[pnpgm] Game update #320a File #525 - Note/sCleanup

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Sat Dec 25 05:59:54 CET 2004

     Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
     Balrog                Balrog            Warrior Normal/Human  Ma
     Chris Wells           Ben'dar           Warrior Normal/Human  Ma
     Tom Crockett          Caladan           Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
     Marcel Liberty        Chion             Sailor  Normal/Human  Ma
     Bob Eldred/Nomad      Damon             Sailor  Normal/Human  Ma
     Ryan Torres           Farseeker         Warrior Normal/Human  Ma
     Sergi Sallent         Jordi             Wizard  Normal/Elf    Ma
     Tim Falkenberg        Malradh ben Kasha Merc    Normal/Human  Ma
     NPC Plaqyer           Neva              Archer  Normal/Elf    Fe
     Wayne Richardson/Uji  Thig              Sidh MU Normal/Faerry Ma
     Orion (Paul Broman)   Trembyl           Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
     Wout Broere           Unali             Ninja   Normal/Human  Fe
     Scott Adams           Xian              Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
     Alex Koponen          Z'leyra           Healer  Normal/Human  Fe
     Animals: Ventrius/Pogo Thig's dogs, Firesnake of Caladan's

        Player                Email Address     
     Wout Broere     broere at powersandperils.org
     Alex Koponen    akoponen at mosquitonet.com
     Sergi Sallent   igresigres at yahoo.com
     Scott Adams     pnpgm at softhome.net
     Chris Wells     ckwells at comcast.net
     Marcel Liberty  kzinti_maouse at yahoo.com

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     Game Update #320a   in sequence (file #525)
     Admin notes:
      1) May have noticed the header has changed slightly.  This will
    further change for next game.  No need to post alot of that
    so will put it into a seperate link on website.
      2) Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates that holiday or
    whatever holiday you celebrate!
      3) there is no rush for this update.  Read when you can and
    reply after the holiday weekend if your busy or out of town.

    Before I get to update a few odd and ends to deal with:

    1) Header
       Removed Email contact info for Burton and Tim as they
       are no longer involved.

       From the roster I've removed -

       A) Kaylle - Not in next adventure as he'll be building up
          the library in Malnon.  One dangerous adventure is
          enough for hin.
       B) Valgor - Dead
       C) Triest - Dead.  If you noticed in the events I posted
          Triest was sadly attacked and killed during the 3
          months.  :<
       D) Suresh - Not in next advneture and will likely retire
          to a new life in Marentia with his new wife.
       E) Cholan - Since burton is not playing he'll not be
          in the next adventure even as a NPC.  The 3 months
          post showed his activities and reasons.
       E) Aren - Obviously not in next adventure.
       F) Marta - Same as Aren.
       G) Diplomats - Obviously not in the next adventure.


    2) Diplomats -

       It takes the Royal Court and King to weed through the
       various diplomats and their problems and issues.

       Four of the diplomats - Zenon Akat of Goidan, Eri Chandris
       of Kolari, Anil Vaidia of Donara and Eti Zabel of Aratad
       are espeically agreeable to have joined in the battle against
       clima.  They return to inform their leaders of clima's plans
       to build up.  These four will actually sustain some promotion
       in their society for the brave escape (that seems to have
       been all their doing though a slight mention was made for

       Ris Zablin of the Western Zenda tribes is sent home due to
       problems in the tribe.   Before he returns he spends a week
       signing some new trade agreements with Marentia.  Though
       some believe he may not have full authority of the tribe
       its best they can do until his leaders send word back.  

       Nylykarka Ayddar of Thaliba and Nil Spaar of the usrsmal
       spend a month in Marentia sending word back.  They
       are eventually recalled home.  They are glad to help
       Marentia against Clima.

       The following diplomats eventually return home but have
       no clear picture of their views.  They are neutral to
       Marentia and Clima.  Except for the Vahearian most are
       from lands far away from Marentia so take weeks to
       return home if not months.  Neutral diplomats -
       Proi Norda of Lemasa, Rajwani Amin of Lemasa, Kirz Oulas
       of Katai, Pov Makki of Katai, Wi Abzyon of Choisan,
       Kartz Matta of R'hiselska, Trom Zernakhis of Formoia,
       Feli Ackbar of Chunrey, Mer Jezak of Robari, Sharmon
       Goins of Teos, and Navigashu Navirmar of Vahear.  There
       was a incident with Pov a week after returning home where
       he was caught in a restricted area.  The court felt he
       could be spying so deported him immediately.  

       The two most troublemakers were Dex Walling of the Helva
       and Diana Qualres of Shurikal.  While on Clima and the
       ship they were quiet but once on land they made demands
       of the servants and royal court.  The King finally had
       to deport them to get rid of them.

       Of the diplomats, 26 in total, 13 either did not fight
       during the battles or when fought did not get hurt.
       Those who did fight and get hurt include Anil, Ris,
       Proi, Amin, Kirz, Wi and Kartz.  In fact Amin, Ris
       and Anil send special thanks back to the kingdom and
       Jordi/Z'leyra for healing.  If it weren't for them they
       may be dead today.  For both healers they send a note
       that if they are ever in their lands they can seek a favor
       if needed and if they are still in power.

       Unfournately of the 26 one quarter 6 of the diplomats didn't
       make it back - Tunn Vaeth of Donara, Rua Xavier of Fomoria,
       Gord Jezek o Donara, Corz Jevan of Bhamotin, Troyis Zing of
       the Kli'maun and Shah Qasir of Ro'babza.

       Based on the scrolls Kaylle found in the offices the traitors
       from the Cerulean Empire will be noted.  The King will have
       to figure out a way to use that information politically to
       help Marentia and hinder Clima.

       Many of the diplomats do regret leaving as their family
       may still be on Clima or threatened.  Its a long haul for
       many but in fact soon after the group leaves Clima they
       reverse their operations and the families are not touched.
       It is assumed the Climans must not want more undue publicity.

       You may have noticed some diplomats were from non-civilized
       areas (ie tribes).  In fact such societies would not
       have diplomats in the true sense.  In those cases they
       were leaders of some kind (tribal leaders who had the
       ear of the leader or family member of said people, shaman
       or military leader, etc.)  So that's how those fit in.
       Most are from the sea of Tears nations except Fomoria and
       Lemasa, Katai.  In those cases they were seeking allies.


    3) Funerals/Unexpected Deaths -

       Valgor's Funeral was mentioned in the last update.  Many
       attend his funeral from the nobility and his family.  The
       cover story was that he died on a pirate raid while at
       sea near Bhamotin.  His family may never know of his
       true death at the Slime in the mountain.  But if they
       learned of it problems could occur for Marentian and
       King Maros.  It was still a secret mission.  Eventually
       near the King's death a private letter is released from
       his archives to Valgor's family which will explain this.
       By then it won't matter either way if problems occur for
       Marentia.  So they do learn at least of the facts and
       the heroism of Valgor.  At least this is the public
       view.  Privately it may slip to the family the facts
       alot sooner.

       Triest as stated in the last update was killed in a simple
       random encounter during the 3 months.  There was nothing
       I could do to prevent it except utter cheating of the
       dice.  But that's how things go sometimes.  One day your
       killing dragons and the next your killed in a random street
       dice game.  When the party learns of his death the state
       gives him a honored funeral.  Only the party members and
       his family attend.  The family knew of his exploits so
       understand he was a hero to them but mourn his sensless

    4) Climan Spies
       With the help of Suresh, Duke Valnon, Duke Aren and
       Kaylle the documents found in Cloud Base lead the
       Marentians to arrest 3 spies immediately upon landing
       the next day.  An investigation later leads to 8 more
       arrests as a network of more spies are found.  Duke
       Aren also sends dispatches that lead to upwards of 50
       to 75 spies arrested or killed in other nations.  The
       exact number is not known as the nations only elude to
       the results so as to minimize their political blunder
       of spies in their nation.

    5) Mission Aftermath

       Marentia -

         Days after landing in Maren the military is quickly called
       back into their posts and bases.  Since the party was the
       fourth party to travel to Clima the King and court had feared
       the mission was a failure.  For the last week he had mobilized
       the military including re-building of some ships and building
       arms.  To cover this operation the military claims it was
       a military readiness and war games drill.  This cover story
       seems to be effective.  Though Thaliba, Porta, Clima and
       Bhaomtin take note of the sudden naval buildup.  Clima would
       send dispatches of subtle threats to King Maros for invading
       their land.  But its so subtle and so unclear (so as to
       cover their political blunder) that King Maros simply ignores
       such things.  Duke Aren reassigns 2 new agents to head to
       Clima to fill Suresh's spot and a new spot to ensure things
       are settled there.  Two months after landfall the court tries
       to notify party members (if they can) there are rumors that
       Clima has hired agents and bounties on those involved in
       the slaughter of their men and base equipment.  

       Clima -
         After Cloud Base is virtually destroyed the Climans have
       a massive island wide search for the invaders.  It soon
       comes clear that they are not there any longer.  The seas
       are patrolled but no sign of enemy ships.  This failure
       and the lose of the base causes great disturbance in
       Clima City and the Council of Priestess.  At least 4
       Priestess are demoted in status, 2 are killed and 1 is
       exiled to a desolate small sub-island.  A total of 25
       men are killed for various aspects.  Some are bodyguards
       of said priestess in disgrace, some are military leaders
       who refused to find and thwarft the invasion.  Some
       killed are agents that should've learned of the invasion
       before it occured.  When its learned that the climan spy
       Dias (killed by the group when the group ound Suresh)
       could've prevented things his direct superior is killed
       by torture and pain for weeks.  When one thinks of heads
       rolling in a situation this litterally occured in some
       instances.  The festival that was planed to gather the
       life force energy of the islanders causes a big economic
       loss and some merchants lose alot of gold as a result.
       Many boat builders are called off duty as the planned
       buildup of ships (flying ships) fails.  This causes
       a minor army of boat builders to be unemployed.  When
       the climans return to the mountain they find their
       men and rescue thsoe they can.  However they have no
       choice but after interrogation to slaughter them.
       They do not wish the failure of the base to get out.
       A cover story is formed that the troops were killed
       in a portan raid.  Which in fact did occur north of
       the island.  The climans try three times to regain
       access back into the mountain.  When they find the
       entrance caved in a small group is formed from those
       who will be later slaughtered to dig their way in.
       But it soon is clear that mysterious deaths occur as
       they are killed with massive wounds like claw marks
       in their bodies.  Magic is formed to enter the mountain
       but the 2 Priestess fail to return.  The sea entrance
       is tried but with the burnt and sunken ship hulls it
       becomes difficult.  A small rowboat is taken to enter
       but again mysterious deaths occur.  The climans later
       resolve to quarentine the area believing the monster
       reported by the lead priestess in her report is alive
       and now in control there.  In Fact the creature would
       stay alert and watching the mountain for 3 more months.
       After no one would retry to get closer it would settle
       in and wait out its next cycle of hibernation.  The
       council who had plans to obtain more of the creatures
       given to Lady Varo know that only 3 could be found and
       those 3 were to be bred if able or used the magic of
       the staff and other rites to form new ones/summon new
       ones.  But with the staff and air creatures gone their
       plans have failed.  Their plan for regrowth of their
       empire slows down once again.  The climans however
       are smart enough to know through their spies and magic
       that the Marentians are involved.  In the weeks that
       follow they summon bounties on those involved.  It may
       take months to find out all those involved.  If they could
       they would attack Marentia or kill the King but know the
       chance of such is slim so they will vent hteir anger out
       in piracy of Marentian ships and the bounties.


    6) King's Reward:

       I beliee I forgot to mention a few rewards.

       Balrog -

         Balrog is fearful of the king.  It is clear of this
       when he approachs the king.  Balrog asks that through
       hesitation finally asks that a certain record be
       removed off his Marentian record.  Balrog fidgets and
       evades but finally admits that he was tried and convicted
       of a felony.  The king is leary of lifting this due
       to political ramifications if it got out.  Instead
       quietly it is arranged through court aides that they
       will give him what's more or less a future get out of
       jail card within reason.  That would include no murder or
       capital offense but could be used otherwise.  This does
       cause some court discussion and debates but its quickly
       swept under the rug.

       Caladan -

         He held his request initially and then later asked for
       it.  He asked for help for a village in the mountains
       near a tiny forest that was under threat from some
       mountain creatures.  In doing so he was allowed to buy
       50 acrews of land in the area and build a log cabin with
       his own money and hands.  Caladan would soon become the
       village's way out and help rid the creatures who were
       killing villagers.  He would soon become a quiet protector
       for them.  

    7) Personality Cleanups -

       Rhalgun the Dwarf -

         Originally played by a person he left the party when Varange
       left to the lower world.  He would eventually find his way
       back to his people in the Elder Mountains.  He would not
       venture out again in adventures finding them a bit too

       Varange -

         Word gets back to Kaylle from friends in Avalon about
       Varange.  Kaylle would later let the party know if they
       see them or talk to them (especially the faerry and
       Elfs).  It seems that Varange did return and give his
       report on Clima and other matters.  At first he tried to
       take credit as he stated but decided not to.  At least
       that was the public report given in the court there.  But
       in private its rumored he takes credit on the ship going
       down in the sea and the mountain being explored with
       help of friends of his.  But most that know of him in
       Avalon know his ego is more than the truth at times.
       This doesn't in the end improve his station or his
       fame in the realm.  Varane later is rumored to try
       and learn if Farseeker and others returned hom.  Whether
       this is for sentimental or other reasons is unknown.

    8) Character Goals

       Some in the party have secretly or overtly completed their
       own personal goals laid out in character sheets.  If for
       soem reason you wish new goals let me know.  By the
       above information and other tidbits there are plenty o
       new plot points each character may have to be involved
       in or with.  These may or may not come out in the direct
       next adventure.  On examples of goals fullfilled:

       Xian - Found his brother finally and stopped his threat
         but in doing so may have gotten more depressed over
         the situation.

       Trembyl - From his chats with others its clear his
         ultimate goal was more elemental knowledge.  Then
         to find the supreme staff of that knowledge and give
         it away.  Trembyl would regret that but knew he
         could not hold onto the staff for fear of its full
         power that could corrupt him.  

       Aren - To free his name and was clearly resolved.

       Farseeker - Two months after landfall Farseeker is found
       drunk and out in a bar.  Because he is well known in
       the area what he spouted during his drunken time was
       a shock to some.  He had mind enough to keep it seret
       but it seems that he let out that his mother may have
       been a Climan priestess.  When this rumor gets back to
       the party some suspect this is just the drink talking
       or it could be some fact to it.  No one wishes to ask
       directly.  But that may have explained why he was on
       the climan mission.

    9) Contacts

       Because of the scope of this adventure I will allow
       you to obtain a personal contact for your character sheet.
       For those in the top roster everyone knows each other
       well enough those are assumed contacts.  But if you wish
       to add a new person let me know.  This contact you can
       later use as a friend or for other things.

       These people include:
         Suresh, Aren, Marta, Captain Seyed or one of the diplomats.
       The diplomats may vary in the answer depending on if they
       like your nation and Marentia.  the King is considered a
       high contact that common contact with him is hard pressed
       so he is out of the list.  Keep in mind if you choose a
       diplomat that the distance involved may be a problem if
       he is say in Fomoria or Lemas for example.  Let me know.

   11) Adventure Info

       Adventure Started June 14, 1999
       Adventure Ended   Dec  31, 2005 [Close enough]
       Game Total Time - 35 days in Game days

       Five and a half years.  Boy I had no idea it would honestly
       last this long.  I imagined the adventure would last maybe
       half that or less.  But we did run into issues like almost
       a year with Bertram's annoying behavior.  There were gaps
       of some months where thins didn't get done due to family
       issues or other things.  Combats were lengthy of course.
       I estimated that in table sessions (say a saturday from
       noon to midnight) the adventure would've lasted in person
       only 4 sessions max.  Likely 1-2 for the cave complex
       and 1-2 for other things (prison, travel and such).  This
       is the problem with PBEMs however.  But in the next adventure
       there won't be caves or prisons.  The biggest structure may
       only be a few rooms at a time.  So don't worry about that.

       At this point

       Updates - 320 Updates
       Files   - 525 Files [Includes player actions, maps, etc.]

       The dir which holds all those files are 7.1 megs of
       nothing but text.  ALOT of info and text.  Compressed
       it takes up 2.5 megs.  In past pbem adventures that
       is huge as most back then were like 400-500k.  If you
       guys want a copy (why I have no clue :)) let me know.
       But I will be removing the files from teh website at
       one point and keep a archive.  The website will be
       cleared for the next adventure.

       I must admit this adventure started out at level 3
       on my 10 point scale - easy difficulty.  Then got
       more and more players it jumped from a 3 to a 7
       of a moderate adventure.  Things just keep adding and
       adding to it. If this is a 7 then the next adventure
       is likely a 2 or 3 :).

       In past posts I've filled in alot of the gaps of the
       adventure and did more in this post.  If you still
       have questions on how things were done let me know.
       But in fact everything had a reason.  The diplomats
       for example weren't random but had a purpose to be
       captured.  This adventure ties into the last 2 I'e
       run in my core group.  The next adventure won't tie
       into anything per se but may slightly this adventure
       but if so VERY slightly.

       I do hope you enjoyed this adventure.  

   12) Suggestions/Feedback:

       As a GM I'm always eager to learn from my players.  I have
       done that.  I'm amazed at how some of the characters were
       run.  I enjoyed for example the fresh idea of Subdual
       damage (something most players don't een consider) by
       Unali.  A romantic (though hard in pbem) interlude with
       Jordi and Neva.  Ben'dar's eagerness.  Chion's unique
       way to deal with things and Z'leyras constant method to
       improve her being and skills.  As Xian I tried not
       to overtake the game and give out things that should
       not.  I played him as I would as a player.  He may
       have been the conscious of the GM but he didn't go
       by the info the GM had in his actions.  With that
       said I'm open to take suggestions and comments
       on this adventure.  If you have any for public or
       private go those routes. This is optional but I'm
       open to learn from you guys on ways to make changes.
       Typical areas for feedback include but are not
       limited to the following:

       * Length: I know I can get lengthy with text and may
         bore you with things especially if you are busy
         reading and have other things to do.  In act table
         games I'm very fast in my ideas but in PBEM games
         it allows me to express more vibrant ideas and
         complex situations I may not hae time in table
         games.  If you guys think I should shorten length
         of text or things in updates let me know :)

       * Update format: Initially I had player actions post
         in the list and then I simply did the updates. As
         I progressed I included the actions IN the update
         even though they were shown on the archives/website.
         I then replied to said actions in a Recap section
         at the top of the post.  If you guys have a comment
         on the format let me know.  Since Wout has been kind
         enough to give good archives the player actions are
         there to be seen by all.  So I may next game limit
         my replies to said actions and just insert them into
         the update as needed.  I've not fully decided yet
         but may do a change either way.  If there are other
         format changes you would recommend or like let me know.

       * Spelling: Ok.  Besides making me have a dictionary
         I know I could spell better.  This isn't a matter  of
         wanting to run a spell checker but its more a factor
         of time :).  This very post I've been working on for
         the last 3 hours because I've been distracted by other
         things.  Typical combat updates may require 2 hours
         of sheer logistical work.  So usually by the time I
         end the update I'm ready to post :).  So I don't do
         a proofread.  It may not be a factor of me knowing
         how to spell but having the time to do so.  So I
         apologize for the spelling stupid stuff.  In fact this
         keyboard the V and F keys are working at random times
         now so if you notice Vs and Fs missing its the keyboard's
         fault. :)

       * Maps - Are the maps acceptable.  I've used Hex maps nad
         simple square maps.  I use pure text maps compared to
         graphical maps for two reasons.  One is that text maps
         convey the most common method of viewing.  If I used
         a graphical map I'd have to have each of you use some
         specific software.  This way its in the update.  Also
         I'm frankly not an artist.  I can barely draw a circle
         without it looking stupid! :)

       * Characterization:  It may seem that some actions from
         the players you never seem (ie farseeker, etc.) are
         my actions.  In fact they are not.  But I hope it
         looks like they are truly good characterization.  In
         fact the characters of this game have well developed
         from start to finish.  Some have gone up in CELs and
         MELs over the time.  

       * Magic: If I need work in any of the magic areas let
         me know. I know I have learned some new tidbits
         of magic here nad there myself.  Magic in the next
         game however as with combat may change.  Magic may
         be more critical to the rules (ie damaged lose mana,
         magic disruption and such).  I've been good this
         game but it may change in next game.

       * Combat: Like Magic if I need improvement here let me
         know.  Next game Armor and Weapon values (ie break
         values, DR, FV) will be more used.  Thus its possible
         to have weapons break and armor go down.  In the cave
         complex most of the fighters would've lost their armor
         long ago but with the sheer logistics involved it
         was hard to deal with so I ignored it.  But not
         in the next game.  The 1 or 2 phase system I do
         also if you think needs improement let me know.  I may
         change format of that instead of doing the obvious
         steps (ie mana allocation, missile fire, etc.). Since
         everyone here knows the steps.  If there is area for
         improvement let me know.

       * Role-playing: In PBEM as you may have seen true role
         playing can bog down things.  A simple game time of
         10 minute dialogue may take weeks in pbem terms.  While
         I enjoy role playing I think we need slightt improement
         from me on this.  So next game it will be more role
         playing oppurtunity.  Unfournately this may slow the
         game down but if you guys don't think this wise let me
         know.  I still will do the action-reaction system in
         that if you post something and wish to add a few lines
         of dialogue but the update has moved beyond that point
         then that's fine.  That's great way to deal with role
         playing speed.  You guys have clearly used that system
         well enough.  

       * Plot: If I need help in the plot area let me know.  In
         this adventure there was HUGE amounts of plot points.
         Each character had sub quests, sub plots.  There wer
         emajor npc sub plots from the diplomats to npcs in
         the party.  Probably 70% of the plot may not have been
         understood by you at the time.  But if you haven't learned
         by now I'm BIG on plots.  How they intertwine and relate.
         The cave creature for example was not part of the original
         plot but added when that first cave guard could've been
         questioned and secrets given out.  I had to kill that
         guard by the creature and bam a new sub plot with Xian
         and a whole new plot with the priestess and mysterious deaths.
         As each character came in Z'leyra, Chion and Ben'dar I had
         to add new plot points to the game to fit them in I do hope
         I did that well enough.  I'm famous in my game group circles
         at least for plots, characters and riddles.  I did originally
         plan on some riddles for this game but didn't do them.  Maybe
         next adventure :)

       * Rules: I'm no rule laywer and most folks hate those guys.
         I run 20 odd game systems over the last 20 eyars.  I do
         yes specialize in P&P and about 4 others that I pretty
         much have memoriezed at least 90% of the rules.  But I
         clearly can't pull them out and stay such and such is
         from page X and section Y.  I do know enough of the system
         however to work it and find what i need.  I've been nice
         in this adventure on alot of the rules.  In next game I
         may be more stricter.  Food, endurance for example will
         be two areas.  I do hope my running of the rules was
         good enough.

       * Other: If there is another area of improvement or comments
         let me know.  Without feedback good or bad I can't
         fix things.  Its not required and I won't hold it against
         you if you give bad or good or nothing.  Your character
         won't suddenly be killed by a godly lightning bolt so
         don't fear that.  :)

       ***** Lastly THANK YOU guys for the fun times.  I enjoyed
       it.  This is probably the best pbem aside from a Gamma World
       oen I ran that lasted 14 months (which I still get people
       talking about to this day for some reason).  You guys helped
       me to keep this going.  At times with things like Bertam
       arguing over silly things and my dad's death that I felt like
       quiting.  But in fact this game has kept me going.  It
       is my one way out to a world of fantasy and imagination away
       from the real world of work and life.  I hope you guys
       enjoyed the game as much as I have. Thanks again! **********

   13) Birthday:
       For NPCs and other characters I have determined each birthday
       of the character (D12, D30) based on a normal earth calender
       system.  Why I mention this?  Well since the game time has
       gone 5 months this means half a year.  The next may be a month
       but in that time characters may have aged a year as their
       birthdays.  So I'll increment ages.  For those players out
       there if you want me to randomly roll your day let me know
       otherwise you can do it or select the month, day.  Let me
       know.  So that we can increment your age if need be.

       The adventure started in the Earth equivalent of June.
       Ended in July.  Thus by the next advneture fall is
       approaching around October.  It may start to turn cooler.

   14) Three Months

       Three months will resolve from end of first adventure to the
       next.  This gives reality that in a world like the Perilous
       Lands there is not always quests and heroes have day jobs :)

       With that said its time for you guys to come up with your
       Three month actions.  The same format for the 2 week sailing
       is applied.  But to help out I'll give some ideas.

       1) Purchases: Mention anything you wish to buy especially
          in terms of Land or if you are to rent a hotel room so
          I can delete your expenses.

       2) Skills: If you wish to train and practice any skills
          let me know.  Some skill training can be done in one
          strategic turn (ie day or night).  Usually you'd sleep
          at night but it could be possible to do 2 skills in one
          day depending on the skill.  We can determine this
          privately if needed.  For example a combat skill may
          require all day of physical training.  But a Music
          skill may be practiced at night for 3-4 hours and that
          is decent info for a point.  Let me know which skills
          to use. 

       3) Magic- Magic can be practiced without limits.  But if
          you do let me know ELs used, rules on failures (ie
          if spell fails do you repeat it for example).

       4) New Skills: If there is a skill you don't have you
          will need to find a teacher or other methods of
          learning it.  Let me know if you do such.  There
          are new skills Burton has come up and all those
          are on Wout's website.  If you can't find those
          materials let me know.

       5) New Spells: Same with New Skills.  But there is
          a lot o material.  I recently posted on the pnp
          mailing list a bunch (maybe 50) new spells I've
          come up over the 20 years.  Richard has also done
          up the new Book 2 and posted it on the pnp main website
          for wout.  Both sources have a lot of new spells the
          basic pnp book 2 doesn't have.  If you wish to learn
          such new spells let me know.  If you need MY magic
          spells I can send them to you.

       6) Item Investigation: Some still have items to research.
          Two are three ways to do this.
          A) Knowledge spells or Perception spells
          B) Buying the info: I have come up with a house rule
             on this that the cost for such is 10-25% of the
             item VALUE if sold.  The range is based on influence
             and haggling rolls.  The reason it is so high is that
             even those wizards require time for knowledge use
             to build back up so its supply and demand here.  

       Applied Training -
         Basic rules apply.  If you practice a skill you know
         you get 1 point per day.  If you have a trainer you
         get 2 Expertise per day. If you use books WITH a teacher
         you learn even more (3 or 4 depending) per day.

         Magic I hae my own house rule for a basic overall
         applied training.  But you can come up with your own
         version of spells to practice by listin such spells.
         You will earn the full expertise and MEP of those
         spells mana assuming >0.

         To help my sanity with the sheer volume of material I would
         like to suggest a certain format for the 3 month actions.
         I would like as shorted ideas as you can (ie not 8 paragraphs
         explaining a history of an item your making).  Its not
         that I don't enjoy its time :).  If you feel such material
         is needed then by all means give it.  I won't refuse it.
         But if you can say

         "Create Fire Amulet" that conveys your idea and then give
         the steps to do so (skills/spells).  Without going into
         30 lines of text in detail what the amulet looks like.  I
         you need those facts like appearance or what the item is
         to do then by all means that is required for your characte
         rsheet.  But try to shorten the material if its not needed
         to convey your idea.

         I would also like to have Day by Day if possible listed.
         This will help to organize a chain of eents I can later
         post results to you.

         For example:

         Day 17: Use Sword (1), Cast Fire Dart EL0
         Day 18: Use Tutor in Fomroain Language (2), Cast Luck EL2
         Day 19: Rest day.  Night practice dagger throw skill (1)

         () values are points earned by basic rules.

         Three months are 90 days (30 day months).  If you wish
         to plan it that way.  This format will help with the amount
         of work I have to do for 4-5 players.  As examples I already
         posted typical stuff for the other npcs and players in the
         3 month update last time.

         Again I'm always free to do live IRC or ICQ chats.

         [IRC - Internet Relay Chat.  Is as simple as downloading
          one program like mIRC and then chatting.  One can have
          that setup in minutes.  ICQ is a way to chat when 2 or
          more people are online at any one time.  Just a download
          and install and your ready.]

         If you have any questions or comments let me know.

         Next post is the actual update stuff.

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