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       [New Stuff]

            It is a turbulent time in 
Glorantha.  To many cultures each have their own 
time line, history and calendar.  Each Cult may 
also have their own version.  One Cult is known 
to use the days of the week of appendages of 
their main god.  But what may be one of the most 
“common” is the Orlanth version.

            To this cult it is Storm season which 
is in many regards considered early summer.  It 
is the Death week and the Clayday, 3rd day of the 
week.  The area is that of Dragon Pass.  While 
there are in legends 3 major land masses in the 
world this area is considered a core human 
thriving area.  After the Dragon Years the humans 
are trying to reclaim the area.

         [Clayday, Death, Storm Season, 1625, 
Dragon Pass, Genertela, Glorantha]

            Most humans from early age of 10, 
more so by age 16-21, were taught by their 
parents, clans, cults and cultures their 
“version” of history.  But some underlying common 
threads do come to pass in every story.  Some may 
see this as a new age but a dark age.  Some may 
see this as a outdated age as the quest for new 
metals help cultures escape the bronze era.  But 
because of this they consider this a bright age full of learning and knowledge.

            Each person who wishes to leave the 
farm strives to explore and grow.  They look back 
to the past to look to shine the light to the 
future.  At the beginning the Primal Void formed 
Glorantha with the help of the gods which lead the land into the Golden Age.

            Then Umath, Primal Air, disrupted the 
peace and The War of the Gods began.  The Death 
of the Sun, starting the Great Darkness and Chaos age.

            But Glorantha was not destroyed. 
Spurred on by Hope and Chance, the Seven 
Lightbringers sought through the Chaos-ridden 
Cosmos and, after harrowing adventures, liberated 
the life-giving Sun God, The joyful god leapt to 
his rightful place in the sky and the Dark was banished.

            The Gods made the Great Compromise of 
oaths and pacts not to fight again. This is when History began for humankind.

            Then the Dawn Age came where the 
first council of man and the ancient races lead 
civilization into a new era.  But this peace 
would not last long as ancient feuds and events 
outside the council started to shatter the 
peace.  This led to the Second Council who sought 
Godtime the return of the gods.  With the birth 
of Ghaji, the Chaos god, he led the world in war 
for 75 years.  This led to the wane of the power 
of the non human races.  The end of the Dawn Age was upon the world.

            Human nations rose and fell.  One of 
the largest was the Empire of Wyrms with Dragon 
Pass as its center.  It lasted for 500 years and 
was known to be friends with the Dragons and Wyrms.

            Long after the Empire the Third 
Council was formed.  Led by Men and Gods 
themselves.  But the Council was oblivious to the 
woes of the people and foreign gods grew in power 
and influence, eager to invade.

            Some 78 years later rebels, enemies 
and human allies of the empire turned against the 
dragonnewts.  The dragonnewts were slaughtered 
and could not fight the onslaught.  Epic battles 
ensued as the council finally defended the 
people.  But it was too late the dragonnewts rose and slew the entire council.

            Dragons from across Time and Space 
assembled at their ancient home to help the 
dragonnewts.  The massive human armies may have 
won minor battles in raids of the dragon 
nests.  But the Dragonkill War was named for what 
the dragons did to the humans not what they suffered.  The tide was turning.

            Humans abandoned Dragon Pass.  Myths 
and legends tell of new empires rise and old 
empires shaken to their core.  With new magic and 
gods seas were unable to be used by humans to cross.

            In Peloria, north of dragon pass, the 
Red Moon Goddess arose.  At least some cultures 
call her that others call her names like Life and 
Death.  The face of the land changed once she 
rose.  Legend has it she ascended to the heavens 
and watches over the land.  Her family led by the 
Red Emperor (her son) would rule the Lunar 
Empire.  The Empire around 1220 started to expand in every direction.

            As the Lunar Empire went south to 
Dragon Pass they found it inhabited by the 
Kingdom of Sartar.  The Red Emperor finally 
entered the capital of Boldhome after several 
defeats.  He defiled the Sartar Temple and ravaged the city.

            But rebels rose and rebellion soon 
was common in the area.  The Empire tried to 
build a Moon Temple but it backfired. Glowline, a 
dragon rose from under the temple and 
attacked.  It ate the Lunar priest and defeated the human armies.

            The warlord  Argrath of Sartar lit 
the Sartar Temple fire again and that showed the 
Lunar Empire was defeated from the area.

            This defeat after hundreds of years 
of Lunar expansion, called heroes of all types 
from around the world.  Some say this is the 
period of the Hero Wars that is current, but 
others say the hero wars have been going on for centuries.

            They say  Glowline was miles long in 
length.  Myth has it that it was so large it 
blocked out the sun for those who lived to see 
it.  Legend has it that the Red Curse (blight, 
destruction or other terms) created by the dragon 
is miles and miles around of nothing but Red 
Scorched earth. This blight on the land creates 
fear of the population and thus many fear entering the area.

            At least these are the stories told 
to the kids once most get adult hood they dispute 
these stories.  A miles long 
dragon?  Really?  This is where you are at 
now.  A crossroad of faith and life.  As you 
travel the land for various reasons -  to 
explore, adventure, fight or sell things you end up in this small town.

            While most want to find work at the 
big cities they can be far more dangerous.  There 
are a couple nearby but trouble seems to follow 
folks there like clan or family fights from 
enemies or ex-battle members.  So you seek this 
small town of 1,200 – Demark.  Named for various 
reasons including the demarkation line between 
two major battles.  As well as the Hero who 
fought against 12 foes at once – Demark before he fell in battle.

            Why you are here is too many to 
figure out with the time you have in this 
town.  Some wanted to escape the tedium that is 
farm life.  Some are on cult or family 
quests.  Some are here to simply earn some coin 
as being on their own is wiping them out.  Some 
have traveled for hundreds of miles to Dragon 
Pass to see for themselves if the Lunar Empire 
has been broken and beat back.  Those who have 
coin find themselves eager to adventure or prove their own worth in this world.

            Upon entering Demark some ask around 
to get a feel for the area.  Eager to find a 
quest or job or sell goods.  It does not take 
long. Rumors are that a great Festival of the 
Orlanth Temple in Possom City some 100 miles or 
so north of here is going to be a week long 
event.  But there is word that a stranger in town 
seeks to hire a group to help him.  After bar 
hopping you find the bar in question.  While most 
if not all can't read the sign they can tell from 
the image – a turbulent cresting waves with 
lightning in the sky they are in the Stormy Sea Bar.

            It was said to be there at high 
Yelmalio – the sun god – high noon today.
At least one at a table finds this fact a omen 
since they serve that god.  The bar is quarter 
full maybe 2 dozen folks.  You even spot a dwarf 
in the corner drinking a beer or such.  At least 
that is what it looks like a dwarf since hes 
short and very has a large beard.

            Some enter on time or have been here 
waiting some time.  The Barkeep is a man in his 
40s with two scars on his face showing hes 
probably been in battles or bar fights.  His arms 
are very muscled so probably does not need a 
bouncer – which no one can figure out if one is in the bar.

            Soon a man enters followed by a 
taller man behind him.  The short man in his mid 
30s-a age advanced for this world is wearing tan 
tunic and brown pants.  He is clean shaven with 
brown hair.  At his hip is a sword.  HE looks 
around the bar and studies the folks then 
sighs.  He walks to the bar and orders a brandy 
and pays the barkeep.  The taller man is 6'3 and 
well muscled with a large sword on his hip and 
moves to a table without ordering.  The tall man 
has several scars on his arms an done below his 
left ear.  He sits and folds his arms.

            The other man with brandy in hand is 
about 5' 11 and average build.  He sits at a 
table that is in front of the tall man.  He takes 
a few careful sips then stands.

            “May name is Veren Nor Tarek.  I seek 
to hire a small group to escort me back to my 
ancestral home.  Back to the place I lived at 
until recently.  It may take about 3 weeks and 
travel through the wilds.  So I need capable 
people who can escort as well as defend me.  I am 
a simple man so can't fight as well.  A small 
group is all I need but a skilled one.  You may 
have your own beast to ride but I have none.  I 
will walk as animals and me do not get along.  I 
will pay one and a half silver per day.  I will 
pay for food, camping and water supplies.  That 
is around 15 silver going and will pay that 
amount for your return.  I will triple that once 
we get to my home safe.  I know this may seem a 
low amount but ask around this is a standard 
wage.  I also will reward you with more silver 
and wealth once I get home and open my 
vault.  But this will be based on how well you 
do.  So if interested come and let me know your 
intention.  State name, your main skills and 
experience.  This is a limited group so first serve first come.”

            With that he sits and drinks more 
brandy.  You scoff at this slightly. Escort duty? 
Such a low level job.  One could bandit on the 
road or do simple merc work and get far more 
coin.  But he does add that bonus at the 
end.  That intrigues you and so you sit and wait for the first to sign up.

            A man walks up, “Sunc Day, I am 
skilled in the pike and axe and fought in the 
battle of Cannon's Ferry as well as the rebel 
warfare in Sartar when the dragon rose.”

            “You did?” Tarek asks.  “Did you see 
General Davik slay the Green Knight?”

            “I...yes.” the man replies.

            Tarek shakes his head, “Davik was 
killed at Somar Pass a year before that battle.  Be gone.”

            The man lowers his head and moves 
away, the barkeep mutters, “good try.”

            The man drinks his ale.  The bar keep 
leans in and mutters in tradetalk, “kid Davik was 
a trick question.  He died over a century 
ago.”  The man looks shocked then finishes his ale then exits the bar.

            Those who know tradetalk understood 
the words if you know it at a decent level above 
(40+).  If you do not even know the language 
chance are you know it at a low level 
(5-10%).  If at low level you understood bits and 
pieces but not comprehend it fully.

         GM: Actions? Comments?

             Next Update...Next week...

         GM: A less exciting opening than I had 
planned in my head.  But with 2 days starting 
late I ran out of time. Wanted this out.  So 
finished it for now.  You are free to join and 
give your info as a introduction or heck not join 
the party. :) This is last update below IBT stuff 
will be posted.   I STILL need to finish my 
adventure outline and map.  So that'll have to be 
next week.  Had hoped to be done by now but 
nope.  :< So if you want you can give what you 
want to make public of your character.  Some of 
you were at 10 Tradetalk so its kinda hard to 
grasp and probably did not understand the 'test' 
but did get the basic gist.  One of you do not 
even have tradetalk so your at 10% based on other stats.

            * IBT: 24 Days (format may mess up in email)

                   Player                Status
                 Arawn           Not supplied
                 Dorhak  Not supplied
                 Fremea  Not supplied
                 Kiet            Not supplied
                 Pyandalgor      Not supplied
                 Raddok  Not supplied
                 Unali           Not supplied
                 Opus            Given – Not 
processed - #1 Queue – Started about 20% done.
                 Z'leyra Not supplied

                   Player        Status
                 Tobie           100% done
                 Panther About 10%?
                 Bess H  Given starting versions – About 85% done
                 Wout            Helped create – 85% done – Need gear/spells
                 Gerald  98% need background
                 Alex K  Finished – Not processed - #1 in Queue
               Gilbert   100% done need to review sheet

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