[pnpgm] The Incoming Giant

SERGI SALLENT igresigres at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 3 09:50:49 CET 2004

     Jordi quickly realizes that the worst that can
happen is that the giant holes the ship hull.  So, he
advances to face the giant, and casts a concealing
mist spell, trying to hide the giant AND the areas of
the ship nearer to the giant, so the giant can't
damage the ship... obviously, if the Giant aproaches
the ship, Jordi will try to attack it, with missiles
(bow) or with melee weapons (scimitar if posible, or
spear if it remains at some distance)
     (OOC: I don't post any phrase for Jordi, because:
a) He can't speak if he is doing magic.
b) He doesn't have time.) 

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