[pnpgm] missing...spam

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Mon Jan 17 06:26:31 CET 2022

So I see alot of folks get mail in spam.

After 2-3 decades to be honest i've not had ne Junk or Spam box email.

I even use a ancient emial program - Euroda.

I'd suggest you whitelist into your email program
my pnpgm@ email and
the pnplist email
Maybe even add [pnpgm] as tag line
or add 'game Update' subjects to pass?
Too many email programs ot give tips.

Not sure what I can do here.
Maybe change subjects?
I suppose one can keep tabs on Archives.
This s why I do number the updates.
Sadly unless you whitelist not much else i can do.
Course your isp may spam them
but you can do changes isp side as well.

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