[pnpgm] My acting debut? a 1 shot rpg dnd game I'll be in...

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Wed Oct 27 22:36:19 CEST 2021

I've done dnd since late '80s.
But for reasons (mainly do not like buying hundreds of books then 
turn around fo ra new dnd editoin) I do not GM dnd.

So only play.
My core group does other systems.
So with that said I'm rusty in dnd.

So you are free to watch me fumble and make a fool of myself.
in a friends twitch stream:


Saturday I believe around 8pm EST.

Me and a few friends tricked Booty into a dnd game when his usual dnd 
game on Wed night 830 pm EST here:


Was not active so we tricked him into a game.
You can see mr booty in Jmac's dnd game tonight in fact.

anyways that first link is where I'll be sat with no cam or such.
I'll use my troll icon as a pic since I'm a big troll on twitch :)

Feel free to coem and make fun of me  but keep in mind I'm gm in pnp/RQ :)

CAn  make a twitch acct fast to chat but if not can still watch 
stream withotu one.

Another plug Bert aka Mournath is gm of several games here:

Several times a week.

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