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Quick reply:
1) No map for the camp yet.  The RQ map I did is 
20 km  per hex. WAlking you guys can do 10.  But 
I am not a KM fan so 20 miles. :)
2) Yes I did not mentoin it kinda on 
purpose.  Mainly there is no tent for him yet setup.
Basically if I randomized it all.
4 locatons - Campfire, TEnt, patrol, further out collecting items (d4)
If no tent then around campfire.
Then figured a d6 for hex side/area.
So basically 2 newcomers are south (lower side 4)
Rocky around side 2 (NE)
VAros tent slightly behind rocky and behind him between side 2 and 3ish.
Others side 5/6 and campfire in due center.
If this helps.
Once I see how long a caombat goes (pnp its 3 
hours per phase) I can see if map is needed.
I may just do 1 round I'm unsure yet.
in pnp its 3 sec per phase.
in RQ its 12.
So...maybe just 1 round? We'll see how it goes.
This is a learning process for me too.  For pbem.
I'll do update tuesday hopefully will start early 
not 6 hours late if staff sleeps late.
If start early then can get it done tuesday.  If not then wed/thur.
If get ti done Tue can do update Sat if not then week after.
Depends on staff. :)
Sat (yesterday) had got busy on my 2022 benefits.

At 05:10 PM 11/6/2021, you wrote:
>[I have questions. 1) Sorry, I don’t remember 
>is a map hex 10 or 20 miles? 2) you did not 
>mention where Varo’s tent was in relation to 
>the campfire, but I believe she would have 
>placed her tent 15 feet away from the fire pit, 
>with its opening NOT facing the fire, but turned 
>sideways toward the horses. (She wants to avoid 
>fire-blindness & to be able to see her horse.) 
>This probably places her to the west & maybe 
>facing a couple feet north of the firepit? 
>Depends upon where the horses are picketed to 
>which side of the fire & which way the tent 
>opening is facing.] Varo hears the muffled sound 
>of the strangers’ approach. She is still 
>wearing her weapons & will quickly duck her way 
>out of her tent & look to the south, still 
>crouched on the shadowed side of the tent (away 
>from the fire) & drawing her self-bow, nocking 
>an arrow ready to use. She aims at the man next 
>to the speaker as Rocky makes his throw, 
>silently prays a word to Ernalda (“Balance”) 
>& releases her arrow. She will continue to aim 
>at each of the four visible men in turn 
>(depending upon their visibility to her & where 
>others in the party are), firing arrows until 
>all bandits are down, or someone is close enough 
>for her to draw her rapier. She will continue to 
>make quick looks around between shots, looking 
>to see if anyone is coming from another 
>direction. [I know we’re not that far yet, but 
>part of her after-fight behavior is to go 
>retrieve her arrows, to use them again if 
>possible, or save the arrowheads, if not.] [I 
>got spoiled by the P-P map diagrams & missed 
>them here. Move the tent if you saw it 
>differently, mighty GM, but her actions will be 
>the same - crouched on tent side away from 
>firepit. She only prays the word one time.] Bess 
>L. Hadley 
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