[pnpgm] Update # 183 – Raddok hopes to marry (a re-send involving IBT)

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[I thought I had sent this last week, but don't see it in my email files, so re-sending it. I know Arawn responded somewhere - lol]

Raddok thanks Arawn with a big smile, then is suddenly serious. “I thank you so much, Arawn!”: he says gripping his hand & forearm in thanks, then releasing it. I have a map of Ma’Helas & it shows the village of Chomas, near where my fiancee & her family live, if that would help – it’s in my pack now. Also, you need only transport me & the pack I’m carrying now to Chomas. 

But if Gallinda wants to come with me on my return, she’ll most likely want to bring her horse & all her travelling kit & maybe some extra supplies. Can you transport the horse? I’m sure you’re used to bundles & such, but don’t want to overburden your magical skills.

If you come with me, you’ll know the landing spot you send me to, & that should make it easier to return & pick us up later – if Gae comes with me, that is.” Raddok suddenly lost a bit of his happiness glow. Then he shook himself.

I think I (or we, if you come with me, but you needn’t do any more than you need to for me) need about 10 days there. So maybe send me there on Augado 16th & pick me (or Gae, me & all her stuff along with my pack) on Augado 26th? That will provide some training time for Gae to learn to fit into the party with where we might travel, & for everyone to get to know her skills & how she might fit in - & I can brush up on my greatsword skills, which have been sadly neglected the last several weeks, among other things.”

Also, what can we bring or not bring on a teleportation? - just so wedon’t make it difficult for you any more than we can help. Thank you SO much!” And addok finally managed to bring all his questions to a halt.

Raddok then notices Opus & Kimis hugging & Kimis crying & starts to get curious, despite his own concerns.

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