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The dwarf finishes his ale, stands up and walks over. In a deep voiced and
understandable but not fluent Tradetalk he says "I be interested. Names
Rocky. I a hunter, have experience with Mostali militia as skirmisher. I
mastered the arbalest, sling and bastard sword and do okay with a small
shield. I practice some other weapons. I know Disruption, Protection and
minor Heal. Having folks watch out for each other a good idea. I see better
at night than you humans, can help with night watches."

Observing Rocky you see that he is large for a dwarf, obviously strong with
massive biceps. He has an impressive and well combed red bead. His eyes are
somewhere between blue and grey. He is wearing courboulli armor over light
leather. He has a bastard sword, sling and hatchet on his belt and a dagger
handle sticking out of his boot. At the table he was at is a large backpack
with a couple furs tied to it, small shield and an arbalest.
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