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[Sorry if this seems a bit long, but I hope I now better understand the rpg of RQ (I hope) so trying to get into it more. I am intrigued as to how this story will go.]  ;)

After a good, if slightly shortened, night’s sleep, Varo awoke & made her morning prayers to Ernalda, The Earth Queen, Lady of Earth’s Balance & Harmony. Varo tried her best to keep to a personal schedule of morning & evening prayers, and tried to remember a short reminder-prayer at mid-day to help keep her in Harmony with her surroundings & do what she can to keep the Balance of the Earth Queen, but sometimes forgot when she felt comfortable in her surroundings. 

She realized that today she was joining a very mixed company, all of which were strangers to her & to each other, under a new & temporary employer who wanted to walk (walk!) to his destination. She found she was a little nervous, although not afraid. She took a couple minutes, after her packing was complete, to meditate on this new venture & realized she would have to learn to deal with this as a student learning of new cultures in class – only this class was on the road! She gathered her pack & gear, and ventured to the stables, where it was still dark, and saddled & packed her gear on her horse, much to Dusty’s pre-dawn disgust, then walked the mare to a hitching post outside the tavern & putting an nosebag on the sleepy mare for an oats snack, entered the tavern to eat. 

[OOC – I am assuming a woman cook at the tavern; if it’s a man, you’ll have to re-type all the pronouns – sorry ‘bout that]

Varo realized she had been too cheerful & in a celebratory mood last night, and realized this morning that although breakfast was a good, solid meal, that the cook looked distinctly grouchy. As she finished the meal, she quietly went up to the bar behind which the cook was stirring a large pot, & called softly to her to come to the counter. As the cook started to (perhaps) complain about leaving her stirring, Varo quickly flashed a copper at her & the lady, already looking tired for this new day,  came over. Varo thanked her quietly in Tradetalk, & slipped her two coppers. “For your extra service this day, good woman. The food was good & I thank you for your extra trouble for us.” The cook looked a bit happier, and Varo picked up her bow & sheath of arrows & left to gather her horse & meet everyone at the East gate. Today, she wore her rapier & carried her self-bow over her shoulder with her arrows & backpack. Her shield & javelin were on her horse, along with her other gear. She still wore the tunic under her leather armor & the wide-brimmed hat to shade her eyes.

As she approached the gate, she looked for her party members, and began to introduce herself, just her name & where she was from (Nochet city in Esrolia), to the other members. If they seemed willing, she shook hands, but otherwise just nodded with respect. She knew it would take time to get to know everyone.

Unfortunately, she quickly learned that Tarek & Dusty seemed almost allergic to each other. Neither seemed happy with the other. For the time being, she dropped back towards the rear of the party, leading her horse until they got away from the more crowded gate area. When she does mount, she will remain in the rear half of their party for the time being. She silently prayed a quick thanks to Ernalda, then turned her eyes again to the road. She will not speak to anyone unless they speak to her first, as she is studying the country around her, Tarek’s two companions & her own party members. Where will her role fall in this new company?

Bess L. Hadley

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