously that is
            not recorded.

         b) Jordi can cast a Regeneration spell, EL 0 (but perhaps 1 with
            Sidh Tongue help) to help heal Cholan's damaged hand.  Will
            it be better than healing spells?

         c) Jordi's spear:
            "Thank you, Ben'dar, but why don't you keep my spear for a
            while? Just imagine that we find something nasty until you
            find another spear... If you don't mind, keep my spear until
            you have another."

         d) Are Jordi's sword & shield usable?

         e) Try to discover if Akat, Zenon of Goidan, and Zabil, Eti of
            Aratad, are between the survivors of combat.  If they are,
            try to speak with them.  In the Climan scrolls they were
            mentioned, if I remember correctly, as being fond of elves.

         f) "What is the Hand of Sammael Sect? Does someone know what is

         g) "Hummm... there is a Marentian contact called Arkella, and
            another one called Corizon.  Men (or a women) who work for
            the  clymans... it will be a good idea to capture them as
            soon as posible... also, he mentions something about someone
            called Dura, in Sivas city... I think that I remember that
            name, but I'm not sure; can someone help me?".

         h) "I think that I have understod correctly the scrolls; then,
            we need to find 4 pieces that make the great artifact of
            power; this staff is one.  And the rest?  And we need to
            learn from the necklace story...

         It seems that these wonderful, powerful artifacts curse their
         masters if used.  I believe we must disperse and hide them
       gM:   A) True.  I rechecked my notes and I had two entries
         for it.  I guess I figured it was one and the sme but
         your correct.  Will note it on sheet.  Ok.  Noted.  B)
         Regeneration would work. However, currently you don't have
         enough mana.  In a day or two you could cast it and it
         might help him yes.   C) Ben'dar has a spear now per his
         character sheet to keep things tidy.  D) Sword/Shield is
         fine both were just sandblasted but not real damage.  They
         will have to be dug out a bit.  But easy to do.  E) anything
         specific you would like to discuss or just a short chit-chat
         during the voyage home?

         F) Kaylle will answer that:
         Kaylle: "Sammael is one of the chief gods of Clima.  They
           worship him in great supply here.  Tha hand of Sammael
           must be just a sub-group sect which worships just him
           for his and their goals.  Sammael is known as the Evil
           Prince and the Sovereign of Sin.   A nasty god."

         g) No one recognizes the name including natives to the
            province, Suresh and Aren.  Aren and others do
            suggest that capture of them will be of top priority.
         H) See below.
         [As to blessing...]
         Neva: "It doesn't matter about your uncle.  We'll decide
           our own fate.."


      Time: Estimated  7:27am-7:42am  - Morning Day 22

      Ok...lots of cleanup and admin stuff for a bit here.  I'll
      try to handle everything I recall.  :)

      When combat is over the above time is listed above.  It
      is well after sunrise.  

      * Ship -

        Party must decide which ship to take.  When the party
        returns to the sea cave eventually they will find
        Damon and Balrog (and a few others) hurrying around
        to prepare and inspect ships.  Damon the resident
        probably most experienced sailor will inform the

        Damon: "The warships are not real good for long sea
          trips but they could be done with care.  If we are
          to take loot we need to take the merchant ship.  We
          don't have many sailors in the group or even those
          experienced to use ship equipment.  It will be tough
          with a skeleton crew.  If the party decides to take
          two or more ships that decreases our chances of
          getting home."
        Aren: "How so?"
        Damon: "With less crew there is less chance of getting
          a ship ready in situations like storms or pirate attacks
          effectively.  If we take one ship then we can at least
          organize a defense or offensive more effectively.  Also
          as stated the warships may not last a good long trip
          without some care.  The merchant ship looks like its
          made just for long voyages."
        Sava: "I can help with sailing.  My speciality in magic
          is use of sea powers.  So I can create currents to
          aid in speed home."
        Aren: "So you recommend the merchant ship?"
        Damon: "Yes."
        Farseeeker: "What about the flying ability?  We could
          just fly all the way home?"
        Kaylle: "I've not found any scrolls or info yet to determine
          how this is done.  It would be through trial and error
          and we don't know the limits of it.  So its dangerous."

        GM: So I need votes.  Unless anyone objects I'll assume the
          merchant ship is ok.  If you object or have other ideas
          let me know.  There is the case of the Wave Dancer the
          ship that sent you guys here.  It has likely left and
          Aren explained this early in the game.  That given
          its orders for past groups sent here (and were killed)
          if they are in danger they were to leave.  In the case
          of the festival the ports would be closed and thus
          ships may be inspected or watched.  The sailors would've
          likely decided to leave the island.  There is the captured
          pirate ship on Lys island if I recall.  However that is
          to the south and leads to another thing (see below).

      * Layover:

        How long does the party wish to stay?  It will take hours
        to load the ship to leave with loot.  It is possible to
        leave RIGHT NOW but with no loot :).  Therefore I need
        some votes.  It could take as short as 2 hours or as
        much as 6 hours to load the ship. (I've not determined
        yet at this time but could if the party wishes more details
        on this - let me know).

        Votes: * Right now   - No loot - leave asap
               * Later today - After loading, likely 11am+
               * Tomorrow    - Load, rest and leave fresh tomorrow sunrise
               * Other       - Any other plan?

      * Healing -
        If you are wounded and have no magical healings for today
        and wish healing let me know.  Z'leyra and others can help.
        Otherwise Z'leyra if you wish to help specific ones let
        me know.  If you have magical healings today and want to
        risk another healing let me know i can give you the % chance
        of death (might be low - that info was in a past update).
        Just let me know!

      * Sink Ships:

        Z'leyra has proposed that ships (warships) be sunk.  This
        is a plan that Damon and others agree to.  So not to
        let the climans have at them.  But my question is not
        should they be but where?  There are 3 options that
        Damon and others like Aren suggest.

        Option 1: Inside cave - Burn and sink.  Drawback to this is
          Xian's 'friend' may not like this.  But it would deter
          pirates and climans using the cave again.

        Option 2: Sink JUST outside the cave entrance.  This would
          not create smoke in the mountain (if burnt) but allow
          a man-made reef in the cave entrance.  It would have to
          be scavanged to clean up (costly and likely hard to do).
          This would prevent anyone entering the cave/mountain
          from that side.

        Option 3: Far out to sea.  Just destroys the ships but
          leaves the cave/mountain open.

        So vote on the options above as well please.  Let me
        know what the majority feels.

      * Magical Creatures/Aliens:
        The scrolls mention the alien type creatures that were
        found on the ships (inside those jars).  It gives hints
        and clues as to what they are and what they do.  But
        my question is what to do with them?  Majority opinion
        works here.

      * Drinks/Celebration:
        Plenty of time for that stuff.  So relax, have fun.  Depending
        on layover option.  If you get drunk though let me know. :)

      * 3 Months/Epilogue:
        After getting back to Marentia the group will have a few
        things to do like debriefings.  But once all that is done
        the players will all have about 3 months to do things they
        wish.  Improve skills/spells, etc.  Don't let me know
        what you want to do now but you can at least have it planning
        in your haad and think about it.

      * Sea Voayge:
        Another vote needed.  There are two primary ways home to
        Marentia.  North or South of Clima.  My game site should
        have a map of the island.  But if not visit the main pnp
        website for all the maps.  There are advantages and
        disadvantages of each voyage.

        South: Could lead to a slightly longer trip based on
          going south of the island and avoiding pirates.  Good
          thing is you avoid a mass of pirates to the north from
          Porta and Clima.  Bad thing is might be more naval
          type patrols to the south.

        North: Going north has the pirates mentioned above but
          might shorten the voyage by going in a straight line
          to marentia rather than zig-zag to the south.

        Your vote?  If no opinion then you can say so :)

      * Festival:

        Kaylle will later report to the group either in mountain
        or voyage home after reading many papers...

        Kaylle: "The festival was real it seems.  They needed
          energy..life energy specifically to form the final piece
          to the Elemental Staff and then complete another ritual.
          This ritual according to what I could gather stole just
          a tiny portion of life energy from everyone within 150
          miles from here in all directions.  Together they
          believed this glob of energy could bind the final objects
          and complete the ritual.  The ritual was complex that
          involved 3 days of ceremonies.  It seems our new person,
          Ben'dar, was the needed human sacriface to complete one
          part of it.  I believe the sensation that we felt sudden
          weakness on level six was that very life force draining.
          I'm sure we'll all gain it back.  They had to according to
          the papers do it early morning since everyone would be
          waking up for a full day and have full energy."

         [Qorz/Talz confirms some of this by revealing what they
          saw outside the mountain, when they meet up with the
          party they tell this.  When they saw the strange fog
          atop the mountain was part of the ritual.]

        Kaylle: "At any rate.  It seems the overall end to this
          big ritual was to gain access to...or birth of...or
          create...I'm not sure from the vagueness of the papers...
          new creatures like those in the jars on the ships.  If
          this ritual was completed they expected to have a almost
          endless supply by a month's end."

        Farseeker: "If that's true they could've fit every ship
          with those creatures and have a true flying navy to
          take over any nation with."

      * Introductions:

        [As the party begin to relax and finally sheath their weapons
         after hours of fighting and not eating.  During a quick
         meal or nap or celebration introductions are made.  Ben'dar
         is introduced to everyone.  Jordi introduces Sava to everyone
         as well.  Torz/Qorz and others mingle and exchange chit-chat.]

      * Loost-ends:

        Trembyl -

        [No one seems surprised to find Trembyl suddenly up and about
         after being burnt with acid, naked and near death?]

        Xian: "How are you here Trembyl?"
        Trembyl [as in a more calmer voice than ever] "I actually
          am not sure.  I just owke up.  A bit sore but last thing
          I recall is I feel into the slime stuff and was burning
          and lost consciousness."
        Kaylle: "Hrm....I think I know...I came out of a office
          just in time to see some white round floating object
          about the size of a large butterfly buzz around your
          body up and down.  Then suddenly it landed on your
          forehead and seconds later you were glowing...then
          you woke up..."

        Sava: "Sounds like the same orb thing we saw when I
           escaped with Jordi?  But that makes no sense.  Could
           the Asaghi have been it and why would he help you?
           No.  It has to be something else..."

        Trembyl: "Well I have no wounds now and no burns at
          all.  I don't know what it was bout.  I found some
          clothes and had a urge to join the rest.  Thus here
          I am..."

        Aren -

        [Aren and Marta together after talking seem to figure
         out with reading of some of the scrolls why Aren was
         framed by Duke Valnon or Marta's own father.  It
         was from pressure by the Climans after they captured
         his daughter.  Hopefully with the rescue and papers this
         should resolve that issue.  Duke Aren hopes...]

        Previous Groups -

        [There were 2 other groups before this group.  As was
         semi-outlined in previous updates the spy that was
         killed when the group found Sureh was the one link to
         them all.  He turned them all in and somehow used his
         influence to return with 1 dead person and claimed he
         and the other escaped the Climans.  So that threat has
         been resolved.]

        Previous adventure tie-ins -

        [This doesn't really matter to you guys.  However this
         adventure was built by others I've had.  I may have
         mentioned adventures in old updates with Farseeker,
         Timon, Varange and others in Sivas city with Gargoyles
         and such.  This was part of the climan gathering of
         prisoners.  Just another thread I've tied and completed.
         This is how I build on adventures.  To THIS adventure
         may have a slight tie in to the NEXT one :)]

        Jordi -

        [Jordi do you wish to explain how you moved from one
         level to the other to the others?]

        Unali -

        [Do you wnat to explain where you went and how you got
         out from the stair ward event?  I'm sure others will
         eventually ask when bored on the ship :)]

      * Xian's "friend"

        Kaylle: "One of those scrolls seem to tell about that
          creature Xian encountered in the main cave.  It
          seems to be a native creature to this mountain.  We
          may be in his domain and he may want us to leave
          soon.  The scrolls seem to indicate it was hostile but
          from what I gathered it only attacked and killed the
          climans that were threatening it and its kind.  So
          I'm not sure if its evil or good or neutral...but
          I rather not stay more than 2 days here and find out..."

        GM: This should not influnce your layover vote.  The creature
          will stand a day more if needed.

        Xian: "I understood concepts it sent me by telepathy that
          it could not get to level 7 the top layer by wards.
          I figured the stair ward was one but in fact that seems
          more a human trap than it.  I then saw the gem on the
          throne and figured it was some form of ward since it
          was the only gem that seemed to glow in power.  Course
          I had trouble dispelling it ...so...[he bows his head[]
          I just broke it...[lifts head back up] and that seems
          to have finished it.  My guess he could enter this
          level now but I may be wrong and that could just be
          a nice glowing gem for decoration..."

      * The Staff

        Xian: "Trembyl how cna you hold that staff?  I tried and
           got a bit shocked..."

        Trembyl: "Its the Elemtnal Staff."

        Xian: "How ..do you know this and how did you know exactly
          where it was?"

        Trembyl: "I ..just figured..." [he looks puzzled]

        Sava: "That orb thing must've transfered some information
          to you as well."

        Thig: "So how cna you hold it?"

        Trembyl: "I am a Elementalalist.  I can cast elemental
          magic so I guess it knows this and will not affect me.
          I do sense far greater energy in it than I've tapped
          in my little earthquake..."

        Xian: "Little!  It killed a dragon and probably could've
          taken the room down with it.  And you knew this?" [he
          puts emphasis on knew]

        Trembyl: "Yes.  Thus my warning to leave the room.  I
          recall Kaylle's comments on the staff during the
          prison search with the Green Tome and such."

        Xian: "If that is THE elemental staff mentioned and
          it sure looks like the description with its 4 pieces
          and trident head then its too powerful to be used...
          even by you..."

        Trembyl : "I agree.  I must decide how to deal with it..."

        GM: Jordi your question on the artifacts.  May have worded
        it wrong in the scrolls but the scrolsl tell of HOW the
        four pieces were found and their locations.  If you use
        the maps they are in the 4 corners of the globe.  Those
        peices (staff, 3 pieces of trident) form each part of
        the elements...and maybe a mysterious new ancient element
        that man has forgotten...  [Ergo the alien creatures]
        So hope this fills in that gap.  Now with this great artifact
        in hand and what kaylle has described in the past of the
        devastation it has done (if you want i can find that update
        so you can re-read it but on the website it should say something
        like "A legend is told" but I can find the # if needed) the
        staff is very powerful.  


      [The aprty has a short celebration after the battle and
       chit-chat.  Eventually after adrenline settles down and
       some HAVE to rest most everyone eventually ends up on
       the ship level with the boats.]

      [Aren, Qorz, Talz, Suresh and Marta when not helping others
       will be talking among themselves about things.]

      [Balrog and Damon report on ship conditions and recommendations.]

      [Caladan and Ben'dar talk and he goves over why the group is
       there in a quick overview.]

      [Chion does wake up after about 20 minutes and rejoins the
       others in the crown room.  To find hellhounds and a dead
       dragon to his amazement.  No one tells him about what
       happened to Ris until Ris just glares at them and Aren
       helps to negoitate a peace treaty betwene the two.  Ris
       starts to settle when its explained it was a Hatred spell
       and he had no choice.  Chion can't of course recall any
       of it.]

      [Cholan's hand is pretty bad and will likely lose a pernament
       -4 to his Dex from the damage.  He could get it regenerated
       at home if no one has it.  Jordi has the spell but no mana
       at this point.  He'll have to rest to use it.  If jordi
       is still willing.  Its probably the most serious wound
       everyone has since most other wounds are slashes, cuts,
       bruises or slight impalements.   Since this pretty much
       has destroyed the hand its far more serious.]

      [Farseeker for better of an hour will rest and may sleep some
       as he is the most tired of the group at almost complete
       and total exhaustion.  I hope no one objects to him slacking
       off :)]

      [Suresh explains to the party and aren he will have to remain
       in Clima until his duty is complete.  He has a girlfiend here
       now who he truly likes and will have ot smuggle her back to
       Marentia when recalled.  So he will remain on the island.]

      [Kasha and the diplomats organize all the wounded enemy, and
       knocked out enemy into clumps or cells.  The dead if in
       the way are stored in different areas..]

      [The entire party in some fashion or another begins the
       process of loading the loot.  The way the stairs are
       they are level and not stair 'steps'.  This was meant to
       be so small wagons could carry the loot from level to level.
       Then the warehouses on the sea level could transport the
       goods via the small raft to the boats to be loaded.  The
       bulk of the time will be doing this aside from minor
       quick naps and eating, relaxing.]

      GM: As to the Hellhound/Dragon blood I've not forgotten.  There
        are plenty of good containers even empty ones to use for
        it.  I'll have to determine the amount and value later on
        when loot is completed.

    Actions? Comments?
    Next update Friday...

    See next update supplement post for the loot report...

    At this point mainly need comments and votes on the above stuff.
    Once that is done we'll jump to the leaving of the island..
    So no major actions are required at this point unless you have
    specific ones.

    Oh.  Cavemap.txt and cavemap.zip is complete. Its on the website
    now.  Its huge to post on the list.  If you want to see the
    complete mountain and every room, side views and mountain
    description with guard info and stats its there.  You can download
    the zip file and view it at your own time.  So want to know how
    many folks you guys encountered?

    ....30 Gargoyles...and 232 guards!  Not bad for a group of 40-50
    at any one time.  If you want a exact breakdown of guard stats
    they are on the very bottom of the cavemap.txt file link is
    on the bottom of the game website.

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