[pnpgm] Update #6 – Varo

Bessie Hadley eleabess at sbcglobal.net
Sat Nov 6 23:10:11 CET 2021

[I have questions. 
1) Sorry, I don’t remember is a map hex 10 or 20 miles?
2) you did not mention where Varo’s tent was in relation to the campfire, but I believe she would have placed her tent 15 feet away from the fire pit, with its opening NOT facing the fire, but turned sideways toward the horses. (She wants to avoid fire-blindness & to be able to see her horse.) This probably places her to the west & maybe facing a couple feet north of the firepit? Depends upon where the horses are picketed to which side of the fire & which way the tent opening is facing.]

Varo hears the muffled sound of the strangers’ approach. She is still wearing her weapons & will quickly duck her way out of her tent & look to the south, still crouched on the shadowed side of the tent (away from the fire) & drawing her self-bow, nocking an arrow ready to use. She aims at the man next to the speaker as Rocky makes his throw, silently prays a word to Ernalda (“Balance”) & releases her arrow. She will continue to aim at each of the four visible men in turn (depending upon their visibility to her & where others in the party are), firing arrows until all bandits are down, or someone is close enough for her to draw her rapier. She will continue to make quick looks around between shots, looking to see if anyone is coming from another direction.

[I know we’re not that far yet, but part of her after-fight behavior is to go retrieve her arrows, to use them again if possible, or save the arrowheads, if not.]

[I got spoiled by the P-P map diagrams & missed them here. Move the tent if you saw it differently, mighty GM, but her actions will be the same - crouched on tent side away from firepit. She only prays the word one time.]

Bess L. Hadley

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