[pnpgm] Da update

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Thu Jan 27 06:33:46 CET 2022

I know I'd said it'd be done Mon/Tue.
But those days did not start early enough.
Late starts.
Then was waiting for more interaction (per a player).
Looks like that post came in tonight after 10 and so a bit late.
So will work on it next few days.

Thur/Fri will be hectic errands after work and some work related 
special chores.
So will do it soonish.

BTW from now on I'll do a separate post like this on when updates go out.
To help those who don't seem to get it or goes to spam fo rsome reason.

Setting deadline for healing votes for 2/1.
Stay tuned...

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